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At Thu Jan 3 01:01:29 2002, () wrote:

At Fri Jan 18 09:29:12 2002, the unknown () wrote:

where did everyone go???? who am I supposed to pick on now??? boo hoo

At Mon Jan 21 15:00:10 2002, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Well, as many of you know by now, I have been calling or emailing everyone on my list from the ten year reunion to check on addresses and make sure my contact information is current. If you have not heard from me yet, please contact me by February 8 to let me know if your mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and names have changed. I will be heading to Mexico on the 10th to soak in some sun for several months. My email address will be working while I am gone, but I'm not sure yet how often I will be able to check it while in Mexico, so if you have changes within the next four months, you can still notify me, but it might be better to wait until mid-June. Happy New Year to everyone!

At Fri Jan 25 00:33:39 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

Jeaneen, I haven't heard from you for a little while... what's been going on? Last time we talked you were thinking about checking this site out. Are you here, yet? Well, Susi, I will soon have joined the ranks of those who have divorced abusive idiots. I've been trying to think of ways I can ease people into the news, but can't think of any, so I thought I would just come on out and let people know. I never know how people are going to react since I've spent so much time over the last few years trying to convince everyone (including myself) that I had the 'perfect marriage'. In a way it feels like bringing foreward my biggest failure, but at the same time, it wasn't my failures that caused this. Anyway, the kids and I are safe and happy. Much happier than before we left. I'm doing much better now, and am going to be going back to college hopefully this fall to work on my bachelors' degree. I'm really excited about that! I've somehow come out of this a much stronger person than I ever have been. It's amazing that such great things can come out of such terrible situations. So,UA, watch out before you pick on me... :)

At Fri Jan 25 06:28:23 2002, UNKNOWN ALUM aka UA () wrote:

Amy-Jo, I wouldn't pick on you, your much too nice for that. It's good to see that your doing well again. Good luck in college again, I know you will do well.... see I do have a sensitive side to me.

At Fri Jan 25 06:28:29 2002, UNKNOWN ALUM aka UA () wrote:

Amy-Jo, I wouldn't pick on you, your much too nice for that. It's good to see that your doing well again. Good luck in college again, I know you will do well.... see I do have a sensitive side to me.

At Fri Jan 25 12:49:06 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Hey Everyone: Wow, it's been a while since I checked out this site. Amy, you crack me up. It's been *soooo* long since I talked to you... My, my, my, where has the time gone? Why, it only seems like yesterday... ;o) Okay, so here's the poop with me: I've been working at a TPA for a year and a half. For those of you not familiar with the industry, in its simplest form, a TPA administers benefits for companies who self-insure. Exciting, hu? Anyway, I work at a great company with great people. Dream job? Hardly. No, this girl is meant to write. Ironically, it's exactly what I said I'd do when I graduated high school. Then I was swayed by well intending family and friends who thought I should do something practical. So I spent 5 *years* at Shoreline Community College (yes, full-time for all 5 years) trying to find that thing that would make me happy. Then I transferred to Boston University and finished my bachelor's with a degree in sociology. I thought this would prepare me well for life. Actually, I found it fascinating (really...yes, I'm still a geek, what can you do?). Then I tried various jobs and nothing is making me happy. The only thing that keeps me sane is writing. So I've been focusing on that. I pulled my back out New Year's Eve day getting ready for work. I was out all that week, then worked on and off for the next two weeks. Since I wasn't getting better, I went back to the doctor and now I'm not allowed to work this week or next. I see him again next week and will find out if I need to "go in for testing" as he so cryptically put it. On the up side: the vicadan is good and I have more time to write... :) I also get ultrasound and massage therapy out of the whole mess. Hopefully it's not anything that will require any nasty procedures. I'm hoping that rest will do the trick. So, anyone hear from Sarah Horton (Bowes)? She told me to write, I did and never heard back. Sarah, if you're out there, I hope everything is going well for you. :) And Amy, I can't see how what you're going through is a failure. You knock my socks off with your strength. YOU GO GIRL! Unknown Alumni: do I know you? or are you just playing mind games with me? ;o) if you are, careful... I like to play mind games too... hehehe Take care all!

At Sat Jan 26 01:09:54 2002, Big Daddy ( wrote:

dQuerida Familia, Waaaaaaaaasssssuuuupp!!! Man, i missed you guys!!! and as i can see, the feeling was mutual:) Well, first off, let me just give a HUGE shout out to all the new MAMI'S in the Ingy House. The TOUGHEST JOB IN THE WORLD! BENDICIONES!!!!(That noise you hear is my "BIOLOGICAL CLOCK" ringing off the Hook!) Now, the news: has anyone seen 5 billion dollars? my friends from texas seem to have misplaced(SHREDDED) some spreadsheets!lol. well, i said it in August..Texans!just call me Nostradamus Joe:) No Justice, No Gas, No "surplus", No Jobs, and as always on Capitol Hill, no BRAINS-AGAIN!! Just to show how God don't like ugly, he almost made him("DUBYA") choke on that pretzel last week, 'member? neway, i digress... The summer was awesome and i hope everyone elses was, too. Once again, there were some pretty good shows and i evaded arrest or incident:) The holidays were awesome, too, with all the family arriving safely. now things are sorta back to normal with Hollywood and the awards shows(Oscars/Emmys/Grammys), and of course, the parties(which were lame due to the heavy security and LINES! but still plenty of plastic to go around:) And even the surf is back up("Dude";) they're preachin' it's gonna be another "El Nino" year and it certainly looks as such("Duuuude") So take it easy down in Mex-LISA! During these tough economic times, the market value of a well dressed american just rose sharply all over the world, as if the waves weren't enough;) just a thought:) But we'll talk... Well, Bros, i hear a tree calling my name.Time to burn one for the ones that didn't make it;) Did anyone see Nightline's special on the Congo this week?! Let us give thanks every day we don't have to live in PERPETUAL terror...oh, it was awful. we don't even know how blessed we are compared w/90 percent of the world! Well, Mark and I do, but most people take the road more travelled... neways, take care, all. even the Martha Stewarts and Oprahs of the site.(hint: BE DARING, BE DIFFERENT) i think this is gonna be a much better year this year("year of the Horse")then again, could it be worse? with DUMBYA? My 401k's already in the gutter, anyone elses? Fortunately were young enough to bounce back; well, email me if y'all wanna see me and Robert Downey Jr. in the County(Tommy Lee was there,too!we were the only two dudes from Seattle, 'cept for Courney Love but she was in the PSYCH;)! we'er both straight now:) well, hasta la proxima, mi familia....... (dude, where'S my car?:)

At Sat Jan 26 12:52:11 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Okay, I'm sloooow. Who are you "Big Daddy"? Are you Joey Rego? And Unknown Alumni: your number is up. I've got you figured out. You didn't think I could do it, did you? Always underestimating me...One day you'll learn. :)

At Sat Jan 26 13:05:07 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Okay, I'm incredibly bored because I've been out of commission for weeks. I need human contact. Sadly, all my friends are busy, so this is the closest I can get. Nothing really changes, does it? Okay, that's the drugs talking. Other stuf I've been up to since high school: in 1994 I spent the summer as a nanny in Alaska. Man, it was great. One of the coolest things I've ever done. If you are interested, remind me to tell you about the time I was stalked by a bear (no joke). Taking off to Alaska was the most independent thing I had done in my life up to that point. Those of you who knew me in high school or before, know what I'm talking about. I went through a lot with my mom being sick before she died. She was sick all my life. She was in and out of the hospital for as long as I can remember. She almost died when I was 19. When I was in Alaska, she went in to a nursing facility because she was having problems with her diabetes. She was only supposed to be in there for about 3 weeks. Her problems were more than what my family could handle as far as her care was concerned. Anyway, she never got better, only worse. She died in November 1995. I also lost my Nana and grandfather in the 2 years following her death. On top of that, I have a cousing who was killed and a friend who died of pneumonia while she was in remission from Hodgkin's. As I'm writing this, it all sounds so sad and pathetic to me. It's been excruciating, but not pathetic. It's changed me forever and now I know what I'm here to do with my life. Anyway, on that depressing note, I'll leave you with this thought for the day: Enjoy the vicadan. You'll say things on it you never would sober. :)

At Thu Jan 31 14:27:19 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Hello? Anyone out there? I can hear my own echo-o-o-o...


At Sat Feb 2 11:34:13 2002, UA () wrote:

Jeaneen, you've got some issues....try morphine it lasts longer. However, not too much or you will stop breathing, and that wouldn't be good. What ever happened to the love on this page?? Make love not WAR!

At Sat Feb 2 17:37:04 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Uknown Alumni: perhaps you'd like to enlighten me on my "issues"? :) I wasn't trying to be mean to you. I was attempting to tease you. Just a little light hearted fun. I am sorry (no sarcasm) if I offended you. I didn't mean to. I thought you'd get a kick out of my ribbing. But I'm right, aren't I, about who you are? :) Take care all!

At Sat Feb 2 22:34:19 2002, UA () wrote:

Jeaneen, No harm no foul. However, you have no idea as to who or what I may be. It was a nice try and I enjoyed your response. Unfortunately you are WRONG.I don't mind a little cat and mouse action. It seems as though that is the only entertainment we get around this site, aside from Mr. Rego's thoughts on human development and world afairs.I do, Jeaneen, like your style though. Keep trying

At Sun Feb 3 15:46:08 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

UA: Are you *sure* you're not the same person who gave me an official Sesame Street Rubber Duckie for my 19th birthday (no joke)?

At Sun Feb 3 20:42:06 2002, amyjo ( wrote:

OK, I gotta ask... Mr. UA, how do you even know who Jeaneen was thinking you are? I mean how are you so sure that you aren't that person? I, myself, am actually torn between two people that I think you might be. Is there any possibility that I may have shared a desk as a secretary/receptionist with your mother in '91?

At Tue Feb 5 15:33:31 2002, Tessa Spear () wrote:

I think I'm with everyone else, in wanting to know who the Unknown Alumni is. To tell you the truth I have NO idea. Not even a guess really. This person hasn't given any real clues so we could try to find out. Is this person Male or Female? Does anyone know? Did this person have any classes with me? Do they know who I am, or better yet, would I know who they were? Very interesting!!!!!!

At Tue Feb 5 15:52:10 2002, UA () wrote:

WOW, look who crawled out of the woodwork. I really didn't mean to get this much attention.Jeaneen, c'mon, a rubber ducky? That was a long time ago...even if I did I wouldn't remember. NOPE NOT ME. Amy-jo, nope try again. Tessa, you're getting a little too personal. And to answer all of your questions, yes you do know me. I just intended to do this as a joke at first. I will give you one hint....I DON'T live in Seattle

At Tue Feb 5 17:25:39 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

UA, we already knew that. Any hints that we don't already know? How well would I know you? Tessa, we do know that he is, in fact, a he. We also know that he is, if not married, at least involved.

At Tue Feb 5 17:32:25 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hmm UA, you seemed a little sensitive about the rubber ducky question... Any particular reason why? I'm not making it up. The person I'm thinking of actually gave me a rubber ducky for my 19th birthday, and it'd be just like him (you, maybe?) to pull this "Unknown Alumni" stunt. So, UA, did I know you in high school, or are we meeting for the first time?

At Wed Feb 6 12:24:03 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Happy 30th birthday, Sarah Horton (Bowes)! Have a good one. :)

At Wed Feb 6 12:58:17 2002, Tessa ( wrote:

AmyJo, how do we know 'he' is involved? Do you have any idea who it is? I guess I'd have to go back and read all of the UA's messages. And UA, why do you say I'm getting a little personal? I didn't ask any personal questions, did I? I could, if you'd like! You say that I do know you. And that you don't live in Seattle. Do you live in Washington? I know alot of people, so how would I be able to know you from anyone else? Give me something substantial to go with. There were alot of people in our class you know. Give me a class we were in or if we hung out outside of school or something.

At Sat Feb 9 15:42:38 2002, UA () wrote:

You two are something else.C'mon if you have a quess,lets here it. IF you are correct in your assumption I will let you know. As far as a rubber duckie, I have no clue as to what you may be thinking. Did you remind me of that at the reunion? Or WAS I EVEN THERE AT THE REUNION???? Inquiring Minds want to know. I will give you another hint as to who or what I may be.....I am in the year book...class of 1990. does that help?

At Sat Feb 9 22:21:15 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

UA, should it help? That hint could mean one of two things. If it means one, you still could be quite a few people. If it means the other, then it narrows it down a lot, but I probably don't know you well enough to guess. OR, I'm still way far off... Although I had an interesting idea of who you could be, but it seems unlikely. Would you have been involved in drama at all (in any way)?

At Sun Feb 10 13:14:59 2002, UA () wrote:

Well, it is quite interesting that you ask that.... yes, I took a drama class while attending IHS. Does that mean I didn't give you a rubber duck? Why don't you just either give up or take a guess, what harm could it do?

At Sun Feb 10 13:19:01 2002, UA () wrote:

Oops, Amy-Jo, that wasn't you who asked about the duck that was Jeaneen. Anyway,what difference does it make if I had taken a drama class???

At Sun Feb 10 13:22:03 2002, UA () wrote:

And yes,you ALL should know me...EVEN Mr. Rego

At Mon Feb 11 08:35:05 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Well, UA you're hint doesn't help at all. We were all there in 1990. And, you say that everybody knows you. Is it that we know you or just know who you are? There is a difference. We are all from differnt crowds, so the only way alot of us knew each other was if we had classes together. So, I'm really not sure how I knew you. And no, I have no guess. I don't have any idea who you might be. So I guess this will just turn into some kind of game. You'll have to give some kind of hint every time you're on so we can put the pieces together and figure you out. One of theses days we'll get it, then you'll have to think of another game!! :)~

At Mon Feb 11 09:12:01 2002, UA () wrote:

Tessa, there is no reason to get upset, or even hostile. Yes Tessa, you did know me quite well. at least you used to.

At Mon Feb 11 10:44:37 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

UA: This is my specific question: Did you and I ever have at least one conversation while we were in high school? (and I've moved beyond the rubber duck thing...)

At Mon Feb 11 10:59:01 2002, Tessa () wrote:

By no means am I upset or hostile...........just curious. How well do/did I know you? Give me a clue. Did we hang out outside of school? Or what class(es) did we have together? Or what friends did we have in commom? And, you never did tell me where you lived. You said you didn't live in Seattle. I asked if you even lived in Washington. So, do you or don't you? :)~

At Mon Feb 11 22:04:14 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

'OOOHHH... Willaby, wallaby, woo... an elephant sat on you... ' Ring a bell, UA? :)

At Tue Feb 12 20:53:50 2002, ua () wrote:

Jeaneen,Tessa,Amy-Jo,you all are just full of questions aren't you? Well, let me shed some light to this...Tessa, we talked at the reunion (the first night) and we had some classes together, as to which ones I'm not sure. No we didn't hang out outside of school to my knowledge.Jeaneen, I believe our class was 1st period senior year. Thats all I'm saying about that. Amy-Jo, What is your maiden name....I don't believe shared any classes,but I can't be too sure of that.Does that help???C'mon ladies, lets start sharing some guesses. And no I don't live in Washington now.

At Tue Feb 12 22:35:29 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Well, the first person I thought of when you said we talked at the reunion and reading that you're not living in Washington was Jason Rideout. We did have classes together and we did know each other. And I don't think we hung out outside of school. If I'm not right, I'll have to think of who else I talked to that doesn't live in Washington. What do you do for a living? And, what is your time zone compared to us in Washington? I'm thinking, I'm thinking!!! ;)~

At Wed Feb 13 10:41:56 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

UA: Hmmm.... very good clue, though it's driving me crazy that I can't name you right off the bat. Sr. Humanities, right? I have to look in the year book to see who I remember from that class. I have a couple of ideas...

