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At Tue Dec 30 11:10:39 2003, Tessa () wrote:

Well, it's been a while since anyone has posted anything I see. Hope everyone is alright. The Christmas holiday was very nice. Got to see my Dad for the holidays, since he flew up here from Southern Cali. Hope the holiday were as nice for you all and hopefully the new year will be prosperous for everyone.

At Sun Jan 4 02:06:52 2004, Jeaneen Granger () wrote:

Okay, this rocks!! I love the wonderful, stupendous lack of spam! I took a major internet break after my sister's wedding but now I'm back. Congrats Aims! ;) I had great holidays and am looking forward to what comes my way in 2004. I briefly spent some time with Shenan Compton right before Christmas. She did the cake for my sister's wedding and it was incredible. It looked great and tasted even better. She's talking of getting a business off the ground. So, for all you folks who need excellent cakes made, let me know and I'll pass the info on to Shen. :) I've been in Sunnyside, WA since March (about 35 mi SE of Yakima) and am now ready to go back to Seattle and find a new job and all that good stuff. I'm really excited. Anyone's office hiring admin assistants? It also occurs to me that if we are doing a 15, which I think has been the general consensus, isn't it time to get started? Isn't it next year?? Yikes! All ready! Have a great new year. Hopefully more people will start showing up on our site again, since the spammers have been blocked.

At Mon Jan 5 17:14:05 2004, Amy Jackson () wrote:

Thanks Jeaneen! I'd be even more excited if he wasn't off to Afghanistan :( I dropped him off at the base yesterday. The bus left at six last night.

At Mon Jan 5 21:53:28 2004, Jeaneen Granger () wrote:

Ah, Aims, I'm so sorry. Tell me how I can help you through the long wait. :) Where's everyone else? I feel like Amy, Tessa and I have been abandoned out here...

At Mon Jan 5 21:56:49 2004, Jeaneen Granger () wrote:

Is anyone else freezing their butts off? It got up to a sweltering 10 degrees F today. This morning, I looked out at our temp gauge and told my grandmother it was 2 F, thinking I'd impress her with how cold it was. She said, "Oh, it's gotten warmer. It was 0 when I looked." The paper reported that some areas got as low as -9!!! Man, I didn't know I was moving to Antarctica! I'm getting really good at building fires. All those Girl Scout campouts are paying off at least...

At Tue Jan 6 14:32:41 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Whoohoo! Snow, Baby! (hehe) No spammers, snow, and a new year. Hopefully, we can find work next. I remember a blizzard we had in High School. Dennis Mascarinas and I were Downtown when it started. We finally got out of traffic 6 or 7 hours later. My Brother was told he is going to Iraq in March. Until then, they keep him on base at Fort Lewis.

At Tue Jan 6 14:56:35 2004, Mark Branom ( wrote:

Sorry it took so long to update the site for 2004 -- we just barely made it through the pass. They closed the Siskiyou Pass about an hour after we drove through it on our way back down to Cali. It's not snowing here, but it's still pretty cold, at least for us -- it's about 45 right now.

Here's a webcam picture of some warmer climes:

At Wed Jan 7 11:03:42 2004, Amy () wrote:

Charles, my fiancee was really close to being sent to Iraq. I guess we're lucky he's just going to Afghanistan. He's at Fort Carson, CO until March or April before he goes. What exactly does your brother do? We wish him the best.

At Thu Jan 8 22:18:06 2004, Jeaneen Granger () wrote:

Branom, I feel *so* sorry for you and Susy. I hope neither of you gets hypothermia... ;oP I've had to dig my car out of the snow so many times I've quit bothering. Even if I don't go anywhere I have to go out and turn it on, just to make sure it'll still work. The highest we've gotten out here in boon land is 20 F. Burrrrrr... Hey Charles, how many inches in Seattle? We got about 8 or 9 here. How 'bout you, Aims? Any snow in Utah?Man, everyone is being sent off to war. You're all in my prayers.