At Wed Feb 13 10:42:42 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

UA: Hmmm.... very good clue, though it's driving me crazy that I can't name you right off the bat. Sr. Humanities, right? I have to look in the year book to see who I remember from that class. I have a couple of ideas...

At Thu Feb 14 10:48:43 2002, NOT SO UNKNOWN ANYMORE () wrote:

Tessa, You win the award.

At Thu Feb 14 13:24:26 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Jason! We were in band together. That was *2nd* period, not first. :) Yes, I'm a geek to remember that.

At Thu Feb 14 13:33:39 2002, JRide () wrote:

All of those classes seem to run together.

At Thu Feb 14 13:50:16 2002, Tessa ( wrote:

Whahoo!! What do I win??? Anything exciting? :)~ That was a good guess. I totally had no idea until you said we talked the first night at the reunion and put that together with you not living in Washington. You were my only guess. You were at the 2nd night, but I didn't really get to talk to you too much. Well, at least I know I can contact you somehow. That's cool. So, how's it going? Are you still in Arizona? Fill me in on what you've been up to. You can either tell the entire class or email me. Good to hear from you!! Take care, Tessa

At Thu Feb 14 13:52:30 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Jason, did I ever send you copies of the pictures I have of you and me sitting in the hallway at school? I can't remember if it was freshman or sophmore hall. If you want, I'll see if I can get them copied and sent to you. If I can get them scanned, I'll need you email address. I think I have it somewhere, but not sure where.

At Fri Feb 15 08:30:25 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

So now that we've discovered the true identity of the Unknown Alumni, what are we going to do for fun now? (Oh, I can hear the responses: "Hows about getting a LIFE, Jeaneen?") :)

At Fri Feb 15 11:15:05 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Good question, Jeaneen!! I'm not sure. It doesn't seem too many people get on here anymore. I know I had problems for a long time. The site address I used to go to doesn't work anymore. So, I had to do some major searching to find a different address tot he site. Maybe that's why there's only a few of us on here lately. Has anyone heard from Kelly Ruhde lately? i tried sending her an email and it came back saying that email wasn't valid.

At Mon Feb 18 15:37:50 2002, JRide () wrote:

C'mon ladies you can think of something to do while your on the net. Is it still cold up there Seattle...Hang on a minute I need to get a cold beer, It gets pretty hot out here laying by the pool.

At Mon Feb 18 21:25:30 2002, () wrote:

At Tue Feb 19 08:48:01 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Yeah, Jason, whatever. Go ahead and rub it in if you want. You'll never be able to beat my "rain tan." :)

At Wed Feb 20 12:22:15 2002, JRide () wrote:

You guys have got to be tired of the rain.Jeaneen, who were you refering to regarding the rubber duck?? C'mon, I at least had you spinning as to who I was. I had to just finish it. I spend too much time on the net here at work , so I feel not really.

At Wed Feb 20 13:50:58 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Jason, sorry it didn't occur to me to tell you who gave me the rubber duck. It was Dan Graham. So, are you telling us you don't live to visit this site? You don't wake up in the middle of the night just itching to check our posts? :)

At Wed Feb 20 19:58:33 2002, JRide () wrote:

I have A LOT of down time at work. Besides I have too many rat kids at home so I don't have time to check it out on my off days. And yes, this has been quite interesting lately, watching you and Amy-Jo, and Tessa and anybody else try to figure me out. I have a sick sense of humor.

At Thu Feb 21 11:24:53 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Yes Jason, your sense of humor is pretty sick. Just how many rat kids do you have now? :) Didn't you say you were a fireman? So do you have to stay at the station for long periods of time? It seems that we are the only people on here lately, doesn't it? Like my previous posting said, I think there was some sort of problem with the site address and people can't get on now. Di any of you have problems a few months back with getting on this site?

At Thu Feb 21 15:50:43 2002, J-RE ( wrote:

What is this, a "forum" or a "chat room"??? i feel kinda funny with just the FOUR of us doin all the talk for the month of Feb. but then again, would i care otherwise? We think not.... WELL, hello again from tinsletown! Lisa, happy belated! you are sooo in the doghouse, you know why...your punishment shall be 'severe'...Ladies/Jason, wasssuuuuup!! i have some very incriminating pics of our beloved UA, both conscious and unconscious, for those interested parties w/a SASE:)..and on a more serious note, i just got back from visiting my peeps in New Yahk(so i wasn't in town anyway, Ms.Kisner!)...i didn't go by ground zero but i did get lost and saw it anyway...still didn't seem real until i saw "the wall", this like makeshift memorial FULL of pics of the people. i cried, i shopped, i drank beer in Irish pubs off 42nd street, and even caught a broadway show(go see John Leguizamo's "sexaholics".you will ALMOST die laughing:)..and w/roundtrip tix @ 175$, "i'll be bahk" nephew is the most adorable baby boy-NEVER cries. i want one like that! i'll probably get one like me though, cuz God's a woman and she's still mad at me for not "applying myself" more in HS...newayz, i was in Sea-town the weekend of 2/3 but jus one day(bus). i'm planning another visit the weekend of my b-day, 3/24, for those of us who still know who you are, and you know what you want; you bring yourself, i'll bring the pain...i must apologize in advance to lisa for both last years debacles and not KIT...i have not been hungover since:)..and on that note, in the wake of 9/11, i realized i have not thanked MY heroes for all they GAVE, you may recognize a few: Howard Hayden, thanx for the vote; Colleen Walls, who also believed; Elizabeth Jackson, Ed Scott, Mr. Thompson, for never giving up on the hard headed; Ray Hailey in debate, for the power of a question.the world DOES belong to "the Rego's"; Nancy Minard, for the power of the written word; Tom Coehn, for the power of a $; Mrs. Kahn, for the gift of geography and tolerance; Mrs. Herrera, for not busting me when i burped smoke clouds in class; Ron Sidenquist and Dickie Martin for allowing me to practice chem and bio "independently":)..Mr.Weaver and Gil Khoeler, who TRIED to teach me the responsibility side of driving and typing; and of course, Bob Barta, who always kept it real! To anyone i forgot, blame it on the drugs!!! you know who you are...LOVE IS REAL...from ny to la, seatown to puerto rico, and now Cabo....PEACE...BIG DADDY is collect calls please:) J, Holla at me, kid!

At Thu Feb 21 15:53:36 2002, joey rego ( wrote:

Dear Jeannie, hello, dear. yes, i am "Big Daddy", not to be confused however with YOUR big daddy. but you would not be the first nor the last to make that mistake:) love always, jr

At Fri Feb 22 22:45:28 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

Hey, Jeaneen, give me a call. Just when I think I'm prepared for anything, the unexpected happens... Call me.

At Sat Feb 23 07:38:22 2002, () wrote:

At Sat Feb 23 17:04:38 2002, JRide () wrote:

Tessa, I have 3 kids now, I just had my first girl a couple of weeks ago...I've gotta stop having kids. They are becoming more and more expensive.To answer your question, Tessa, Yes I'm on Phoenix Fire Department. We work 24hrs on with 48hrs off, or 10 days a month.I'm a Medic Firefighter with them. Rego, this is a far cry from smokin' bowls out in the E-farm. It's good to see that there is at least some testosterone on this web site. If you ever make it over to the valley of the sun look me up.As far as the pictures are concerned i wouldn't mind checking them out, I'm not sure it was me though, I didn't do that kind of stuff in HS. Amy-Jo, lets here it, is everything have us all worried about you now. I've gotta stop messing with this web site, it's becomming a bonified chat room. I'm outta here.

At Mon Feb 25 11:27:41 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Amy-Jo: Wouldn't you just love to tell them all to get over it? ;) Some times I just want to say "Deal with it. That's life." Anyhoo...I'm just in a funk today, don't mind me. Hey Jason, congrats on your baby girl. What's her name? Jeaneen, right, after your favorite piccolo player? ;)

At Mon Feb 25 13:17:49 2002, joseph rego ( wrote:

Rideout!! you're right,Bro, upon closer inspection, eyewitnesses confirmed that was ME in my Calvins!! oops! but i still got you on film, along with some not-so-distinguished-anymore others we WILL see at the next reunion:) but that's cool you're with the PFD, Bro, and congrats on your newest "rat kid". Still wishing for one here but God bless, Papa Rat(1972, year of the Rat for all you new age hippies in the class:) so i'm sure the events of 9/11 probably touched your dept pretty profoundly. i know it changed my views about "the job"/security. if you thought i lived every day like it was my last BEFORE, hmmm....stand by, we'll definitely "catch up" on my next trek thru the Grand. my sister, Inez, lives in Texas/Plano and she's fallen ill(no lie), so i'll definitely be in the area sooner rather than later. well, i gotta go, kids but take care of yourselves. we're having a heat wave down here folks, in the middle of the rainy season, it's like 85', and the waves are MACKIN'(can you say "global warming" is not a priority!! Well, my sandbox calleth...Sandra, did Strbcks stock split 2 for 1 or has it dropped by half? Lie to me if you must, please:)....tOOdles.....Joseph AND REMEMBER 9/11...EVERY DAY...IS A REUNION, A CHANCE TO CELEBRATE, GIVE, LOVE...

At Tue Feb 26 10:39:11 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Joe, I'm wishing the best for your sister. Take care.

At Wed Feb 27 00:56:53 2002, JRide () wrote:

Joe, I thought your sister was living in Vegas.I saw her a couple of years ago at the credit union in Seattle, and she told me she was living there. Well, I hope she feels better soon!Hey, what ever happened to keeping it on the down low. As far as my wife is concerned, I was a good little boy in HS.Then again I don't "seem" to remember much. Do you guys remember Spencer Otis? I believe he was class of '91.Well him and his wife Rachelle (McDade) were down here. Spencer is taking the fire department test down here. It seems as though they too are tired of all that rain up in Seattle. Go figure, I thought I had the perfect hiding spot. Tessa,Jeaneen what's shaking with you ladies lately?

At Wed Feb 27 15:05:38 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Jason, it's good to hear things are going well with you and your family. What's shakin' with me? Nothing much, really. Just living day to day. I live with my boyfriend in the Tacoma/Puyallup area. I'm not sure if you got to meet him at the reunion or not. He's Unemployed right now, due to Lowes (formerly Eagle) closing the warehouses up here. He's just living off his unemployment until he has no choice but to get a job. I've been talking to Debbie 'Beach' for the last year or so. We didn't talk for about 7 years. I am also still talking to Kelly McNeil. We've talked since a year after graduation. I don't really run into people from school. So I'm pretty much out of that loop. I got my belly button pierced 2 weeks ago. It's still a little tender, but it's much better than that day. When I get tan (fake-n-bake, of course. We are in Seattle) and lose a few pounds I'll be able to show it off!! I'll have to scan some of the pictures i have of you from high school and send them down to you. Well, I'm at work so I better get back to doing something constructive around here. Talk to you later.

At Wed Feb 27 21:24:44 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

Jason, sorry it's taken so long to get back... everything is fine. I'm just riding this incredible roller coaster that changes constantly. No matter what I'm expecting or prepared for, I'm always surprised. I could write a book about it, and, frankly, I don't really think you're THAT interested. :) Joe, sorry about your sister. I really hope she's ok.

At Thu Feb 28 07:57:25 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Hey Jason, Joe, Tessa, Amy, and whoever else is quietly lurking in the shadows of this page. My back is doing much better. I see my doctor again on Monday and probably have my last physical therapy session on Monday as well. I've been off the medication for a few weeks now. It's great to be able to think clearly again. :) I'm scared to even go back and look at what I posted when I was all looped up. I'm writing almost constantly (with the exception of the times I grace you all with my presence...oh yeah, and when I'm working too). Things really seem to be coming together. I'm beginning to focus on how to do it full time. It's that stinking gotta-pay-the-rent-and-bills thing that's standing in my way right now, but not forever, man. Take care, all!


At Wed Mar 6 08:33:14 2002, David ( wrote:

Just wanted to say hi. After catching up on this site it is interesting to read about how people have changed. Jason: congrats on the new little one.

At Thu Mar 7 15:27:23 2002, JRide () wrote:

Hey ladies, who's the new guy??? Just kidding...thanks, David. It's been about a week or so since I've checked out this site, I see I haven't missed much. Tessa, good luck with the fake and bake. Just don't get burned, it might sting a bit. Ya gotta love those body piercings.Hey, where is Puyallup anyway? Joe, where in Cali do you live??? Some guys from the job and I are goiing on a road trip over to San Diego, up to LA, then Malibu, then back down the coast into Mexico for a couple of weeks. It's our annual road trip. Amy-Jo, whats the word with you?? Jeaneen, are you still making music? C'mon we gotta shake this site up a little bit, I wanna see some drama, sex, and violence, isn't this the internet??

At Thu Mar 7 22:03:48 2002, Clara () wrote:

nice site here gretting to my boyfriend :-))

At Fri Mar 8 08:37:33 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Okay, David and Clara, you guys got last names? ;) And Jason, no, sadly I've given up the flute and piccolo. I quit shortly after high school. It just kind of fizzled out, you know? You still play the sax? You want sex and drama, hu? Hmm... I *am* a writer. I could spice things up a bit... You got anything particular in mind, Big Boy? ;P (god, I hope your wife doesn't kill me)

At Fri Mar 8 23:15:31 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Jason, I live a few miles from the Puyallup Fair Grounds.......up on the hill. I just gotta take a shuttle to the fair. Much nicer than having to find a freekin' parking spot down there. Or paying for it. This is the only body peircing I'm gonona be getting. It was painful enough. It's got a little infection now, so it's really soar again. And as far as the fake n bake....haven'r started yet. I'm debating. It would be nice to be tan and if you work, fake baking is almost the only way you can do it. But, is it worth the money??? That's my question now. Whadaya think? Where in Arizona do you live? I have family that lives in Tuscon and Scottsdale. Joey, how are things with you?? you always seem to have so much to say when you get on the site. It's great to read your entries. Where exactly do you live and what do you do for work. Tell us about yourself. Girlfriend/wife? Kids? Pets? And David, we don't really hear from you. What's been going on in your life? I'm still curious as to why everybody that used to be on here aren't anymore? Did they get bored? Jason, what kind of sex stuff do you want to read about? Why don't you share a little with us so we'll know what you want to hear from us!!! :)~ Clara.....who are you? I went to the website you had listed and it's some German site. ????? Amy, I hope all is going well with you. Hang in there, it will get better. It has to. Take care everybody. Until next time...........Tessa

At Fri Mar 8 23:16:32 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

Hey, speaking of drama, sex, and violence... I saw Mr. Semrau at Safeway a couple of weeks ago. He hasn't aged a bit. Here's a little-known fact... When I was in orchestra at Ingraham (yes, Ingraham, at one point, had an orchestra), Mr. Semrau offered the whole orchestra blanket 'B's if we would stop playing. I think that was shortly after we all petitioned to play 'Tequila' at an assembly. The word with me? I'm doing really well. A lot of drama, no sex, and no violence. :) Really, though, I'm happier now than I think I ever have been. The divorce could be final any day now if SOMEONE would just admit he has a violence problem. Long story, but that's basically what we're waiting for. The kids seem to be dealing very well with this whole situation. I've been working hard to make sure they have the help they've needed available to them and I think it's already paying off. They talk very openly about their feelings, and, even though it's so sad to hear it, it's very healing for them (and I think it is for me, too). In the long run, I have no doubt that I'm giving them a better future this route than they would have had if we would have stayed. It's actually really exciting, having a whole new, open future ahead now. What I do from here is completely MY decision. It's a great feeling. I don't know if you remember me much from high school, but decision-making was never one of my strong points. Now I'm in a position that I HAVE to make all of the decisions, not only for myself, but for six children, too. It feels really great... I think mostly because I can already see the results and they're good. ANYWAY... It's late, I'm tired, and I'm rambling.