At Fri Jan 9 01:54:01 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

In my neighborhood, we had 4 inches easy. It was a really nice powder at first, then became crusty. * My Brother is trying to do several things in the Military, so I'm not sure what he is doing. He has driven tanks, done security, and handled communications. He mentioned trying to get into the Medical field, when this mess is all over. He thinks he is going to be stationed at Baghdad Airport. * For those looking for work, I've noticed Premera Blue Cross is hiring for a lot of different positions.

At Fri Jan 9 06:22:25 2004, Amy () wrote:

In the last couple of weeks we've had over a foot to maybe a foot and a half. There's still a lot of snow around, but a lot of it is just ice now. The highs are getting into the 30's now, though! :) My fiancee is an apache helicopter mechanic. That, at least, should keep him away from most of the fighting.

At Fri Jan 9 23:47:40 2004, Jeaneen Granger () wrote:

Thanks for the job tip, Charles. I'll look into that. :) It's warming up here now, but not enough to clear the snow, only enough to cause more problems. It warms up enough to start melting the snow, then it all freezes over again, so we're beginning to have a lot of problems with ice. But there's still enough snow around that half the town was at the park sliding down the hills today.

At Thu Jan 22 21:27:44 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Okay, someone else has got to have something going on they can talk about. Or is this my new personal journal? ;) I'm going to be in Seattle for a job interview tomorrow. I have another one coming up next week. I'm excited but I want to be working right now. I'm so BORED. How's everyone else?

At Sun Jan 25 19:39:57 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Yeah, I know the feeling. I've been unemployed for two and a half years. It is either I'm under-qualified or over-qualified. I've actually been turned away, because they thought I would be bored with the job. What is worse: boredom or being twenty thousand dollars in debt. It sucks.

At Mon Jan 26 15:44:11 2004, D Beeman ( wrote:

1st mark puts up a great place for the class of 90 to chat online.
2nd the people come and use the site to keep up with each others crazy lives.
3rd the spammers come and try to get us to visit their sites or buy their stuff.
4th the people all go away tired of reading spam.
5th Mark fixes the site to keep the spammers out. (Thanks mark)
6th Now there are no spammers and almost no people chatting.

Welcome to the life cycle of the Internet.
And Welcome to 2004

At Tue Feb 3 16:44:23 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Well, I can't say my life right now is as horrible as some others, since I don't have a loved one that was or is being sent off to war, but i can say my life really stinks right now. The worst 'spell' I've had in a long time. On January 2nd I had to put my 8 month old kitten to sleep after $350 of vet bills. Turns out she had an infection filling her body cavity and had gotten into her blood stream. So, after $3500 in surgery, pain medication, etc. she had maybe a 30% chance of survival. I couldn't put her through that and I sure as hell couldn't deal with that either, so we sat with her as they put her out of her misery. It was so sad. It was like we lost our child. Then, because of that suprise expense, we were behind in out bills the entire month. Still catching up right now. I found out on the 15th of January that the office I work in is closing, so I have to travel to the Seattle office everyday. That's an extra 330 miles a week, 8 more hours of drive time, 12 more gallons of gas and alot more rush hour traffic to deal with. I'm not too happy about that move. We have to be out by the 29th of February. I also found out my sister & my business account got 2 $29 overdraft fees because my sister said she spent $8 when really it was $21. I think that's all the bad stuff......for the moment. Something new seems to pop up everyday, so there might be more tomorrow. I guess I should be happy I have a job though. I've been looking for another one so I don't have to move locations, but there's nothing here in the Pierce County area that will start at what I'm making and I can't afford to take less. My sister & I sell scrapbooking supplies on eBay right now, but we're working on a website. If you do scrapbooking, check us out. Our name is - scrappersoasis- It's going good so far. We've only been doing it since November, so we hope it continues to get better and better. I was wondering about the 15 year reunion as well. With no one comign to the site anymore ( like Lisa ) who knows. If we do it in September like the 10, that's only 1 1/2 years away. The planning should begin. I wonder how we can find out if it's going to happen or not. I'm sure I've got emails around somewhere. Maybe we can get ahold of Kristen or something. Well, I hope the year gets better, for all of us and I'll check in a little later. ~Tessa