At Sun Mar 10 15:31:14 2002, JRide () wrote:

Watch out boys, Amy-Jo is back out on the market. She is out there trolling. Where's the party....the comin' out party!!Hey, did I only mention sex?? What is this, you ladies only pickup on that part, I see where your mind is taking you. You ladies have already turned into dirty OLD women. I would hate to see you at a Bachelorette party. Ok, maybe I wouldn't, but somebody else would.

At Mon Mar 11 09:07:39 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Jason, that's hitting below the belt! You just had to emphasize the "old" didn't you? You must like getting beat up by girls. That's the only thing that explains it... And you say *we're* dirty!

At Mon Mar 11 22:38:01 2002, Amy-Jo () wrote:

Jeaneen, I think that since he is the same age as us, Jason is just vocalizing his own insecurities. Can we help it if we are simply aging more gracefully than some? The best thing we can do for him is to encourage his self-esteem and try not to notice the obvious effects aging must be having on him. So, Jason, was that an offer for a bachelorette party? It's a dangerous offer to make to a small group of single women. And by the way, I'm not 'back out on the market' quite yet, and even if I was, I wouldn't be out there 'trolling'. :) The last thing I need right now is another guy to have to deal with. No, I'm taking a long break and just raising my kids for now.

At Tue Mar 12 00:14:35 2002, David Beeman ( wrote:

Oops. I forgot to put a last name. Sorry. Some times I forget that my home e-mail address doesn’t identify me. And just for the record it is not because I am aging that I forget. :)

At Tue Mar 12 10:40:20 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Beeman! How are you? What have you been up to?

At Tue Mar 12 10:42:48 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Yeah, Amy, I think you're right. Besides, Jason's a rabblerouser. He's just trying to stir things up because his life as a firefighter isn't interesting enough... Sad, *so* sad... :-D

At Wed Mar 13 08:03:50 2002, JRide () wrote:

C'mon ladies, don't be so bitter. It was just a little side comment. I'm sorry if I offended you. And Amy-Jo,no male bashing, you wouldn't have those wonderfull kids if it weren't for a man. Besides, it beats playing for the "other" team. What ever happened to our shake-n-bake....oops I mean our fake-n-bake friend, Tessa?? I'm sorry, it slipped out. Lets not be so uptight on this web site, let your hair down, kick up your feet and relax awhile, and just go with it. Dave, it 's good to see we have more testosterone on this site. These women are killing me,nah nah nah, thats all they do. Not that that is a bad thing.Amy-Jo.....trolling. Jeaneen, I am not just stirring things up. C'mon, live a little, have some fun with it. Dave, what's up big daddy, hows it hangin. I'll be back in 3days, until then, you ladies keep the noise down.

At Wed Mar 13 08:05:55 2002, () wrote:

"Rabblerouser"...............ok, somebody please fill me in on that one!

At Wed Mar 13 08:06:16 2002, () wrote:

"Rabblerouser"...............ok, somebody please fill me in on that one!

At Wed Mar 13 17:56:14 2002, Amy-Jo () wrote:

Meow, Jason... it sounds like some of us are getting a little worked up, here, and it ain't the ladies. We're just having fun. And, believe me, I don't think you possibly could offend me right now. I can't speak for Jeaneen, but I'm pretty sure she's not either. And, I'm not anti-men, so I don't male-bash. I'm just anti-certain-men. :) I wish I could say more about the stuff that's going on right now with me (believe me, Jason, you wouldn't be bored), but I really can't right now. What is happening with you? Tell all of us 'dirty old ladies' about your exciting life as a calendar-boy firefighter. Oh, and Amy-Jo... NOT trolling.

At Wed Mar 13 22:36:05 2002, JRide () wrote:

Calender boy??? I think not. Just lucky to be working with such cute boys. Yeh, ok whatever. Just don't call 911...take yourself to the hospital, or just suck it up. Amy-Jo, I would imagine you have alot of drama stories, I'm sorry you had to go through that, it sucks. Just think about........TROLLING!

At Thu Mar 14 00:19:36 2002, () wrote:

At Fri Mar 15 08:50:58 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Jason, I'm here.........just been busy. This has definately turned into a chat room of sorts, huh? Haven't started my fake-n-bake yet. One of these days. I gotta get back into the gym too. I've been lazy as far as that's concerned the last couple weeks. It's so hard to get back into the groove when you've been out for a while. Couldn't do too much on the count of my belly button was VERY tender. As for sex, violence, drama, etc. There's no violence, not very much drama and well, I won't fill you all in too much on the sex.........!!!!! What about you Jason? You asked the question of us women, but you haven't given us much info about the same thing. Obviously there's sex, as your wife had a baby not too long ago. Anything else?? :)~ Hey, did any of you watch that show '9/11' on Monday? That was amazing. It was a different point of view, that's for sure. Jason, I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we're glad you didn't move to New York. David, what's been going on with you? Have you just been queitly watching all of us chat and finally decided to join us, or what? You seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Joey, how's your sister doing? Good I hope. You'll have to fill me in on what exactly it is that you do. I've read so many of your entries, but they're all so phylisophical, that I odn't really know what you're up to. Amy, I hope things are going well with you. I know it must be difficult. But, it's better off for you and your brood. I still can't believe that you have 6 kids. I bet you'll win the contest at the 15 year reunion for the most kids, just like you won it hands down at the 10 year. : )~ Anyways peeps, I gotta go. I'm using up my work time. I usually do, as it's hard to get the computer away from my boyfriend. Have a good weekend everybody.

At Fri Mar 15 11:17:10 2002, Da Big Dog13 ( wrote:

Dear Ones, what is it??? Ma Twizzles, Ma Pizzles, Ma Nizzles!!! alright, alright...let's get on w/ all who wrote in wishing my sister well, THNK YOU FROM ALL THE FAMILY, she sends her love and a big ingy WHAT UP, from Plano, TX...Amy-Jo, you don't sweat a thing ARE strong, smart, and your kids already and forever will know that!! TAKE PRIDE IN THAT! don't let NO ONE ever take away your fire, your RAH,RAH!!(that's what they call me at work sometime:) Shiiiii'e, worse comes to worse, you and the kids can come kick it w/me!:)i'm always gettin' followed home from the beach by kids whose medical-marijuana-smokin' parents just 'forgot'. no lie!! you know the rulez, jus leave the seat up and don't mess w/Gramps' teethES or my CDs:) go girl!! I recently started a Celibacy Support Group for those of us who are (almost) hopelessly disappointed w/the opposite sex!! Hurry, the group's #s are growing rapidly!;) NO TROLLING!!! And now the news: as you all may know, the Oscars/Academy Awards are the 24th- da dawgs birfday!! so i won't be able to make it out the 22nd like i hoped, but the good news is i've rescheduled for the 9th!! so, the party don't stop!!(at least 'til the po-po show, right Mark?:) Speaking of Mark, what up, ya big Pimp?? i know, it's a thankless job, like most..hey, mark, if i send YOU, mark b, some pics, will you put em up?? You will not be disappointed, fact, you will most likely become a changed man;and i don't mean divorced:)..WEBCAM??? Are we ready for Primetime, Mark??? could you imagine? live from Disneyland? the Grotto @ the Heffmeisters!? Oscar night? BACKSTAGE!! I'll keep it decent, i promise(lol:)..Get back to me on dat, Kid:)...aight, aight, keepin' it rollin', anybody heard from Lisa?? should i muster a search party and hustle up some ransom $$$??? i got the girls ready2go?? generally not a good sign, move to Mex, not get heard from since your b-day??? stay tuned for this one??..could get ugly, hopefully not...Jay, David, WHUT UP, FELLAS?! SPANK IT!! MAKE HER CRY!! AIGHT,AIGHT...and now, it is noon, and i MUST(i mean, "get to". my therapist says i should watch my tone;) start my day...ahhh, the life of a (celibate)PORN star( WHAT, UNEMPLOYMENT UP??)...well, i won't 'pontifficate' further....Ma Nizzles, Ma Pizzles, Ma Twizzles, we be out 'dis mo-fo... "KIDS, PLEEZ BE GOOD":)...

At Fri Mar 15 16:24:28 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Joey, you're talking about not being able to come here because of the Academy Awards......what do you do that has to do with those that you have to reschedule? I'm curious as to what you're doing with your life. Like I said before, your entries are so interesting to read, but we have no idea what you're REALLy up to. So, fill us in. And, are you really coming up here to the NW?

At Fri Mar 15 16:57:35 2002, David Beeman ( wrote:

I have to admit that I have not been a regular in this chat room until a couple of weeks ago. During some down time at work I was going through and cleaning out the favorite’s folder and found this place again. It took a couple of days but I think I am up to speed and am now overloaded with the details of everyone’s lives. My story is boring in comparison. I am currently working at Microsoft as a project manager on the Windows Marketing team. Away from work I try to spend time hanging out with my wonderful girlfriend of 2 years, visiting with my 3 nephews and 1 niece, and when there is time 4wheeling in the woods. You can check out some of the action at I am in the Black toy with the white door (it had a black door until I rolled it. Oops). All for now.

At Tue Mar 19 15:08:10 2002, Sandra ( wrote:

Hey there everyone! I am so glad to finally be back on. I have finally been able to read all entries and catch up. I have been away for so long because the site was not working. I asked Lisa about it and she siad to go to and enter Ingraham class on 1990 and it came up so i had to re save it. I think that may have happened to a few of the other regulars! :) All is well with me (not that anyone asked!) :) I am working hard.. Still at Starbucks, working as an event Specialist.... and Yes Joey... Starbucks stock did split 2 for 1 but it was last April and it went as low as 14$ around 9/11 so it's great that it is back up to almost 24. Whoo-hoo! You gots to watch your money a little better! I really do enjoy working here, i have so much fun! Lisa is in Mexico, Cabo until sometime in June i think. She is welcoming visitors if anyone plans to head down. She is having a great time so far! Amy... i think that is very brave of you to leave your violent husband. Must have been hard but it is the best thing you could have done for your kids and yourself! You Go Girl! Too many women put up with being unhappy because they are more afraid to be alone. You are setting a great example to your kids! I am so glad you are all keeping in touch with this site! Tessa.. go for the fake and bake! It's not that expensive and you only live once! It's been a LONG winter and i am thinking about going... i love not feeling so pasty white and i am WHITE! Jason... do you remember Heather Grigg... she lives in Phoenix now with her husband... i hear it is HOT there in the summer! Joey... hope your sister is doing well. Nice to read about all of you!! I will check in soon!

At Thu Mar 28 17:13:53 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Haven't been on here in a while. I know you all missed me and felt lost without me... :) Okay, it's sad when you have to give yourself an ego boost. To whomever asked, a "rabblerouser" is someone looking for trouble just for the sheer pleasure of it. Jason, I didn't know you were so sensitive. :) I can't believe you'd take me seriously! Honey, I promise you, if I have a problem with something you say, I will flat out tell you and it won't be for the world to see and you'll *know* I'm pissed or offended because I'll just flat out tell you that. My jokes are for real and I'm for real. If I'm dishin' on you it's 'cause I love to banter. You up to the challenge, Sparky? I hate male bashing as much as female bashing. It's all just a bunch of messed up bashing. :) Well, kids, gotta go. I'll try not to stay away too long. I miss the smiles. You guys crack me up.

At Sun Mar 31 18:42:55 2002, W.S. () wrote:

Hi all! Interesting chatting you've been doing! Does anybody know whatever happened to Lori McKenny or Elizabeth Gray?

At Sun Mar 31 21:39:28 2002, JRide () wrote:

W.S, who are you???? Don't just come into this site asking questions without telling us who you are! As for Jeaneen, just admit it, you hate men. C'mon, it's not a bad thing some people are just like that.You wanna go to war, I'll take you to war(was that original or what). BANTER??? I can't even spell banter. I know you people are so depressed up there with all the rain and drizzle. Just remember Jeaneen, You chose your life. So stop being so bitter. YOU ARE OK, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. I haven't stirred the s--t in a while. Mexico was good to me...not that I remember much, but I made it back. Jeaneen, I believe it's your turn...your play, game on!!! was that stern enough??? W.S. I was just kidding...don't get sensitive on me

At Sun Mar 31 21:41:11 2002, () wrote:

SPARKY???? what is that all about


At Thu Apr 4 23:47:30 2002, Tessa () wrote:

W.S. I know just a little about Lori but I ain't talking 'til I know who you are. : ) Can't be giving out info to a stranger. Hey Jason, did you run into Lisa while you were in Mexico??? Where did you go down there? We aren't having too much rain and drizzle now. Today we hit about 63. I know that's cool to you in Arizon, but it was nice and sunny for us. A little taste of what's to come. How's the wife and kids doing?

At Sat Apr 6 14:52:39 2002, JRide () wrote:

Tessa, no sign of lisa, but I did seem to find this girl named corona. She was good to me. She seemed to have a lot of sisters as well....they were ALL good to me. Momma and the kids are good, we are getting ready to buy another house. Yeh ,the mid sixties, it's time to get the dust off those shorts and hit the beach. Hey what happened to all of those people that were always on this site???

At Sun Apr 7 11:42:21 2002, private krankenversicherung () wrote:

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At Sun Apr 7 11:45:36 2002, private krankenversicherung () wrote:

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At Sun Apr 7 11:48:08 2002, private krankenversicherung () wrote:

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At Sun Apr 7 17:28:02 2002, Wendy () wrote:

Sorry for trespassing on your site! My name is Wendy. I actually didn't go to Ingraham (I really wanted to but my mother wouldn't let me because she didn't like my friends). I went to Northgate and so I know a lot of people who went to Ingraham. I was good friends with Elizabeth and Lori but I haven't talked to either one since sometime in 1991 and so I was wondering if anyone knew what had happened to them.

At Tue Apr 9 08:47:13 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Wendy, I don't know anything about Elizabeth, but at the reunion I heard that Lori is married and she couldn't attend the reunion because she was 8+ months pregnant. I don't recall at the moment if she is living local or not. I heard this froma couple of her other friends. I have an email to one of them. If you want to leave yours, I can pass it on the her to give to Lori. It is Lori McKinney, right? Does anyone know who this person is, that's sending us messages in German and why they sent 3? They all have a website and the website is all in German, too!!

At Fri Apr 12 14:59:14 2002, JRide () wrote:

Tessa, whats going on in your world??? hows the farm?

At Sat Apr 13 20:23:51 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Nothing too exciting is going on with me, Jason. Same ol' shit, different day. I'm a little busier, as the company fired the girl that does the same job I do in our Seattle office. I'm having to go back and forth between that office and my office, to cover everything. The traffic is horrible. I deserve a raise, but until the nes salesperson in our office starts bringing in some money, there's no revenue to spare for a raise. At least that's what I'm told. : )~ My 2 years is in May, so I'm really crossing my fingers for a raise. We'll see. I might be going to Cali & Vegas at the beginning of June. I'm excited about that, as I've never been to Vegas. We'll be on a tight budget, since David's still unemployed (getting a check though, but not much). We'll make the best of it though. We're good at that. My belly button's doing good. It's not too sore anymore. I still have to clean it a couple times so it doesn't get infected, but it's doing good. It should be fully healed by summer. I never did the fake-n-bake thing. Maybe later. I spent all my tax money on other stuff instead! I wish all the other people we used to get on this site, would come back. There's be more people to get caught up on. Since the site wasn't working for a while, they didn't figure out how to get back on. Oh well, their loss I suppose.