At Tue Feb 3 16:46:42 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Jeaneen, I might take some info for Shanen. I'll be looking for a cake in the next year or so, so that would be great. David & I are talking marriage (no, the ?? hasn't been popped yet, but it's in the works), so I'm already looking around. He says he doesn't want to wait long, but I want a 'real' wedding this time, so I'll need to be quick at the planning!! : )~ So, I'll get with you or you can email me her info or something. ~Tessa

At Sat Feb 7 21:27:06 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hey everyone. Tessa, I'll get that information to you. Is your email listed somewhere on this site? I also scrapbook. :) I'm into card making right now. I love it. The lastest news for me is I'm moving back to Seattle in March (yay), probably have a job with Childhaven, and am working on a project of my own creation called "Peace Reach". The Peace Reach thing is something I just came up with. I'm making a bunch of "Peace" cards and am sending them to folks I wish to feel peaceful towards. I'm also offering them to folks at my church to send to people they want. If any of you want some of these, let me know. It's not a political thing for me, it's a spiritual thing. It's about reaching out to others in peace and nothing more. Anyway, that's the scoop with me. Hope people decide to come back to this site. :) Congratulations Tessa! And I'm *so* sorry about your kitten. I've never been faced with that kind of decision. I can only imagine how hard it is. My best to everyone!

At Sun Feb 8 21:23:43 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Jeaneen, my email is You or Shanen can send info there and I'll get it. My nephew went to ChildHaven for a year or so. It helped him alot. Will you be at the center at south end of Capital Hill? Talk to you later. ~Tessa

At Tue Feb 10 16:53:00 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hey everyone. Tessa, I'll send Shen's phone number and email to you. I sent it to your old email address. If I get the job at Childhaven, I will be at that location but not until summer. They temporarily moved that location to Georgetown while they build a new building (which will be awesome - I saw a model of it today). I'm psyched about that organization. My interview went really well today, so who knows? I'll find out about mid-week next week. :)

At Sun Feb 15 15:24:11 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hello. Tessa, did you get my email with Shenan's contact info? I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. :)

At Tue Feb 17 13:06:19 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Yes Jeaneen, I got it. Thank you. I added it to my 'list' so I will get in touch with her. Is that what she does is bakery/cakes for work? How exciting! I saw a show on cake decorating this weekend and it definately takes some imagination and vision to do that. Some of the cakes were unbelieveable!! Any word on your job situation? Good luck with that. It's not easy finding a job right now. So many people going after the same positions. It sucks. I'm looking just so I can try to stay close to home, as our office is closing and they're wanting to transfer me to Seattle. And it's tough. I've had 3 calls out of 25 resumes. Yuck!! Hope everyone else (the other 2 on this site) are doing well and had a good weekend. Talk to you later!

At Tue Feb 17 15:12:08 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hello everyone (all 3 of us). Tessa: Shenan currently works for Morgan Stanley but she's working toward opening her own business. She bakes for fun. And believe me she's really good at it! :) I can email you come pictures of my sister's cake. I'll have my sister scan them in and email them to me. It doesn't tell you anything about flavor, but you'll get an idea of Shenan's creativity/ability. :) Haven't heard about the job yet. They said they'd let me know mid-week this week. I have a very good feeling about it. I found out I was one of 6 people chosen to test (typing, data entry) out of over 40 applicants and one of only 4 chosen to actually interview.

At Wed Feb 18 09:11:06 2004, norman ( wrote:

Its been a long time since ive been on here. Its nice to know that outsiders cant get in here anymore. So how is evertone doing??

At Thu Feb 19 21:10:36 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hey all. I'm pretty good, Norman. I still haven't heard about the job with Childhaven, but I'm keeping the faith. The weather here is great. I'm almost convinced spring is here. I move to Seattle in about a week and a half and have done nothing in about 3 or 4 weeks to prepare. The good news is, I never really unpacked when I moved here a year ago, so I'm not really in bad shape. How's everyone else? Amy, you still around? Branom, do you just lurk behind the scenes? Since when have *you* been shy? ;) Spill it. I want to know the scoop!

At Tue Feb 24 07:04:55 2004, Amy () wrote:

Hey, guys! I've been SO busy lately. I'm trying to finish school so I can actually start working soon (that seems to be the story of all of our lives...), and hopefully get out of debt before my ex makes good on all of his threats to leave the country so he doesn't have to pay me child support. I should be able to have enough school behind me to start working within the next two to three months. (YAY!) Also... we set a date! My sweetie is coming back on leave for a couple of weeks next month, and we plan on getting married while he's here. We'll get married on March 13th, so I have less than three weeks to plan the wedding (no stress at all!). Actually, we plan on making it as stress-free as possible - if that is possible. We're keeping it very simple and including the kids as much as possible. He has three and you know I have six, so we're going to make it a really fun day for everyone. So, if anyone has any ideas, I'm gladly accepting them.

At Tue Feb 24 13:12:55 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Congratulations again Aims! Wish I could be there. You and your families are in my prayers. :) And Tessa, I sent those cake pictures to you. I wanted to do it before I forgot. What's up with everyone else?

At Tue Feb 24 22:47:23 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Congrats Amy!! That's quite the brood you got going on there. 9 kids between you. Do they all live with you? Jeaneen, I got those pictures and they are great. That's a beautiful cake. I'll definately be getting a hold of her when I need my cake. So, I got a new job. I don't have to travel to Seattle from Tacoma now!! And it starts at $2.00 an hour more than I'm making now!! Yippie!! And, david & I both refinanced our cars and are saving $190 a month. Which means right now we have an extra $470 to put toward bills. Them in March David will get at least $1 raise, so that will give us another $140 month. It's unbelieveable how fast really sucky times can turn into good one, you know? The bills will be paid near summers end and we can get a house! I'm so excited!! Speaking of jobs Jeaneen, have you heard anything yet? Take care everybody!

At Thu Feb 26 12:25:26 2004, Norman () wrote:

Amy you have 6 kids??? Wow!! So where are you living now?? How are you doing?? Tessa, congradulations on your new job!! ( Now if i can get one) So is there only the for of us in here? If I remember right we had alot more people in our class, so whats going on with a 15yr reunion?

At Thu Feb 26 18:02:09 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hello everyone! I'm moving back to Seattle tomorrow! Finally! I'm very excited. I still have most of my stuff here at my grandmother's. I'll be moving the rest to Seattle in a few weeks when I can arrange for a truck and some help. Still no news on the job. Childhaven had to reschedule some of the interviews they're doing, so that's been a delay. They were hoping to make a decision by this week. I got a tip about another job that would be a dream job for me, so I applied to that one on Monday. Actually, one of the reasons I'm so excited to get back to Seattle is that I can at least start temping. I thought I'd be able to that here, but they just don't have the work right now. But I have a very good feeling about this process. I know I'll get the right job for me. I'll be sending you my best thoughts Norman. And yes, Tessa, I completely understand what you mean about difficult situations opening wide up and becoming amazing situations. Truthfully, that's the feeling I have about my job search. Congrats to you Tessa on your new job. Very exciting.