At Fri Apr 19 20:55:11 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

Hey, guys, where did everybody go? I could really use some entertainment right now, or at least some distraction... come on, help me out here! :)

At Sun Apr 21 15:01:48 2002, () wrote:

I could stand on my head naked, would that help?

At Sun Apr 21 22:56:16 2002, Amy-Jo () wrote:

I guess that would really have to depend on who you are...

At Mon Apr 22 07:18:09 2002, Alfie ( wrote:

i am a twat a ginger twat need a haircut im a twsyu

At Mon Apr 22 08:36:03 2002, Tessa () wrote:

'Alfie', I don't know who you are, but you're a freak? What kind of message is that? It doesn't even make any freakin' sense!!! Maybe next time you can do a little better and tell us who you are.

At Mon Apr 22 08:36:20 2002, Tessa () wrote:

'Alfie', I don't know who you are, but you're a freak! What kind of message is that? It doesn't even make any freakin' sense!!! Maybe next time you can do a little better and tell us who you are.

At Tue Apr 23 17:14:44 2002, kelly ( wrote:

OHMYGOD, HIIIIIY YOU GUUUUUYS!! I totally lost this address for months, obviously, but watch out! I'm back! Geez, y'all have kept this shit going for a long long time now, and it's gotten pretty intense at times! I am sorry to all of the hard times befallen on some of you, and happy for all the good newsers. Sorry that seems so generic, but for crying out loud! There's tooooo much that's happened in the past year for me to list everything...Okay, so my deal: getting divorced, as well. Amy, we could start a First Wives Club? The fortunate thing: we are still friends and don't own anything together. Makes things a lot easier...Just started working back at a company I was laid off from last July...Um, moved...That's about it. I do have a kickass boyfriend right now, and am extrememly happy about it! Where are all of the other regulars on this thing? I must confess (rat out) little Miss Valarie Buford gave me this address and said she checks out the site often. Notice how she NEVER writes anything....What's up with that? Joey Rego, Joey Rego, Joey Rego...I love you! Did I tell you I got together with Jenny and Robyn? You really need to send me an email and we'll catch up on our gradeschool shit... Jason: have a hilarious group photo from the reunion (I really need to send Branom the photos for posting - soon!) where you are laying across my lap...How did you not squish me, you wonder? You did. It shows on my face at one point, when you are trying not to fall off! Be back soon.

At Wed Apr 24 05:17:29 2002, Ron ( wrote:

Hey there everyone! I am so glad to finally be back on. I have finally been able to read all entries and catch up. I have been away for so long because the site was not working. I asked Lisa about it and she siad to go to and enter Ingraham class on 1990 and it came up so i had to re save it. I think that may have happened to a few of the other regulars! :) All is well with me (not that anyone asked!) :) I am working hard.. Still at Starbucks, working as an event Specialist.... and Yes Joey... Starbucks stock did split 2 for 1 but it was last April and it went as low as 14$ around 9/11 so it's great that it is back up to almost 24. Whoo-hoo! You gots to watch your money a little better! I really do enjoy working here, i have so much fun! Lisa is in Mexico, Cabo until sometime in June i think. She is welcoming visitors if anyone plans to head down. She is having a great time so far! Amy... i think that is very brave of you to leave your violent husband. Must have been hard but it is the best thing you could have done for your kids and yourself! You Go Girl! Too many women put up with being unhappy because they are more afraid to be alone. You are setting a great example to your kids! I am so glad you are all keeping in touch with this site! Tessa.. go for the fake and bake! It's not that expensive and you only live once! It's been a LONG winter and i am thinking about going... i love not feeling so pasty white and i am WHITE! Jason... do you remember Heather Grigg... she lives in Phoenix now with her husband... i hear it is HOT there in the summer! Joey... hope your sister is doing well. Nice to read about all of you!! I will check in soon!

At Wed Apr 24 05:20:37 2002, I and my home number ( wrote:

today i was actually scared to visit this site. was it just a month ago my life was "normal". my grandmother's in new york visiting my cousin. she just had her first baby boy, Johnny jr. her husband worked in tower #2. my fingers are shaking, the way they do when i recall a horror i survived, but today im thinking of what john told me he saw as he stepped off the train that morning from brooklyn to manhattan. im thinking, was it just ten years ago we were still young, and some of us went off to fight for what this country believes in and stands for and against another tyrant, by another name? now, ten years later, while thinking i am 'over here' and they are 'over there', i've been effected, indeed traumatized, yet again. only this time i was not 'away'. youthful exhuberance turned to shame in the blink of an eye, a sunny morning of waking up turned dark and full of dread. "will my friends that are still 'in' have to go and fight?" was the first thing on my mind, followed closely by " i wonder where's johnny and marisol at?". "will l.a. be next?" you hear that down here now. as if it wasn't already bad enough. the emmys, grammys, concerts, amusement parks, cancelled. and when i go to the airport monday i'll go through at least two checkpoints and then i will get at least two seperate patdowns and i will still get at least a couple of curious glances before i get Business license to pick up my family, but that's okay. lax reminds me of visiting Tel Aviv now. but that's okay. it's important, just like it was then, now more than ever for all of us to do what we can to support each other! it does matter. it matters to our boys on the ground in manhattan! it matters to our boys on the ground in afghanistan! IT MATTERS. even if all you do is wave a flag, somewhere there's a boy or girl who's daddy is 'over there', seeing and knowing that that - freedom - is worth fighting for and worth protecting and they and us are a part of that, whether we want to be or not sometimes. now i work in the busiest port in the country( and in the last two weeks the cargo volume has doubled! instead of delivering bombs and bullets, now i just load them onto things, but i KNOW where they are destined for. life's ironic sometime. but if i had to go and fight, like i know some people do, it means the world to know your friends around the world are thinking about you. so i write messages on them in chalk. in my current job, we lose(that means dead) at least a couple of persons EVERY MONTH(check out the crazy pics on the website). and that's just delivering the goods, not handling them. but we do it because we know -NOT THINK, KNOW- that job is important. just like the situation the whole country is in right now. someone HAS to do it. if not us, who? goodnite, all. take pride in the fact that we have the best operators in the world who'll get the job done using the fewest moves(as in ordnance) needed! and as always, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! (what we need next is a war on pollution; over 50 beach closures this summer!!!!and that was just local! i'm outta here. as always, drinks are on me(airfare and shows are xtra cheap now, call in advance for tix, and no 'loud colors':)

At Wed Apr 24 15:10:40 2002, Tessa () wrote:

KELLY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're back. I've tried emailing you who knows how many times and it would come back as undeliverable. Thanks for finding the address again. I'm sorry to hear about your divorce. If you're still friends, obviously it isn't a nasty one (as in alot of hurt feekings). This is good. You'll have to email me so we can catch up again. Welcome back. Ron, I'm at a total loss as to your last name!! I'm sorry. It's been a busy day & I've been sitting here trying to think of who you are. Don't be's been a long time. : )~ I agree with you. I feel so much better when I'm not as white as a ghost. With summer coming up, I don't want to blind people with my whiteness!! Take care everybody. Joey, as usual, another heartfelt entry!!!

At Wed Apr 24 15:11:43 2002, Tessa ( wrote:

Kelly, here's my email address again if you need it!! :-)

At Tue Apr 30 10:47:38 2002, Sandra B ( wrote:

OK.. this is crazy... Tessa, there is no Rob! That is my message, repeated by someone else! Scroll back up and see! I started to read it and realized it was all familiar! The creepy part is that it was changed to say 'death notice' in there! So that was my message about Starbucks and the stock and tannign and all that good stuff! I just want to know why someone cut and paste MY email as their own?? Freaky! Glad you are back on Rudhe!!

At Tue Apr 30 10:50:06 2002, Sandra () wrote:

The message after me titled... At Wed Apr 24 05:20:37 2002, I and my home number ( wrote: is also a repeat of Joey's email from last year??? What's the deal??

At Tue Apr 30 16:09:20 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Sandra, I'm not really sure what was going on. I was looking at the mail and the name said Ron, but the email started with Rob. That got me confused. I wasn't sure who I should be trying to remember!! Well, glad to see you back. As for Joey's message.... he writes so many 'stop and make you think' messages, it's hard to tell if it's one you've heard before. Not that they are bad at all, so don't think that Joey!! You've got a lot of profound things to say and that's good. Hope everybody is doing good. Jason, where've you been? Haven't heard from you in a while. Tessa


At Sun May 5 18:01:12 2002, () wrote:

Drink beer,lots of beer, nothing but beer. Beer is good, beer is great, I like beer in the morning, I like beer in the eve, I wish beer grew on leaves. Happy Cinco de Mayo. Have a beer on me. I would much rather have a beer on you though. Beer does a body good, or bad, does it matter though? This is nationalbeer drinking day. Ok maybe not, but lets drink beer anyway. Bottoms up, or should I say tops off.

At Thu May 9 03:21:54 2002, Assekuranz-Makler Süd - West GmbH ( wrote:

Sie haben eine sehr gute Seite! Wir möchten Ihnen ein Lob dafür aussprechen! Bitte besuchen sie doch auch einmal unsere Seite Wir würden uns sehr darüber freuen. Also bis dann!

At Thu May 9 10:51:34 2002, smelly ( wrote:

Sandra Sue: I noticed that freaky thing as well, with the repeated messages! Don't like that "death notice" either! Tessa: weird about my email. At one point (a few months ago) I was only able to check my email once or twice a week, so there got to be too many and hotmail would bounce back any new ones. All is okay now and you should have no problem getting messages to me. That said, JOEY, where are you? We need to talk about some stuff! How's Inez, though? Send my long lost love to her and your mom and your bro. Does anyone else have pics from the reunion they need to get to Branom for posting? I will if you will! Actually, I just need to find them and I will send them over soon. Maybe not really soon, as I am a master procrastinator, but within a month or so. I have some reeeeal goodies! Latest alum sightings: Jamaica Kompier and Monique...Johnson? I think that's her last name. Two separate sightings, within two days of eachother. Strange, considering I haven't seen Monique since we graduated AND they're still friends; Jamaica was just telling me how they still hang out - and then I see her two days later...Anyway, you can find Jamaica at 2nd Hand Hube's, an antique mall/vintage store on Greenwood and 74th, Saturday and Sunday. No other news to report! Hope everyone is well!

At Thu May 9 11:08:22 2002, Mark Branom ( wrote:

Hmm.. That creepy death notice came from someone in Russia. I think I'm going to block visitors from Russia and maybe Germany. Looks like someone's decided breaking into our little chatroom is a fun idea. Oh, well. Send me pictures if you want me to upload them... I'm in the process of moving (just a little move -- about 10 miles), so I'll be busy the next couple of weeks or so. But if you send 'em, they'll get posted.

At Thu May 9 14:52:44 2002, Jeaneen Granger ( wrote:

Hey everybody! Man, Jason, I haven't been ignoring you. I haven't checked this site since the last time I posted something. So, you think I'm a man-hater? Hmm... Very interesting. Do you really want me to get Freudian on you? Do you really want me to point out how obvious it is that you hate women? All you're trying to do is project your insecurities on to me! ;) Just kidding. I don't believe in any of that crap. No, Jason. I wish I hated men. Life would be so much easier. I do *not* mean that as a bash against men. I'm actually Jeaneen-bashing. I'm clueless when it comes to men and that's why I'm becoming the crazy cat lady living downstairs... No seriously, Jason, the gloves are off. I'm a little rusty so I need to warm up. Cut me some slack during all of my lame insults, okay? BTW: "SPARKY" is in reference to you Jason. So sad that I have to spell it out for you. You're a fireman. It was my way of belittling you by giving you a little boy's nick name. Get it? :) I need to take more time to catch up on all the rest of the mssages. I just couldn't leave poor Jason with his ass hanging out. I know how fragile he is. :)

At Tue May 14 19:04:59 2002, Norman Gettys ( wrote:

Whats up everyone?? Its been a long time since we've talked. I wish I didn't miss our reunion,but thanks to Tessa, she told me about Mark's web page. What hlave you been up to these last 12 years?

At Fri May 17 09:38:32 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

Hey, Norman! You can pretty much see what's been going on with us, but what about you? Where has the last twelve years brought you? Kelly, sorry to hear about your divorce. I'm glad to hear that you're doing well now, but I can appreciate how hard it is to go through! Unfortunately, David and I did own things together (we're in the process of selling the house now), and it's really hard to stay friends with an abuser... not because I hold any bitterness, but because the abuse continues. Hopefully, in time, things will get better so that the kids can have somewhat of a 'normal' divorced family relationship instead of the infrequent supervised visits with Daddy. It's all up to him to change. ANYWAY, didn't mean to go off on that... By the way, the 'death notice' thing was a link to a web site. If you clicked on it, it would take you to some 'PI' site where you could, for a small fee, look up all kinds of information about other people. Wierd.

At Fri May 17 10:06:02 2002, Mark Branom ( wrote:

OK, I've blocked the folks who have been breaking into our site; hopefully we won't get anymore visits from them. Let me know if for some reason you lose connectivity to this site (although, if you have, you wouldn't be able to read this note, I guess). Send me pictures if you want them added! Hope everyone's doing well -- I'm still pluggin' away here at Stanford: teaching and writing web pages...

At Fri May 17 15:37:54 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

HAPPY NORWIEGIAN INDEPENDANCE DAY! Okay, I realize most of you don't care, but for those of you who live in Ballard, you know what I mean. Besides, it's time for us Norwiegians to show our pride. :) Anyway, I hope yall are staying out of trouble. I officially had my last physical therapy appointment today. My back is doing great. :) Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes. Anyone else check out "Spider Man"? It's great. I highly recommend it and normally that's not even my kind of movie. Take care all!

At Sat May 18 10:16:43 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Yes Jeaneen, I lived in Ballard and I remember the parade on May 17th. I used to walk in it with my 'Grandma'. Well, not too much to update you on right now. Planning a trip back down to Cali to visit my dad in July. That's about it. Alls good with me. I hope it is with everyone else, too. Jason, where are you? Haven't heard from you in a while??

At Wed May 22 14:17:49 2002, () wrote:

At Wed May 22 19:54:31 2002, Norman Gettys ( wrote:

Amy, Well I havent done much. I did some traveling after school, than basicly just worked. I got married, I have 2 daughters,and now I am in the process of a divorce. Now Im looking for all my classmates. Tessa mentioned that there might be another reunion in 3 years, is there anymore information??

At Thu May 23 12:31:08 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Norm, I think Lisa Kisner is working ont he reunion info, but she's in Mexico for a few months, so I don't know how much info we can find out right now. But yes, we did decide to do a 15 year, rather than waiting another 10, for the 20 year. Hopefully a lot of the people that couldn't make it to the 10, will be able to come to the 15. Some of the girls (women) were having, just about to have or had just had babies. We'll see.

At Thu May 23 21:26:00 2002, Norman Gettys ( wrote:

Iv'e been thinking about where we could have it, that wouldn't cost much.No ideas yet.How long is Lisa going to be gone? How many people that showed up for the 10 year reunion,came from out of state? We will get Tim Brown to show up at this one.Have you found anyone else off your list yet?