At Thu Mar 4 08:41:20 2004, Amy-Jo () wrote:

Yeah, 9 kids. They're all really great though. They get along really well, which makes it nice. His children actually are living with their mom right now, but while he's deployed I'm able to see them at least every other weekend. I'm grateful for that. Norm, after the divorce the kids and I moved to Utah. I was able to buy a house here this last June (we've been incredibly blessed... what single mom of 6 is able to get into her own house? I really believe it's a miracle - nothing I could have done without the right kind of help, if you know what I mean). Anyway, so we're here and doing pretty well. The kids' dad is still putting them through a lot emotionally so it's still very much a healing process for them, but they are SO excited to have a new step-dad and step- brothers and sisters. I've been really busy trying to get everything ready for the wedding. Between buying all the flowers, sewing decorations, making bouquets, sewing on my wedding dress (most of which has to be hand-sewn), a million other wedding 'to-do list' items, my schoolwork, parent-teacher conferences, "math night" at the kids' school and only about a week left to get it all done in, I've been keeping really busy. Not to mention having to get my house ready for family and friends coming into town for the wedding. There's so much to do right now. It's coming along pretty well, but if it weren't for my lists to keep me on track I'd probably be out of my mind by now. But I have to say it's a "good" stress... well worth the work.

At Sat Mar 13 15:47:57 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Congratulations Amy. I hope today is as beautiful as you want it to be. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. You'll have to tell all about the celebration. :)

At Mon Mar 15 13:47:07 2004, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Thank God you figured out how to de-spam this sight Mark. I read through it and when I got to Kelly Rudhe´s I thought it was an ad for Brenneke School of Massage disguised as Kelly. That was thoroughly bizarre. Anyway, I´m back! I know I was gone for a while. It was a combination of things that kept me away...I kept having to go to the Internet cafes and pay for service, then I started working in July. I got the job on Troy which is being released next month. The guy from Mexico City was jerking me around for months, then he finally told me I couldn´t have the job so I called the head honcho from the UK and asked to meet with him and when I did he hired me on the spot. I was hired as a production assistant at the actors´campers, but after a couple of weeks I was assigned to work with BP. It was a very cool experience and I hope to work with his crew again. I also hope that I receive a credit for my work. I guess we shall all see when the movie is released. It was the hardest work of my life. I worked six days a week all summer long in the desert heat. There was a lot of sickness throughout the I escaped it I have no idea...respiratory illness was common since there was so much dust flying around. Then Hurricane Nora, I think it was, hit and damaged our sets so we had to take a month off. I spent part of the time working in the Troy production office in the accounting department. I was filling in for a gal who was recovering from Typhoid. Then in December I went back as BP´s assistant for a week. After that I was again unemployed, waiting to sell my condo in Edmonds and also waiting for a hiring spurt at Villa del Palmar Beach Resort. I got a three day gig with a New York photographer working on a Giorgio Armani ad and then at the end of February went to work at Club Regina at the Westin. My friend is the supervisor and asked me to come work for her. I like it alright so far. It is finally warming up. I know that probably none of you care to hear that from me, but it really has been unseasonably cool here. It IS the desert. I am so happy that it has stopped raining. My roof leaks and during the hurricane I had to sleep in my shower with the cat because it was literally the only dry place. Aside from that I am working at my friends´ restaurant in the evenings so only have a few free hours in the middle of the afternoons and one day off. The sale of my condo closed at the end of February and so I have just two bills left in the states and am working my life away to pay them off. Everyone talks about being debt free. I´m almost there. Fifteen year reunion...I doubt that is happening. I have given thought to this and since everyone has my email address but no one has contacted me, I think we should wait for the twenty. I think that our classmates are experiencing a lot of transition right now as well. I know a lot of them are now married and are beginning to have children. Some have had kids for years. But I think that in six years everyone may be a bit more stable. Financially, I have preserved what is left from the 10 year reunion, a little over $1,000. I welcome any contributions to the fund so that we can make the twenty and any subsequent reunions A LOT of fun. I think we did a great job for the ten. Trust me, it takes a lot of time and effort to locate everyone and coordinate the activities and all. Hopefully next time we can hire a service to locate everyone, but if the cost is too great then I will do it again myself if I have to. If you have any objections or input, please post it on this site. I work in the Net Center at Club Regina and will be checking in from time to time, and when my dad came down last month he brought me a laptop, so whenever I get a phone line in my place I will have Internet access there as well. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and keep up the postings.

At Tue Mar 30 21:36:38 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hello everyone. Amy, how was the wedding? I've been working a temp job for the last 2 weeks. I've really ejoyed it. Many little perks that came with this particular assignment. I hope I can work for them again in the future. What has everyone else been doing? Spring is finally here and the sun has been shining more than can be expected (at least here in Seattle). My best to everyone.

At Sun Apr 18 10:38:53 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

hello...? anybody out there? I'm lonely here all by myself...

At Tue Apr 20 14:03:28 2004, Amy () wrote:

Hey Jeaneen! Sorry I've not answered any e-mails or any other type of mail for a little while now. It's been so crazy here. The wedding was really nice. It was short and sweet - just how we both wanted it to be. I feel really great now, except I'll feel much, much better after he's home. Anyway, I'll try to keep in better touch. How is everything with you? And, hey, what about everyone else?

At Thu Apr 22 18:42:18 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

I haven't been on often, because I have been looking for work. As of today, I no longer need to keep looking. :-) It looks like Lisa is the busiest of the bunch.

At Sat Apr 24 17:39:20 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

So then does that mean you found a job, Charles? Congratulations! I've been temping. I'm still looking for permanent work but I'm actually really enjoying the flexibility of temping. It gives me time and energy to focus on other pursuits. Aims, do you have any idea when he'll get to come home?

At Tue Apr 27 10:41:58 2004, Amy-Jo () wrote:

Not a really reliable idea, Jeaneen. With all that's going on over there, it's really anybody's guess. We're at least talking several months.

At Sat May 1 11:41:32 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Yes, I found a job. I work at Watchguard Technologies, now. It is a job I've been trying to get for over two years. Amy, Do you get any pictures in email or snail mail? My Brother is always sending pictures by email.

At Sat May 1 22:53:18 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Charles, that's great that you got the job you want. I've decided I'm going to try to work for The Man. I've applied to a few jobs at Microsoft. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that. ;) No seriously, I'm still doing the temp thing, but am starting to feel like I want to settle down and do something a little more stable. But I could change my mind (again).

At Wed May 5 06:42:30 2004, Amy () wrote:

Yeah, get e-mails quite a bit. He also calls me every couple of days. The phone calls are REALLY short, but just as great. Jeaneen, good luck!

At Wed Jun 2 14:25:39 2004, Jeaneen Granger () wrote:

I have baby photos/slides of the following people: Mike Ford, Stan Warren, Dave Beeman. I believe these are from a slide show my sister, Ann-Marie ('87), put on for our senior year band banquet when Mr. Semrau was retiring. She has been going through her stuff and found these and asked me to return them to the right people. If you would like your photos/slides back, please let me know how to get them to you. Lisa: is there a way to let these people know I have these photos/sldes and if they want them, they can contact me? I'm just thinking that not everyone checks this site. I know Dave Beeman checks this site every now and then, but I don't know about Mike and Stan. Thanks!

At Thu Jun 3 17:39:50 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Well, 6 months later and I finally have a job I really want. I will start June 14 assisting in the marketing department with Philips Medical Systems. This particular branch of Philips (the lightbulb people) makes defibrillators. I actually had the opportunity to temp with them twice and really got to know how they work. It's a terrific environment for me and exciting to be around. I'll be working on the same floor as all of the engineers. I can just feel all the overwhelming intelligence of these people the second I step foot on the floor. It's really cool. :o)

At Thu Jun 3 22:10:26 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:


At Fri Jun 4 00:35:18 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Yep, Charles, my sentiments exactly. :) Thanks.

At Mon Jun 7 15:04:58 2004, Alison ( wrote:

Hi, I just happened to be going thru Ingraham school site and found this. Good idea. Just for an update for anybody who care I've moved back to Seattle after being gone for about 9 years. I'm working for school district and that's all I'll share just in case they're monitoring me!! Ha ha.

At Wed Jun 9 20:29:40 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Wow! Welcome back. ;-)

At Thu Jun 24 19:50:11 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

What's up with everyone? Summer vacations?