At Fri May 24 08:22:29 2002, Amy-Jo ( wrote:

You know, I swear I saw Lisa in Lynnwood just about a week ago. I think she's already back. And, why couldn't we have the reunion a little earlier in the year than September, like August even? Then the weather would be more dependable and we could maybe do something outside. It wouldn't be as nice, obviously, as the ten year, but it also wouldn't diminish our funds... Just a thought.

At Fri May 24 13:18:36 2002, Tessa () wrote:

If we had it in the summer, like most schools do, we could have great weather. I agree with you Amy, August would be nice. My moms school used to have the 2nd night of their reunion at a park. People could bring their kids and significant others. They have a catered BBQ. It was nice. The weather was beautiful and people felt more comfortable since they didn't have to be dressed up. Norman, I don't know how we'd get Tim to the next one. He didn't graduate, so he wouldn't be on the guest list. And, if we have it like the 10 year one, the 1st night is Alumni only, then them & their significant other the 2nd night. I don't know about you, but my man would be upset if I took Tim as a date rather than him!! : ) And to answer your question, no I haven't found anyone else on my list. It is getting smaller though, which is nice. Well Amy, if Lisa is back, then she'll probably read this and get some ideas for the next one. Take care you guys. Hey, has anyone heard form our boy, Jason??? I haven't seen anything from him in quite a while.

At Fri May 24 21:29:23 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I totally forgot that Tim didn't graduate.I like the idea of August also.Tessa I want to thak you again for telling me about this website. Has anybody been by the school lately??There has been alot of changes.(kids are dealing in the hallways)and a friend of mine's nephew was robbed by another student on his way to school.Its a shame.A friend of mine works for Riverbend Golf Complex,and they have a great restaurant,he might beable to give us a good deal on the banquet room.

At Fri May 24 21:32:20 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I totally forgot that Tim didn't graduate.I like the idea of August also.Tessa I want to thak you again for telling me about this website. Has anybody been by the school lately??There has been alot of changes.(kids are dealing in the hallways)and a friend of mine's nephew was robbed by another student on his way to school.Its a shame.A friend of mine works for Riverbend Golf Complex,and they have a great restaurant,he might beable to give us a good deal on the banquet room.

At Fri May 24 21:34:29 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I totally forgot that Tim didn't graduate.I like the idea of August also.Tessa I want to thak you again for telling me about this website. Has anybody been by the school lately??There has been alot of changes.(kids are dealing in the hallways)and a friend of mine's nephew was robbed by another student on his way to school.Its a shame.A friend of mine works for Riverbend Golf Complex,and they have a great restaurant,he might beable to give us a good deal on the banquet room.

At Fri May 24 21:34:28 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I totally forgot that Tim didn't graduate.I like the idea of August also.Tessa I want to thak you again for telling me about this website. Has anybody been by the school lately??There has been alot of changes.(kids are dealing in the hallways)and a friend of mine's nephew was robbed by another student on his way to school.Its a shame.A friend of mine works for Riverbend Golf Complex,and they have a great restaurant,he might beable to give us a good deal on the banquet room.

At Fri May 24 21:35:32 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I totally forgot that Tim didn't graduate.I like the idea of August also.Tessa I want to thak you again for telling me about this website. Has anybody been by the school lately??There has been alot of changes.(kids are dealing in the hallways)and a friend of mine's nephew was robbed by another student on his way to school.Its a shame.A friend of mine works for Riverbend Golf Complex,and they have a great restaurant,he might beable to give us a good deal on the banquet room.

At Sat May 25 06:55:46 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

Sorry about that, I was having problems with my ISP, didn't mean to submit 5 times


At Mon Jun 3 09:24:21 2002, kelly ( wrote:

Hey you guys! Lisa was back, returned to Mexico, and is back again, but I haven't actually spoken to her. I will call her and bring up the 15 year reunion..I'm all for it too and the BBQ idea is great. Maybe we can get Matt J. to do a jazzy little number for us too! Amy - thanks for your support! I just hope you get through yours feeling good about yourself. It's easy to lose sight of things when you're still sorting through feelings. Or the feelings start sorting through you, and that's REALLY great...anyway, I'm sure some of you know what I mean. Where did the mighty Joe Rego go? Hey Homes - if you're reading this, PLEASE WRITE SOON! I have funny stuff for you! Everyone else, I PROMISE to send Branom photos to post. I have some great ones from a past BBQ at Darrin Kuebler's pad featuring Shata, Paul Fashaw, Romel Allen, Ryan Preston, Steve G, Mark Gray, Ed Kloth, among others. If I can remember, I'll find them tonight, really! I swear! Hope everyone is well - Janeen, I sooo hear you with the back issues! I have a stupid pinched nerve I keep ignoring...BLECH! xoxo

At Tue Jun 4 11:13:11 2002, kjr () wrote:

I lied. Lisa is indeed in Mexico. Go visit her!

At Tue Jun 4 11:13:20 2002, kjr () wrote:

I lied. Lisa is indeed in Mexico. Go visit her!

At Tue Jun 4 11:13:27 2002, kjr () wrote:

I lied. Lisa is indeed in Mexico. Go visit her!

At Tue Jun 4 11:13:35 2002, kjr () wrote:

I lied. Lisa is indeed in Mexico. Go visit her!

At Wed Jun 5 18:47:09 2002, Buck Nekked on a Sea-Doo Chasin' Down 'da Big One':)...... ( wrote:

AHIGHT, AHIGHT!!!(That's Ebonics for all you Krautburgers!:) I swear i must be psychic; every time i start thinkin' bout you guys, someone else is already talkin' bout it! only this time they even stole one of my entries!! F#$@in' Groupies!! Can't even gimme a break in Cyberland!:) Anywayz, da Big Dog iz back, broadcasting live from a garage in the hood right 'round the corner from Gramma's, and here b wuz crackilatin' in the durtei, durtei Souf Bay, aka, 'da Yay area'.(More Ebonics for my Deutsch 'Bros':)aka Land of Silicon and Silicone(w/complimentary Botox injections!); Home of the Toe Tag, Bodybag, 19 Freeways that lead nowhere, Gangsta Rap, Gospel Rap, Legal(albeit expensive as F@#$)Marijuana("GLORRRRRY2GOD!!), TRAINING DAY, the subsequent Federal "Probe", aka has anyone seen my 480 lbs. of pure, uncut cocaine i was about to sell back to the street dealers?; and of course ALL the awards(Oscar/Grammy/Emmy/Espy/Alma/AMA/DGA/and of course, the world famous 'Hoody Awards', live from Inglewooood!:) did anyone see J-Lo's booty this year??? who hasn't, right?? damn them Puerto Ricans!!!Should be a law against them!! AHIGHT, AIGHT! On the 'serious tip', Joseph's quarterly report: Mark, you're still a Dei in my book:)..Kelly, Inez is doin' fine and my mom and bro, too. YOU NEED TO HOLLA DOWN THIS WAY!!I'LL SEND YOU A TIX!:)IF YOU BRING MS. BUFORD (SHE IS STILL 'MS.', RIGHT?), I'LL FLY THE F#@$@*' JET MYSELF:) YOU SAW 'JENNY AND ROBYN', YOU SAY??? u must fill me in on my childhood sweeties:)..YOU, of course, were THEE crush of my young life, the woman who in fact taught me 'how' to work it 'just so', but no one need know now:).. i will be up that way sometime soon for my annual 'summer thing', and to begin executing my mother's will(yes, she is ill, too), but this time i think i'll stay longer than 48hrs:)..CONGRATS ON THE DIVORCE!!SANDRA B. IS RIGHT. YOU 'MAJORITY'/WOMEN PUT UP W/WAAAAY TOO MUCH BS FROM 'MEN' FOR FEAR OF SOLITUDE!! I VOWED NEVER TO THINK FOR 2 OR CLEAN OR WORK FOR 2 UNLESS IT'S MY KID!! My equal should be just that, MY 'EQUAL'! Not my damn FIRST CHILD!(NO, i'm not bitter. just 'wasted' a third of my life waiting for a LOSER!:) SO, now you know why JoSePh keeps it purely sexual'FROM THE GIT!' (besides, asking girls to think down here is askin' for troubles. they can't read or spell, and she'll probably think of a way to make you cry. best to just keep 'em naked, hydrated, and mildly sedated. if they start reading or thinking for themselves just take 'em shoppin'(BOTOX, manicure/pedicure:) not tooo long, though; plan could backfire:) and remember, no matter what, make 'em feel like it's THEIR FAULT FOR EVERYTHING!until you 'need' something; that way she'll feel ogligated to 'help'. after, make sure you make her feel pretty and appreciated; it'll buy more 'favors' down the road:) SORRY, LADIES! Guytalk...we weren't talkin' bout 'women', just the bimbii of the species:)..Guys are even sadder and simpler, as if they weren't already the weaker sex; earns more and dies earlier! doesn't that 'show' how dumb we are?? oh well....or is it that we CHOOSE to, once sex becomes boring??? Hmmmmmm.......... Lisa Kisner! WHAT THE F#$K?! i thought we had a date to shake our asses south of the border??? that's it! you're cut off!!!what about that freak, Tina???(Free Advice: All girls named 'Tina' are hoes, or have hoe tendencies, like Bill Clinton; but that can be a 'good' thing:) well, just know that you have an ass spankin' on the books, and cryin' won't help this time!! we're gonna smack it 'til it falls off this time!! and on a brighter note, i will be up that way this summer to look at potential homes for my dear ole ma to retire to, and to see how things are lookin' in my job so i can transfer. i plan to keep a summer home in Seattle and a perm. one down here in San Diego. Can you say, Party on the Boat? Can you say, Swing w/Me? Can you say, STD-Free w/Proof or Where's my underwear? and most importantly for the young and upwardly mobile, can you say, 'Tax Shelter'? Think it over, ma Fizzles, ma Pizzles:)..What is 'Social Security'?? i know i don't feel it:)...we better start now...anyone wanna help me incorporate?? and on that note, i be out this biiiaaaachhh!! Feel free to drop a line, all:)..Summmer is always busy, but i ALWAYS got time for FRENZ:)..this year is REALLY crazy already but way better than last...(year of the Horse:)...... Hey, A BIG, HUGE SHOUT OUT TO BRANDON BECKER(B-DUB;) AND ALL THE OTHER 'HOMEBOYS' HOLDIN' IT DOWN UNDER A BRIDGE OR AN AIRPORT FOR ALL OF US LAME ASSES, IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY AND GIVING UP THEIR JOBS AND FAMILIES TO DO IT!!! (SOMETHIN' TO THINK BOUT NEXT TIME YOU FEEL 'BORED':) BRAVO! SEMPER FIDELIS! well, really gotta go now, folks, but stand by for the next quarterly from 'ground zero' is owt:)...p.s. if anyone does find out bout Lori McKinney or Elizabeth Gray, tell them 'Joey said 'high':) and give hime a call:).... JoSePh

At Wed Jun 5 22:21:23 2002, Big Punisher and Shaqzilla ( wrote:

hey all, what up? Had to come back and check an email(she's an md, but if she knew i was talkin' already she'd probably inject me w/somethin' that wasn't botox:) thought i'd stop in again since i had so much fun last time. my web skills are getting better, thank G. anyway, for those wonderin', the reason i was so on ebonics in my last, i had a 'heated debate' w/ this lady on over the Abner Luima case. you know, last year where the FOUR NewYork cops shot the unarmed black man in his doorway FOURTY-ONE TIMES (sound familiar??:) because they thought 1) he was an armed racist(yes, unfortunately for us, all black men resemble one somewhere.sorry guys?!) and 2) that his WALLET was a gun(of course. even if it wasn't, he could've swung his dick at them and maybe even taken out a bystander!? sucks to be us again, guys:) anyway, this lady attorney in Chicago had the nerve to "axe" ME(SHE OBVIOUSLY thought i was 'like her':) why the black witnesses(among them, the man's WIFE) "CAN'T TALK" right!?!?! i calmly explained to her in my best Lawyerese about ALL cultures' choosing the use of changing or evolving words, how people today make up words, but especially in the black culture, where 'they'("the people brought here to work", beginning in 1607 Virginia(see state quarter) and ending in 1864) were seperated BY LANGUAGE AND TRIBE, for fear of, get this: a 'revolt'(and i don't know bout you, but i still don't like much when 3 or more of em get together in any one spot too long! 'specially my house:) AT THAT POINT, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO 'FIND' A COMMON SET OF WORDS AND CONTINUE 'WORKING', QUE NO?? My attorney friend was not aware of those facts. well, i'm sure none of us here is soooo narrow minded. or shall i say, IGNINT?:)...anyway, they were acquitted(of course. cops DON'T do time, but i would have to really scour the his story boo ks to find one for killing a 'neeger'(see Jamestown, 1607) ahight, ahight, 'nuff said:)..was i 'Pontifficating' again?? And on a lighter note, some of you might've seen Rancho Santa Fe, CA on the list of "richest/best" cities in the U.S. well, North County San Diego and Orange County are nice but don't believe it! unless you like geriatric living w/neighbors like Bill Gates or Kobe Bryant or the Sultan of Brunei, who are 'never home' or my favorite, when Pamela Lee and her crew set up shop on YOUR lawn and tell YOU to be quiet on THEIR set!! that's when the Pit Bulls get let out to 'play':)...still, i did like the area, especially if you're into fitness, San Diego is the triathlon capital...might be nice in 20:)..or when i got 2MILLION extra just layin' around:)....i'd have to sell sooo much pot, cocaine, crystal and heroin though..maybe if i make the girls help me??:)...thank God the Bush's are in office:)..with luck in '04, i can make it in '10:):)..and don't forget about the 'Art Police'. OHH YESS, if your house gets to lookin' just TOO ugly, they will come shut you down, down heeyuh! yess'a, don't you paint that mansion pink heeyuh!! well, we finally found Chandra! Let that be a lesson to all you 'closet hoes' and interns alike: leave the politicians alone!! They're PROFESSIONAL hoes! you axin' fo trubble, Ho!! Tessa, i make money w/ my body!...same as high school:)...even look the same(though try not to think the same:)...but i'm lookin' to 'expand' because i have that condition, 'getsboringitis'...thinkin' bout gettin' into 'the biz', but not sure if i have the stomach for Hoeywood!! Got a couple frenz just startin' to get their feet wet. feels good but funny when i see 'em on t.v. or hear 'em on the radio:)..maybe i'll just skip right to the book:)...or i'm seriously considering the adopt-a-refugee thing, X10!:)))... Oh, did i hear someone say 'THREE-PETE', as in GO LAKERS!!!!!! Sorry, folks. you know the only sport i consider NOT fixed, THE TRUE MANS SPORT, is WRESTLING, WHERE THE VERY IDEA OF CHAMPION WAS BORN, ATHENS. but i couldn't resist mentioning the Diesel; Shaqzilla, oh no!!!! he's on a collision course for..New Jersey! well, goodnite all, mi querida familia..and remember: when you hear a word or language you don't understand, don't be a dick and assume they 'can't' speak 'your' language or that they are talkin' about how bad you smell...they probably are, but they really just want you to turn and say, 'hey, what the f#%$ do that mean?? whah don't you speak f@W#$@ Spanish, Puto??" ya never know, you might make a friend:)....Ah-Salam-Malakim, mah kinfolk

At Thu Jun 6 08:43:29 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Joey, Joey, Joey!! You always have so much to say and it's so interesting!! Hey, you mentioned Brandon Becker. Do you talk to him? I have wondered what he's up to. Also, about Elizabeth and Lori. They weren't at the reunion, but I did hear from Carrie & Jodi that Lori couldn't make it because she was either just about to have a baby or she just did. Not sure where she's living though. I can try to find out if you'd like. Let me know. You make money with your body, huh?? : ) Sounds interesting, just like everything else I hear from you. Well, you take care of yourself. I'm coming down to LA in July, I think. So, I'll think of you when I'm there. To everyone else.....where the hell are you?? Jason??????? You've been gone for well over a month. Are you just sitting back like you used to and just watch what everyone is writing about?!?! Probably. :) Take care everybody!