At Tue Jun 29 12:51:49 2004, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Hi Alison! Where have you been all this time? Jeaneen, I would recommend sending the slides to me or to Kristin MacKechnie because we have most of the stuff from the ten year reunion. I will try to get a hold of Kristin to see if she is still living in the same place. Most likely one of us will be involved with the planning of the next reunion and then we can try and return the slides to their rightful owners. That would be the easiest.

At Sun Jul 4 05:02:28 2004, norman gettys ( wrote:

How the hell is everyone?? Its 5am and i have 2.5 hours to go untill im off work.I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th. I have one more month till my divorce is final,than i'll be free again.How is the plans for the next reunion coming along? I could use a quad shot latte right about now!

At Fri Jul 9 10:52:01 2004, Kelly () wrote:

HEY! I keep losing this until (like last time, a year ago) I google myself and find the link! Geez, so much going on with the 4 of you still writing! Glad to hear things are looking up for everyone, with the exception of Amy's new husband. I really hope he comes home soon! I totally know what you guys mean about the job thing. I haven't been working full time for over two years and it SUCKED! I did go to massage school, and have a few clients, but am not ready to have massage as my full time career right now. I got a real live job at a custom publishing agency called Fluent Communication, right at the south end of Lake Union. I'm so happy to have a steady paycheck, I can't even tell you!!! I can finally buy clothes and food and pay my bills! WOOOO HOOOO!!! I think it's going to be a really good year. I have lots of other friends that are finally getting into a good place in their lives. Lisa K, I thought you dropped off the face of the Earth! I emailed you so many moons ago and never got a response, but am so glad to hear you're doing well and getting KICK ASS jobs! BRAD PITT...hellllloooooooo!!!! swoon! Hey, Matt Jorgensen is playing in Ballard this weekend for the norski festival. He'll also be at Bumbershoot on Monday. GO SEE HIM! He's so so great. Oh, and at the Triple Door on 7/24. (no, I'm not getting paid to promote the show!) See anyone soon?

At Thu Jul 15 08:27:24 2004, Amy () wrote:

Hey, all! It's been incredibly busy for me lately, and it probably will stay that way for a bit. I haven't visited here for a while, but I realized today that there is something comforting about checking in and seeing how everyone is doing. I guess kind of like coming back home. Anyway, I'm glad to see how well everything is going for everyone. Thanks for your support with my hubby gone. I get to talk to him online quite a bit. It makes me feel better to have the contact with him. I find that I am MUCH more patriotic since I've been married. We were actually in Seattle for the 4th and it was fun. How was everyone else's?

At Sun Jul 18 18:06:19 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Hey everyone!! Haven't checked in in quite q while. I think before I went to Vegas in May. For some reason I've been so busy since then, I barely have time to clean up the house. I'm glad a few people have made it back to the board ( Alison, Kelly ) and even Amy made it back before another year. I think our 4 people might be turning in to 6 or so!! Yippie!! Things are going alright. Nothing too new and exciting. Went to Vegas in May with the family (parents, siblings, significant other, family friends). For the most part it was fun, but when you get that many people together deciding what to do, etc it can get a little tense and heated. But it turned out great. First time there and can't wait to go back. Just got back today from seeig hottie Tim McGraw at the Gorge! Man was it hot!! I got burned standing in the Cle Elm Safeway parking lot for 20 minutes. It was 96 there and 103 at the Gorge. LUCKILY, where we were sitting, the sun was behind huge Black drapes, so we didn't just sit there and bake. It was great. 3 people I was with (my sister and 2 friends) all got his autograph. My sister is a HUGE fan, so she was in heaven!! Anyways, nothing else too exciting to talk about. I do want to mention that if any of you women out there are into Scrapbooking, please check out 'scrappersoasis' on eBay. My sister and I own the small (very small right now) and sell items on eBay. We have a ton of stuff listed right now, so there might be something you like. We always have stuff listed as well, so check back often. And tell your friends!! We'd appreciate the business. Thanks alot! And guys, if you know women that Scrapbook, please forward our name to them as well. Glad everyone is doing good and I'll check in again later. Take care~ Tessa

At Sun Jul 18 18:07:29 2004, Tessa () wrote:

I'm sorry Amy, I meant Lisa made it back before another year passed!! : ) Too many names going through my head I guess!!