At Mon Jun 10 17:19:56 2002, kelly () wrote:

Joey...oh my god. that's about all I can say right now, as my brain is still reeling from your streams and streams of consciousness... What's up with sweet Paula? I'm tellin' Val what you said! (and yes, she's still a 'Ms. Buford')

At Wed Jun 12 09:52:03 2002, Tessa () wrote:

What's up with the 'SPAM' crap on the board?? Does somebody think they're funny?? Kelly, you still see Valerie? I went to school with her all the way back in Jr. High. How's she doing?

At Wed Jun 19 10:44:24 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

Whoohoooooo! Finally back. My link stopped working, Kristin didn't know what was wrong, but Sandra had the one that worked. Anyway,... What's up? A few people chattin'. A few people spammin'. A few others coming out of the closet and some that should go back in. You have all been pretty busy... I've been laid-off, hired, and laid-off again. I'm enjoying the time off, but making money is better. If anyone knows any companies that are looking for people with an AutoCAD, A+, or CCNA background, let me know. Take it easy. :-)

At Thu Jun 20 22:57:40 2002, norman () wrote:

in reguards to planning an eariler reunion in the summer,i was given a price list from Bills Bodatious BBQ in renton. They will basicly set everything up. I don't know what funds we have left, but I can send this list to lisa (when she comes back).so we could figure something out. Hey Charles, its been a long time,whats going on??

At Fri Jun 21 13:35:33 2002, herewegoagain.... ( wrote:

Tessa, isn't it ALL spam here?? sorry 'bout the truth-bomb, folks(they're never easy, i know:), that lady was wrong though:)..and as far as 'work', Tessa, i'm sure we're all toiling away in a cube somewhere whether in a pretty a/c building or under a blazing set of lights, but these days you might have to be more 'flexible' than in days past(less pay/no benes sound bout right?) Sorry to hear the new economy is kickin' everyone in the rear(charles?) you might consider (seriously) CalTrans(Ca Dept of Trans.) i had a girlfriend who knew acad/a+ and she ALWAYS had work(often beating out 'the guys') w/new construction and retrofitting projects(at top pay, no joke). and there's lots of orders yet to start(i understand if you wanna wait til 'the big one' hits. def more work then:). Naomi(Binkley, see annual) came down on a weekend job fair and got hired THAT DAY @ 45K/yr vs. 22k working in wa. I'm tellin' you, they are hurtin' for people w/BRAINS down here. And then ALL branches of police from city(lapd)to CHP/FBI/CIA if you liked the movie 'training day' and are lookin' for a little xcitement:). You're almost guaranteed to be 'the boss' in no time(can you say attrition?:). you tell me what sounds better: work full day n cube farm OR catch 'the big ones' after lunch w/your bros and work a HALF day @ 40% MORE pay? if i recall, didn't you take spanish? make that 50%:) C'mon, you know deep inside there's a surfer tryin' to get out!("Bruh":)..(JOIN THE 'CALI ALUM CLUB', CHUCK(like hs, where ALL the "cool, beautiful" people hang:) COME TO THE DARK SIDE, LUKE:) anyway, i don't mean to be an 'alarmist' my peeps(Lord knows i no longer give a @$#!), but since we DID get warned bout 9/11 AND pearl harbor(do the research,not the movie:) and seeing firsthand how we 'play fight', STAY AWAY FROM LA AND LAS VEGAS ON 7/4/02. once again our guys don't feel there's anything to worry bout. JUST TERRORISTS ON THEIR CELLPHONES 'POSSIBLY' ARRANGING ANOTHER ATTACK-in arabic. no biggie. just keep on shoppin' and 'stay alert'!:).. and Norman, who's 'they'? what are 'the arrangements'? do i have to make a fat 'donation' to 'the fund' to find out? do i have to offer up a house? can we make a DVD or live webcast of it and sell it to the other (CA) alums? if i recall, there's been TALK of another function of some sort or another for almost two years now. kinda reminds me of my ex:) i have some friends in the silkscreen business who could hook up some really cool hats/t-shirts/thongs at sweatshop prices:)..i still think lisa's locked in a room in TJ somewhere. C'mon 'they', come down ye from mighty Olympus and guide us mere mortals towards a 'more perfect (re)union'. tell us of your troubles in paradise, hirings/firings/marriages/divorces. ok, ok..back in the closet, kids..and remember,"no fighting!" Kelly, you're SUCH a Leo(as in kitty)! Please don't change:)..J, i think we might be needin' a fireman:)...PEACE/SHALOM/SALAM/CIAO AND HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER(SOLSTICE, FOR YOU WICCANS OUT THERE ON THEIR WAY TO ETERNAL DAMNATION:) (and eventhough it is the longest day of the year, think how long it would be if your 'curfew' got lifted this morning, you go out to get water, food, and supplies for the fam(those 'little things' which the Army controls), and the Army "accidentally" fires TWICE into the market THEN opens up w/machine guns? (not to advocate any kind of violence but c'mon folks, does anyone even care? or is it still all about us? talk to an american/israeli/pal who's been there. sadly, MOST who know, agree. eye for eye is not the way) oops! there i go again. blame it on the lawyers (truth bomb, dirty bomb, human bomb, shoe bombs; bombs, bombs, bombs! marcia, marcia, marcia! it's all about u.s. bombs and marcia:)...

At Sat Jun 22 05:28:58 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

...but, what about the Tequila bomb? Are you keeping that to yourself? Puff, puff, give. Puff, puff, give. Here is a little link where they are making fun of Star Wars fans. (It helps if you have a fast connection.)* *

At Sat Jun 22 05:32:38 2002, () wrote:

At Sun Jun 23 17:34:49 2002, norman () wrote:

The resaurant will do all the work, all we have to do is have fun!! The cost would all depend on how many people are served. I left the price sheet on my toolbox at work,I'll bring it home tomorrow and let everyone know

At Mon Jun 24 14:03:58 2002, El Terrible del Norte ( wrote:

Hey, has anyone talked to Jason?? i wonder if he's on the lines fighting Arizona's biggest(50 MILES LONG!) fire ever..someone should find out if pos..say a few prayers, too, maybe. Charles J., glad to see we're outta the closet:)..and eventhough the icky sticky is goin' for 350/oz and solid GOLD troy ozs a mere 325(see the business section of the paper or "that part of town"), i still find it in me during these tough times to do just that..puffy, puffy, baby. if SOYBEANS weren't trading at +500 i'd never catch up.Lumber,too:)..Norm, sounds good IF WE CAN MUSTER UP SOME PARTICIPATION. seems to be a problem just bout everywhere i go? help me out folks, are we scared of sounding stupid(i thought i took care of that?), scared of sounding smart, or just plain scared? busy? Well, here's a bit of good news(as in Opportunity): as of July 1st, the Port of Seattle and Tacoma will shut down(go to the Public Market and look across the water at the ships that say COSCO(China Ocean Shipping Co)-they might be there a while starting Monday, so plan accordingly. WORKERS UNITE!!! NO LONGER DO MORE FOR LESS!!(if your job description includes brutally boring or "could be killed", what is an 'appropriate' wage? if giving you the wage you need costs the consumer MORE, doesn't that mean "the consumer" can at least AFFORD it? if the business shuts down, isn't that the same as them moving to Mex or Taiwan to pay the workers LESS?) "UNITED" WE STAND!! "UNITED" WE CAN STAND!! "UNITED" WE CAN "ALL" STAND!! ALL OF US!! And not "have to be"......"all stressed out". but it takes 1)courage and 2) unity/SOLIDarity.(that's why companys like Walmary FIRE YOU if you get "caught" organizing workers:)) Instead of asking w/contempt for a fellow worker, "why should YOU make six figs and not me?", a much better question would be, "why SHOULDN'T "WE" make six figs? ALL OF US!" WE ARE AT A UNIQUE POINT IN WORLD HISTORY, WHERE FOR THE FIRST TIME THAT IS POSSIBLE THRU COMMUNICATION!!! Before, strikes were local, with local agreements. Now, they are GLOBAL, international contracts. Ours covers the WestCoast and Hawaii. Seattle is a leader in organized labor on the waterfronts and represtented us(ILWU) well at the WTO(that group that thinks you should move to Taiwan if you wanna keep your job:) rallies a couple years ago. it's that kind of progressive leadership that all groups need, reguardless of agendas. This is one such opportunity for all workers. if the Teamsters(truckers) and Union Pacific(railroads) join us, stand by, the fragile Economy will be "threatened" to say the least, you might even hear from the president:)..that's all, folks. i'm tired. i will now officially begin summer...stay cool and take care..DO IT FOR THE KIDS, (WO)MAN!!!...unless you want them to work in a cube? UNITE NOW! ACT NOW! LIVE NOW! HAPPY 213th BIRTHDAY, U.S!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL WORKERS WHO MAKE IT GREAT!! "Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum..."....and to the Republic for which it stands.... "labor is the greater of capital, for without it there could be no capitol." -Abraham(Lincoln. shot by a 33degreeFreeMason for being "too honest" about greenbacks,not the South.check it out- dude;) Later. and don't forget: ABOLISH SLAVERY JULY 1ST!!!! (PEACE)

At Mon Jun 24 15:30:23 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Hey All. So, I'm liking Tessa, Amy and Norman's ideas for the 15. I'm definitely in for it. Another thought about possible places: Our dear classmate Kosta Varlamos owns Varlamos Pizza near University Village. Maybe we could have it there? Sandpoint's not far from there, either. Kelly, take care of that pinched nerve! Sounds awful. I'm thinking of you and sending your relaxing thoughts. :) I'm back at work after taking 3 months off to take care of some personal business. I'm in the same job with the same company. It's nice to be back. I didn't think I'd say that, but it is. I work for a great company, I just hate being a secretary. Before taking this job, I decided this would be my last "day job." So, I better get cracking on that novel, eh? Joey, when I have a full afternoon to devote to it, I'll get around to reading your musings. ;) Take care!

At Tue Jun 25 16:27:40 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

It just hit me,... I only live 5 or 6 blocks from Kostas' restaurant and I've never been there. Is it any good? Do we get an Alumni discount? (Ha.) Is the BarBQ place in Renton any good, Norman? My favorite place is Olympic Pizza and Pasta in the Roosevelt District. They also serve a very good breakfast.

At Tue Jun 25 17:03:23 2002, Kelly ( wrote:

Kosta's restaurant is tha SHIZNIT! Just there a few months ago for Big Darrin Kuebler's bday...Very good, and a great suggestion. I'm sure he'd be more than excited to participate if asked! So, I just got an email from little Lisa Kiz. She just got a job trying to swindle people's money for timeshares. Sounds like a good job though, as the position is pretty hard to come by. I'll email her back in the next couple days and let her know how much buzz there is regarding a 15 year. We talked about it shortly after the 10 year, but not much since. Joey, Joey, Joey...I heart you. You're freaking the kids out, though, I think...I thought we already talked about this! Meow...

At Tue Jun 25 17:05:32 2002, kelly, again () wrote:

oh my god you guys, talk about blast from the past: 'Parents Just Don't Understand' is playing on my radio...yikes! Ah, that Fresh Prince...

At Thu Jun 27 19:19:24 2002, norman () wrote:

I don't know how good Bills Bodatious BBQ is. They have only been open a few months.But I do know that Longhorn BBQ is great. There website is I don't have prices as of yet.How is the food a Kosta's resaurant??? I haven't been there yet.

At Fri Jun 28 12:59:25 2002, jeaneen ( wrote:

Norman, the food at Kosta's place is *great*. Check it out some time. I highly recommend it.

At Fri Jun 28 20:39:51 2002, norman () wrote:

I'll have to try it soon. I have the prices forBills Bodacious BBQ : There is a minimum delivery charge of $25.00. Free delivery on orders of $300.00 or more if within the Renton, Seattle, Bellevue, or Kent areas.There would be ! server per 30 guests. The cost of the first server is $300.00, each additional server is $175.00. All labor is based on six hours,including set up, breakdown and clean up. There just one place i've found


At Mon Jul 1 12:55:37 2002, Mark Branom ( wrote:

I've updated the site a little, archiving the bulletin board by year and updating the anti-spammer list. I still haven't gotten any new pictures, so if you have anything you'd like added to the site, send 'em my way...

At Mon Jul 1 16:31:48 2002, jeaneen () wrote:

So, Branom, I guess you were bored at work today? ;)

At Wed Jul 3 22:35:02 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I hope everyone has a good 4th of July!!

At Fri Jul 5 14:17:18 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

I had a great 4th, thanks, Norman. Does anyone else have to work today, or am I the only poor sap stuck holding down the proverbial fort? :) Have a geat weekend.

At Fri Jul 5 15:56:21 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Yep, I had to work today as well. Pretty boring if you ask me. Actually, I had quite a few customers, but I'd rather of been home chillin' out. I also had a boring 4th!! : ( My boyfriends dad bailed on us going out on the boat with him. We do it every year and had planned to do so this year, but he decided to stay on the boat in Seattle, when he knew our plans were to be on the boat. So, not only did it ruin our plans, it ruined my boyfriends sister and her 2 kids and his brothers and his girlfriends day. We were all pleased with him after that phone call. Anyways, hopefully it's better next year. Anyways, hope all is well with you all.

At Fri Jul 5 21:27:34 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

I was watching the fireworks from 45th & I-5. Great view and not too many people. Some morons actually stopped on I-5 to watch the fireworks and the Police were all over them. As for today, Tessa... I was lucky to have work today and a little next week, too. :-) A round of Venti Mocha Frappachinos for everybody.

At Sat Jul 6 21:44:29 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I was lucky enough to have the 4th off.That was the first time in 5 years they decided to close.I did end up going to gasworks park, it was incredible!!! But it took 2 hours to get home.

At Mon Jul 8 15:26:53 2002, jeaneen () wrote:

Hey Norman, weren't you freezing? I saw the same fireworks show. I was lucky enough to be at my friend's place. She has a great view of Lake Union. I got to stay nice and warm right up until the show, so I only froze for a few minutes. Hey, Jason...hello? Hellooooo? Are you out there? I hope you're safe from those crazy fires down in AZ.

At Tue Jul 9 17:45:48 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

Accually it wasn't that cold out.But next time i'm going out on the boat.

At Wed Jul 10 20:23:13 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

It is a nice 87 degrees with a few wisps of clouds in Seattle today. (Another round of Mocha Frappachinos.) Over the weekend, I saw a rainbow at 9PM. Never noticed something like that before. I've found that with the over-abundance of unemployment in Seattle, many people are going back to college. If I don't find anything myself in the next month, I'll probably do the same. In some of those situations, some people think the glass is half full and some think the glass is half empty. I just wonder who has been drinking out of my glass. :-)

At Thu Jul 11 15:50:02 2002, Tessa () wrote:

So, is everybody enjoying the wonderful weather we're having??? I think summer might finally be here. It's not quite as warm today as it was yesturday, but it's still very nice. I talked to my dad in Cali yesturday in Moreno Valley (between LA & Palm Springs) and it was 113 degrees at 2pm. It was 120 in Death Valley. I think us Washingtonians would wither up in that weather. We're truely not used to that. The sun would be nice, but I don't know how long I could handle the heat. Well, I take it no one has heard from our buddy Jason Rideout latley, huh?? I wish I had a home # for him. I'd call to see how he's doing, with all those fires down there in Arizona. We haven't seen anything from him in quite a long time. How is everyone else doing? Amy? How are you doing with everything? I know it's got to be tough for you. Hang in there though. Well, I think I'm gonna try & get out to enjoy some of the weather. See ya!!

At Sat Jul 13 11:18:49 2002, Jose, Jose, Hoes Say!!! ( wrote:

hey mark, nice update, Bro. thanx for not putting me on the Anti-Spam List! I don't think i could take it:)..Promise to keep it light from now on, kiddies. SO MUCH FOR BETTER WAGES AND SOLIDARITY(WHO NEEDS THAT CRAP!:)...."Gee, how 'bout them Inglewood Poh-leeses?" Glad that wasn't my 16yr old retarded son getting beat down by four po-po's and a sherriff!:)..Let me guess, it didn't make the news up there?(Charles, speaking of 'all over 'em, now they arrested the poor white guy who videotaped the beating! Sometimes it just doesn't, 120 degrees, i think that's why it's called "death" valley and not something prettier:) Jenean, it will take MORE than a single day:)...For all interested parties, "the big strike" has been postponed pending negotiations(the "Dubya" did in fact give a call and asked if we could all just "get along" thru the summer:). Don't worry, we wouldn't quit on ya in "wartime". that would be downright unpatriotic, and you'd have to go to a firestation or VFW hall to find guys more "hoo-rah"! But if you're in the retail biz i would order my "back to school" and "Holiday" inventories NOW.(Hint, Hint, Ladies..the last strike lasted 6 months) Wall Street is predicting 9 BILLION A DAY in lost sales and suppliers! Jason, our prayers are with you, and hopefully some water. I second the vote for Kosta's!!! I'm a very picky eater and i loved it there(VERY fresh and delicious dishes). Plus, we MUST support our locals! What's wrong w/you guys? Forget your roots?! He was our QB!! Hey, my dear old MOM just showed up!!! OMG, Gotta go, peeps!:)..But glad to see it's still just the SIX of us up in here:)..(Sorry, Mark. But you probably knew RamPride was on the downward slide when JB massacred our commencement speech:).....Anyone feel up for "road trip" down the coast?? We can even go check out T-Bomb(Lisa:)......Peace

At Sat Jul 13 14:47:11 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

I have all the time in the world for a road trip, but I was thinking Las Vegas. :-) I may even move there, but I won't know for a month or so. I've never been to Mexico. I've never been to Canada either. (When I hear about someone I know going to Canada, it's always to bring something illegal across the border. There is no way I'm riding in that car.) Stay cool. Share the love.

At Sat Jul 13 14:47:47 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

I have all the time in the world for a road trip, but I was thinking Las Vegas. :-) I may even move there, but I won't know for a month or so. I've never been to Mexico. I've never been to Canada either. (When I hear about someone I know going to Canada, it's always to bring something illegal across the border. There is no way I'm riding in that car.) Stay cool. Share the love.

At Thu Jul 18 20:13:20 2002, Mark Branom ( wrote:

Just demonstrating this to my class....

At Fri Jul 19 08:54:09 2002, Jeaneen ((you should know it by now) :)) wrote:

Ahhh, I love Fridays when most of my bosses are out of the office and it's quiet. :) I can take my time and catch up on all the work they dumped on me throughout the week. How's everyone doing? My book is coming along well. My ideas are solidifying (finally). I'm really excited about it. Have a great weekend!

At Mon Jul 22 19:34:33 2002, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Okay, alright already, I'm here!! I am indeed still in Mexico. I left Seattle on February 10, two days after my 30th birthday, and spent a couple of months in Cabo San Lucas. I mostly vacationed on a lean budget and set up house with my friend Tina in a small apartment outside of town. The last month I taught English for five hours a day at an English school downtown. Then at the end of April we headed home with plans to wrap up things at home and hopefully work and then pack up some stuff for the drive back down to Cabo San Lucas. No luck with work but I got a whole lot of things done at home. We left Memorial Day weekend and four days later we were back at home away from home. Now as you know from Kelly's update, I am indeed booking people into timeshares, but my position at Villa del Palmar Resort and Spa is deceptively called "concierge". Actually, I am concierge, but I do book timeshares as well and that is where I make my money. I will be in Mexico for some time. Glad to know that I was missed. I have been checking email from an Internet cafe so don't spend much time online except to send emails, but Tina happens to be housesitting right now for a lady that has a computer and is online. It is hot here right now, and you ladies are right about us Seattleites not being able to stand this. It is around 100 degrees here and the humidity is climbing. I can't imagine spending another summer here, but we'll see about that. And, I have no air conditioning, but that is going to change soon. The fourth storm of the year is off the coast...we're at D. The waves are at eight feet and the water is warming, a sure sign of stormy weather. Hurricane season is going to be interesting. Hopefully it won't be a repeat of last September when this town was whalloped by Juliet. As if September 11 wasn't enough to hurt tourism in this town. Joseph, your emails make me dizzy. And the one about the women makes me want to put you over my knee and spank you with a wooden spoon. But I still love you. Get your ass down here to see me. You may want to wait until November, though, or you might melt and that is no way to spend vacation. I never realized that one's upper lip has the ability to sweat so much. As for the reunion, it is still only 2002, so it is a little early for planning. Plus, who knows if Bill's Bodacious BBQ will still be in business by then? But thank you very much for the input and the effort and when it comes time I'm sure the committee will form itself as it did last time and the plans will take form. The only reason the reunion was in October in 2000 was because that was a huge year and people had plans booked all over the place for years, so we took what we could get. I know that the reunion will definitely be in the Seattle area this time and that it will be something casual and designed for everyone to keep in touch and have fun and as a way to fund the event as well as the account for the future. The account is being well taken care of, it has some money in it, and I am trying my best to keep tabs on everyone, even from Mexico, so if you find someone new, please let me know. Also, even though Tim Brown did not graduate, he is welcome to attend the reunion if he wants. We aren't THAT discriminatory. But the Russians and Germans that are sending wierd disturbing messages and Clare and the other chick that I have a feeling was hinting at cyber sex, well, they are definitely EXCLUDED! Sorry Boys! Well, I will try to keep up on the message board. You folks sure have been chatting away. Thank God you figured out who the UA was, that was starting to get on my last nerve. Until next time, think of me while you're in your air conditioned buildings sipping Starbucks frappucinos (which are unavailable here, except for in the bottle, thank you very much, and that's just not the same). Peace out.

At Wed Jul 24 17:16:00 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

No Frappachinos down there! Oh, the horror. I'll go have one today, thinking of you & Rideout, and hoping both of you are having a good time. Myself: I LOVE the heat. I'm pretty hot myself, but I already love myself. ;-) It's starting to pick-up here in Seattle: Sea Fair, parades, job interviews, college students taking tours, and people in SUVs almost running people down on a more frequent basis. I heard the movie Austin Powers: Goldmember is going to be the last movie of that series. Lisa, have a Margarita for all of use in Seattle. Cheers. :-)

At Thu Jul 25 08:28:29 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Hey, speaking of Rideout........has anyone heard from him yet? Lisa, sounds like you're having fun downt here in Mexico. What got you to want to go down there and then sorta move down there? Sounds like an adventure. Hopefully you get spared any storms. We're having some great weather up here. Mid 80's, sunny and clear skies. I'm lovin' it!! Except that I got burned the other day, so the sun beating on it makes it worse. Oh well, got to enjoy the sun while we have it. Well, hopfully everything is good with everyone. I know we have the normal 5 or 6 people here on the board. I wish we could get more people here chatting. Oh well, maybe one of these days........ See ya'll later!

At Sat Jul 27 10:38:43 2002, Diana Kahn ( wrote:

Hello everyone of the class of 1990...I was an Ingraham grad in 1970..I know!! that is ancient history. But I wish all of you the best in your future education, or jobs, or family life. Take care! And pray for a more peaceful world to raise your future Ingraham grads to live in.~Diana~

At Wed Jul 31 15:46:31 2002, JosePh in Big, Bad OC!!!! ( wrote:

Hey, what up, peeps! As promised, the vacation was a much needed success, and i'm glad to see we found Lisa, if not Jay. All my fireman buds are up to their asses in fires from san diego to san fran, so let's all keep up prayers... DID YOU SAY, 'spoon' and 'spank'?? I'm sooo there...especially w/El Nino rolling in!! I'd get outta there by Oct., Lisa, if you don't wanna make the news! No Way in November, dude:)..suicidal only need apply:)..the waves that should be 3-6ft are like 6-12!(but i must admit i get a perverse thrill from periodically risking my life in the shameless pursuit of adrenaline or in watching a good swimmer almost drown doing the same:)..Who needs A/C when you got the whole Pacific licking at your front door?:).. Well, talks are on hold til Oct.1st(FISCAL NEW YEAR, HINT, HINT..:) but if you read last saturdays, you'll also read that along with the President, Congress, and the Senate, "monitoring" the talks, the Teamsters and Union Pacific made an agreement to MERGE UNIONS, in an effort to INCREASE BARGAINING STRENGTH(sound familiar?:) for more info. Shipments of military cargo "over there" are up and rising, and the "terror war"(or rather like the "drug" war/trade, it's more of a trade agreement, than a conventional blood-for-land "war", like in Palestine, where BOTH sides are armed AND "advised" using our weapons and our advisors(well armed and trained "advisors":)...but all that aside, TRY AND HAVE A GOOD SUMMER(SAVE YOUR CA$$$H!!!), HUG YOUR KIDS, TELL 'EM YOU LOVE 'EM, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AND SPECIAL, AND YOU WILL "ALWAYS" LOVE THEM!! I'm not sure what this world is falling to, but i hope we all stick together...when i went and saw where that girl was taken from in front of her home, in front of her friends, kicking and screaming, and then the funeral; i hoped and prayed for this to be the last time my heart would break, and for mercy for her poor, broken mother(i can't erase her face or cries from my mind) But if what i read is true, it won't be...and so we must hold on to faith, optomism, hope...i believe one day, "we", all of us, not just the "prosperous few, will win, i'm just not sure on "what"... Well, time to hit the red carpet!! Take kizzles, ma nizzles!! Big Daddy out!!


At Tue Aug 6 15:31:25 2002, kelly () wrote:

okay, I just successfully turned 30. not sure yet how I feel about it, and I know I'm not the only one out there but...WEIRD!!!

At Tue Aug 6 19:34:52 2002, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Happy, happy birthday, Rudhe!!! I will have a margarita for you and you have shot of tequila for me since I can't stomach the stuff. Tessa, I have been coming down to Mexico since the graduation trip to Mazatlan in 1990. Love the place. Have been here (Not only Cabo, but Tijuana, Mazatlan, Cancun, Cozumel, Zihuatanejo) over ten times by now. I had been talking about coming down to teach English for the last several years and finally did it. I wanted to escape the corporate world and slow the pace of life. Mission accomplished. I work an average of six hours per day at a five star resort and am making good money. It leaves lots of time to simply enjoy life and the beauty that surrounds me here. The people are pleasant, hard-working people. I am still fairly close to the states. There's plenty of Americans and Canadians here to lessen the culture shock. Most importantly, red tape, for the most part, has been eliminated from my life. The challenge is trying to juggle my life in the states with this one since I am attempting to keep my condominium in Seattle to myself. I am off to a good start though. That pretty much sums it up. That's the short version, at least! It is the beginning of hurricane season, Joseph. I may come home for a bit in October, only because the resort may be closing concierge for a couple of weeks due to APEC, but I plan on riding out the storms. I'll let you know how it goes. It rained some big drops today, but only for five minutes. The evening is a cool one today, a welcome reprieve from the balmy heat of late. I have been sleeping under a light blanket every night with my windows open. I love it. Well, you guys enjoy the summer. I know it's beautiful, as always this time of year. And for God's sake, wear SPF 48!!!!! TESSA!

At Wed Aug 7 13:49:45 2002, rudhe () wrote:

YEAH, TESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha.... Thanks for the birthday wishes, Leezma but SHEEEEESH! Stop yer yammerin' about your perfect life in the sun and surf and five star resorts...Some of us don't have it as lovely as you do! (but I guess maybe that's our own problem, isn't it..?) (please read with my ridiculous sense of humor in mind)

At Thu Aug 8 00:19:45 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

Great, Kelly. I'll be turning 30 in a month. I don't know what I'm going to be doing or where I'm going to be doing it, but it should be fun. I think we all should move to Mexico with Lisa. :-)

At Thu Aug 8 23:43:26 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Wow, I didn't realize I was writing from Mexico!! : ) Kelly, sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated Birthday, anyhow. I had a hard timne turning 30 back in October (meaning I'll be 31 in 2 months, URGH!), because I had some goals in my mind of where I was going to be in life at that age. And, to my dismay, I had accomplished NONE of them. Well, the married part I did, but that was over. I'm over it now, I guess. Life goes on, so you gotta get used to it. I just say I'm 21 with 9 years experience!! Lisa, I'm glad you're having fun. I've been thinking of going to Cali, but I'm not sure I'm ready to make the leap yet. I'm very close to my friends and family up here, so that would be hard. I always admire people that have the courage to move away from what they know into something totally new like that. Way to go!! Well, I'm off to camping for the weekend, so you all take care!! Tessa

At Mon Aug 12 12:09:37 2002, jeaneen ( wrote:

And here I was thinking I was the only one who was panic-stricken to turn 30. It was a minor crisis for me. It's such a milestone. It's not that it's old, it's just so *adult*. I just got used to being in my 20s! I had loads of expectations about who I'd be and what I'd be doing by the time I was 30. None of it's happened, but on the other hand, a whole lot of stuff I didn't expect has happened (some bad, some good) and I know I'm better off for it. In general, I just thought I'd have my shit togehter. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'm sure we all needed that good laugh. Anyway, now that the big 3-0 is out of the way, I feel more settled and I'm not getting all worked up about what it's supposed to mean. Jason, if you're out there man, let us know how you're doing. We're all thinking about you. :) Take care everyone!

At Fri Aug 23 12:05:43 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Is everyone on vacation or something??

At Fri Aug 23 16:11:53 2002, Tessa () wrote:

I was just coming on here to ask the same thing!!!! No ones been one here for about 2 weeks. We still haven't heard from or about Jason. If someone knows how to reach him, will you try? I have his address somewhere, but I can't fund it at the moment. It would be nice to know he made it through those fires ok. Hope everyone's doing well.

At Fri Aug 23 19:33:43 2002, Mark Branom ( wrote:

I don't know about anyone else, but I've been out of town a bunch lately. I was actually in Seattle last weekend and saw the new Ingy stadium -- pretty impressive. But I was home for crummy reasons. My cousin was the NOAA worker who drowned up in Alaska (click here for the story if you want to know more about it). The funeral was nice -- lots of people showed up. He would have hated it though. He always hated crowds and being the center of attention. He was just 30 and 6 months to the day. Oh, well. Hope everyone else is having a better year than me! (This is now the 4th person this year I've been relatively close to to pass away -- 2 coworkers and 2 cousins....)

At Fri Aug 23 22:02:43 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Mark, I'm so sorry to hear and read about your cousin. I truely hope the end of the year is better to you than the bieginning has been. Take care-

At Sun Aug 25 12:57:14 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Branom, you're in my prayers.

At Fri Aug 30 09:22:55 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Have a ~FANTASTIC~ weekend, everyone! I'm going camping. I haven't been in *so* long (I think the last time was with you, Branom). Stay safe, all!


At Tue Sep 10 16:35:04 2002, David Beeman ( wrote:

Hi. To everyone I wish I could say that I had been on vacation. But the fact is mine doesn’t start for another week. Things have just been really busy. Sense May I have changed positions at work, had my car stolen (they found most of it), gotten married, and am now in the process of buying a home. To add to the fun during that same period my wife’s car was stolen (They found a couple of pieces) and her family grew by 2 nephews, 1 niece, and a brother in law. So I hope you will all forgive me for not writing on this site more often. I have been trying to keep up on reading it. Like the rest of you I am not sure I like the sound of being “30”. But it has been a fun adventure so far and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Jeaneen: Hope you had fun camping and say hi to your sister for me. Tessa: Age is only a state of mind. Think young and have fun. Mark: Sorry to hear about the bad year. Take care.

At Tue Sep 10 23:37:32 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

Mark... My Mother works at NOAA, so heard about your cousin on day one. I'm sorry. I hope everyone has been doing OK. I turned 30 on the 6th. :-)

At Wed Sep 11 08:29:56 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Wow, Dave. You've been a busy boy. Congratulations on getting married and buying a home. Sorry about the cars being stolen.

At Wed Sep 11 08:34:02 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

This is a meditation I came across recently and wanted to share it in rememberence: "Majestic Calm" The Inner Mind is still./The Soul reflects the Most High./The Spirit of man is God./In the great calm of the All good,/I rest in peace and security./My life is now reflecting the Perfect Whole./I am Peace; I am calm/I am security and complete satisfaction/I am One with God./I am filled with peace

At Wed Sep 11 12:23:52 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

Dave: Ann-Marie says hi. She also congratulates you on getting married. :)

At Sat Sep 21 08:33:50 2002, Jen Engelke () wrote:

Happy Belated Birthday Charles. :) 30 is a good thing.

At Tue Sep 24 22:20:51 2002, Amy-Jo () wrote:

Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here! Jeaneen, we're all settled in, I'll try to e-mail you soon. My e-mail has changed, but I'll give it to you later. And, for the record, I'm loving 30. It was hard to admit to being out of my twenties at first, but thirty is great.

At Thu Sep 26 16:23:14 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Amy-Jo! I'm so glad you're settled. Tell me how you're liking it. I miss you. I was just thinking yesterday that I should post something to you on this site. How/where is everyone else?

At Thu Sep 26 20:11:38 2002, Karey Bryson (Moncrief) ( wrote:

Been a long time since I've even remembered to check this website. I think about a year now. It looks like a lot has happened. I hope all is well with everyone out there. Well I guess with all 6 or 7 of you that frequent this site. Everything is good on my end of things. Finally got married, in February, after 5 years of us dating. We're expecting our first child, a girl, in January 2003. I can't wait. It's such an exciting time. I know that Amy can definately confirm that. I went to dinner with Mary McCollum (Murray) at the end of last year. It had been since 1990 that we had seen each other. She is doing well. Had lived in San Diego for a while and could not make it to the reunion, due to the fact that she was pregnant with her son. She is back in the Seattle area, Lynnwood, and plans on coming to the next reunion. I haven't talked to her in awhile though. Well that's all of the updates I have. Take care!!!

At Fri Sep 27 10:27:45 2002, Jeaneen () wrote:

Congratulations, Karey! :)

At Thu Oct 3 23:27:29 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Well, well, looks like we've got some guests that want to leave links to other sites. If yu don't have anything interesting to say...........why bother leaving anything? Especially links. is everyone? Looks like the stories and updates have slowed down. I know I've been WAY busy at work, so I haven't had much time. Not too much going on. Been watching the news about the Longshoreman on strike. Pretty sucky! Joey, you warned us, didn't you? How are you doing? Well, it's time to head to bed I think. Hope everyone's doing well. We'll hear from you all soon...I hope!

At Sun Oct 6 23:54:55 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

I know you are busy, Mark, but you might have to do some more screening of the site. Probably blocking the .de extension to get all of that to stop. Anyway,... Anyone else miss the Sun rising at 5:30 AM? I do. If anyone is interested, it is going to cost about $5000 to move to Hawaii. (That doesn't count taking any furniture.) How is Mexico or Washington DC this time of year? How is the job market where you are? I've been getting such terrible pizza lately, I've decided to start making my own. That way, you know what you're getting and if it sucks, you can only blame yourself. :-)

At Wed Oct 9 19:36:40 2002, hslkgjhls;ahg;lsagl () wrote:

get a life jackass. its only pizza

At Thu Oct 10 15:32:26 2002, () wrote:

Rideout again.

At Thu Oct 10 16:14:33 2002, Tessa () wrote:

Who's calling who a jack ass? And what's pizza got to do with anything> I didn't see anybody writing about pizza. And, who wrote 'Rideout again'? I know Jason hasn't been on here for quite a while, but I would think if it was him, he'd write a little bit more than that. At least I'd hope so. : )~

At Fri Oct 11 11:07:43 2002, Charles J. Cooper ( wrote:

One of the things I was talking about was pizza. Apparently, someone else didn't like the fact that I brought the subject here. Either they don't like pizza, others talking about pizza, or that I don't settle for lame pizza. All in all, none of it makes anyone a Jackass, except... Anyway, I would like to hear if Rideout is doing OK. The weather where he is has to be better than in Seattle.

At Sat Oct 12 22:33:03 2002, Jeaneen (not a Jack ass) () wrote:

The only thing I can think of is that someone not even related to this site got on and decided insulting Charles and maybe everyone else was a good idea. We've been spammed a lot lately, so maybe it was one of them?? While Rideout may be a prankster and like to stir things up, I can't fathom him calling anyone a jack ass (unless it was me, of course, but only because he knows I deserve it...). :) See how much we all miss you Jason??? I've taking to dissing myself because you're not around to do it! And Charles, this is the perfect place to talk about pizza because our very own Kost Varlamos owns Varlamos Pizzeria new U Village. It's very good. Maybe those of us in Seattle can take a field trip to Varlamos Pizzeria and say "Hi" to Kosta??? That way poor Charles won't have to suffer the double trauma of bad pizza and drive-by spamming... :)

At Tue Oct 15 21:18:36 2002, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

Yeah, then you and I will be the only people to show-up. :-) I'm up for Kosta's place. I live just down the street, but I've never been there. It can't be between the 20th and the 27th of this month because I'm going to Hawaii. And I'm thinking about Washington DC two weeks after that. Hopefully, everyone (the six of us on this site) can make it to Kosta's. Whoohoo! Maybe we can even take pictures and Mark will post them. I can get a hold of Edgar and Regina, they can get a hold of a few people, and those people can get a hold of a few people,... Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now?

At Tue Oct 22 18:44:54 2002, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Well, all I can say is, who likes bad pizza? And tell Little Miss Nosey to get her own web site and who asked her anyway? Sorry, I'm back in Seattle for a week and I'm having a hard time adjusting to the real world. Anyway, it definitely looks like the spamming is becoming out of control. I know Mark will fix the problem. APEC is happening in Cabo right now. I left at just the right time. Timeshare is frozen for the week and the place is crawling with FBI and the like. We have war ships in the Sea of Cortes right in front of the resort and besides the 250 rooms full of mostly Japanese media and the governor of Baja California, hotel occupancy is down to about 13%. Si I am enjoying the beautiful fall weather here in Seattle. My dad told me you have had a marvelous year and I believe it. I'm sorry I missed it. But oh well. It is cooling off in Cabo and soon I will find myself wearing sweaters, yes, sweaters, at night. There has been so much good news and bad news on ths site and I get on it so seldomly that at this point I can't possibly address everyone individually. But I want to congratulate everyone who warrants it (you know who you are) and give my condolences to others (you know who you are too). Most of all, I just want to wish everyone a great holiday season since the string of holidays is quickly approaching and Joey, unless you come to Cabo I hope to see your smiling face in January/February when I visit Uncle Howard in San Diego. Adios, Amigos.

At Mon Oct 28 15:29:14 2002, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

HAWAI'I, BABY! Damn, that was pretty fun. I couldn't find any work there, but I had a great time. :-) I couldn't find a decent pizza in Hawai'i at all. Their idea of pizza is Domino's or Papa John's. How about Kosta's on the 16th of November?

At Tue Nov 5 21:16:17 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

Whats going on?? I've haven't been able to jump online in a very long time. So how is everybody doing??? Charles, whats this about pizza on the 16th??? I need more info..

At Thu Nov 7 08:00:14 2002, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

Whoever can make it for pizza, at Kosta's restaurant, on November 16th (Saturday), about 6PM. I'm going to email as many Alumni as I can and call a few others. Anyone that has a camera, bring it. :-)

At Thu Nov 7 18:59:17 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

well I would love to come however, I need to make sure I can get a baby sitter for that night.I don't get off work untill about 5 pm, but I could try to leave earlier.(I hope)

At Sun Nov 10 19:17:09 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

Charles, so exactly where is Kosta's resturant?? How many people are going?

At Mon Nov 11 21:41:09 2002, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

I don't know if anyone is coming. I'm going to be there whether someone shows or not. Click the online Alumni booklet, on the top of the web page, and click on Businesses That Support the Reunion. It's right there. :-)

At Tue Nov 12 20:59:23 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

i should be there, i wont get off from work untill 5(hopefully sooner)

At Thu Nov 14 16:36:17 2002, Josephus ( wrote:

Dear Mark, please accept my deepest condolensces for your recent losses. Take comfort in the fact that he died serving US, doing what he wanted in faithful service, and that God is most Merciful towards those that love Him, that their souls may be brought Home, once and for all. I am thankful to hear they recovered his body, especially given the weather conditions. I'm sorry if i sound morbid, but since May we have lost SIX where i work, and they are almost always closed-coffin; that's just the nature of our work. Like a police,firewoman, or yes, sailor. Nowadays, you just gotta be thankful every day you come home, period. If you and the Mrs. ever(and i mean this with all Sincerity, EVER) want to get away(i.e. Happiest Place on Earth, what not:), don't hesitate to call or even just show up. Arrangements are always available:)...everyone else gets the big "F-O", for reasons i trust are obvious:) Big Maaaark B!!!My Jigga!! In the muthafuckin' house!! Hey Mark, demo this to your class: ALL YOU SORRY ASS ALUMS WHO 'STOP IN' BUT DON'T HAVE BRAINS TO FORM WORDS WITH, JUST SUCK MY BIG, FAT MIDDLE FINGER!!! 'KAY?? HOPEFULLY, your kids are A LITTLE livelier than their lame parents:) oops! sorry, i'll be nice now...VOUYERS!! GO LOOK FOR OSAMA OR SOMETHING USEFUL, YA BAG! CONGRATULATIONS, TESSA!! You're the only one who even asked about the Longshoreman "strike", let alone remembered what i said might happen in OCTOBER!!! Hopefully this means you're not the only one out there who doesn't have their head completely inserted in a TV or up their ass!:) First of all though, it WAS NOT A STRIKE!! IT WAS A LOCK OUT!! WE WENT TO WORK BUT THEY CLAIM WE ARE TOO SLOW! YET MORE CARGO IS LEAVING THE PORTs THAN EVER IN HISTORY!!! SO DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE FOLKS!! THIS IS JUST ANOTHER "OIL WAR"(i.e. like the last time we were there, hint, hint!!Persian Gulf, Mexican Gulf, Gulf of Tonkin/Vietnam) Wait 'til you see what THEY got waitin' for us in JANUARY(can you say,"THREE DOLLARS A GALLON?!") the big "slow down" is because you can't move a BILLION A DAY in cargo move with the same amount of people you had in 1970, and the same size ports you built in 1950!!! 'NUFF SAID??? why?? because they would like us to work for less $$$ and benefits(sound familiar?) but still risk our lives at a record setting pace. The shippers are 98% foreign owned people! Why is the PRESIDENT on their side?? as it is we give them our jobs by moving the factories over there, paying an arm and leg when it gets back here as finished product, and now we are supposed to give up the last form of SOCIAL SECURITY we have left, our UNIONS??!! Who built this country? Who built your school? Your office building?? UNIONS! WHAT IS YOUR MARRIAGE? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? A UNION!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! IT IS NOT OK!! IT IS NOT OK FOR A CEO OF DISNEY OR ANY COMPANY TO MAKE MILLION$$, WHILE THE POOR SAP DRAWING CARTOONS ALL DAY BARELY EEKS OUT A LIVING!!! WAKE UP!! THEY JUST STOLE YOUR PARENTS AND YOUR RETIREMENT, NOW THEY'RE LOOKING FOR WAYS TO FLEECE YOUR KIDS AS WELL!! READ THE TIMES!! IT'S EVEN IN YOUR FACE. NOT SINCE 1905 HAS A PRESIDENT HAD THIS MUCH CONTROL. NOW WATCH WHAT HE'S ABOUT TO DO WITH IT. THEIR PLANS ARE TO MAKE WAR OVER THERE AND OVER HERE("ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC". YEAH, THEY FULLY MEAN THAT TOWARDS YOU, DUMBASS:) AND MAKE HUGER PROFITS STILL. ANYONE TRYING TO PROTEST GETS THE BIG STICK IN THE FACE!! IT'S "THE NEW COMMUNISM", DOMESTIC TERROR. BUY IT OR ELSE!:) HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRIST-MUST. I KNOW, I KNOW. YOU PROBABLY THOUGHT I WAS SMOKIN' THE CHRONIC IN JULY, AND I EXPECT NO DIFFERENT BIAS NOW. JUST KNOW THAT YOU WERE WARNED, I VOTED GREEN OR DEMOCRAT, AND DON'T TRY TO COME KICK IT WITH ME AND LISA AFTER YOU SELL YOUR CARS, HOUSE, AND JEWELRY. i might let you kick it, but she's a BOGART!:)) asalam a lakim, my peeps. don't let the turkeys get you down. as a believer, you are required to keep singing and dancing!!:)...until the next one, BigJoe13(gotta go increase the trade deficit and make some jobs in China:) DID YOU VOTE?? DO YOU CARE?? THEN SHUT THE F-UP!

At Sun Nov 17 22:23:12 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I was at Kosta's resaurant at about 7 pm. I didn't see anyone else there,Kosta didn't either. I left at 7at like 10 minutes to 8

At Sun Dec 1 17:34:56 2002, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Sorry about that, I've been out of it ever since Friday the 14th. I was sick for several days, then I've been spending the rest of the month moving. I didn't even have the strength to pick-up the phone to call Kosta's to leave a message that I wasn't going to make it. Was Kosta's place nice?

At Fri Dec 6 20:24:54 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

Kosta has a nice little place,there is a little banquet room for about 30 people you can reserve. He still looks the same as he did in high school(but a little less hair)

At Mon Dec 9 18:17:57 2002, Martin Floe ( wrote:

Mark, Next time you are in Seattle, stop by and see me. Glad to see you were able to get a look at the new stadium. If you think the stadium looks cool, take a look at the pictures of the new Ingraham remodel of the library and science wing at our web site.

At Wed Dec 18 19:31:55 2002, Jeaneen ( wrote:

I can't believe how long it's been since I've checked this site. Sorry I missed everyone at Kosta's. Have a great holiday everyone.

At Mon Dec 23 19:30:37 2002, Norman Gettys () wrote:

I hope everybody has a safe holiday!!!!



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