At Wed Jul 21 12:08:31 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hey everyone. Well I'm settling into my new job. We have a lot going on right now. We make AEDs (Automated Electronic Defibrillators). We're headed to DC next week to face the FDA. We're trying to get over the counter status for our home defibrillator. It's a really exciting (and huge) thing. So, if you hear about home defibrillators going OTC, that's me and my company. :-) Funny thing, Kurt Fischer ('88) works here too. I recognized him right away but didn't know why. A couple of weeks later it hit me that he went to Ingraham too. I moved again. Same neighborhood, new house and roommate. My other roommate went psycho on me. Fun... But that's over now (whew) so things are going really well. Lisa, what's your current email address? I want to send you my new mailing address and get yours so I can send those pics and slides to you. Tessa, I scrapbook. I will definitely check out your store. I'm starting my own card company. I'm "blackberryarts" on ebay. I don't have anything up right now. With the new job and new place, that had to take a back burner, but I'll be getting back into it soon. Good luck to you, and it nice to know there's another seller on ebay I'll be able to trust!

At Sun Jul 25 07:52:01 2004, norman () wrote:

Hey all! How is everybody? Well i'm just finishing up a VERY LONG night at work.Too bad there isn't more of our class in here. Jeaneen,I know how it is having a roommate go psycho.I had one a few years ago.Tessa I'm jelous.I wanted to go to that concert,but didn't have the money.I saw him years ago at the Puyallup Fair.Did he do the duet with Faith??I know a couple people that do scrapbooking,so i'll let them know.Tessa,when we going to get together for some coffee??

At Sun Aug 8 08:19:19 2004, Norman () wrote:

Hello??????? What happened to everyone???

At Mon Aug 9 14:40:17 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hey everyone. I hope y'all aren't melting out there. Our FDA panel meeting went well. The papers keep reporting that the panel voted in support of us, but in fact they didn't vote at all (because of the type of application we filed). But things are looking positive, so it's very exciting. Of course, that means work is crazy busy! Anything new and exciting going on for anyone else?

At Wed Sep 8 19:19:33 2004, Jen Engelke () wrote:

Hello- Kelly and I were emailing and she reminded me of this site. Thought I would lend a post. It is good to hear things are going well for you out there with jobs and such. I am busy living in an old house in Ballard with hubby DJ and our two wee ones--Meg and Kate. Meg is 3 and Kate is going on 11 months. Still working at Nordstrom...I think I will retire there...going on 15 years...great place. Nothing else too exciting...diapers, teething, sleepless nights, colds with no time to relax. How's that? :) Take Care All.

At Thu Sep 9 09:21:31 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Helllllloooo? Anyone out there?

At Sat Sep 11 10:28:06 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

You are definately busy, Jennifer. :-) ... Ballard is nice. I moved there, so I can run to Golden Gardens and climb at Stone Gardens. Biking around isn't so bad, either. There are three or four really good restaurants. ... I always heard good things from people who were working at Nordstroms. They really enjoyed it.

At Sun Sep 12 06:39:00 2004, Jennifer Collier ( wrote:

Wow nice to see all of you are doing well. I haven't checked in for ages. Where is everyone living now a days? I read Amy Jo is in Utah. I live in Sweden married and have a 2 1/2 yr old boy Kevin is his name. Does anyone ever hear from Angelique Mitalas? Or Crystal Matthews? Just wondering. I check back more often now that I found it again. Take care bye for now

At Tue Sep 14 20:08:54 2004, Jen Engelke () wrote:

Hey say you live in Ballard too? Do you live close to the Sunset Hill Green Market? I live right by there...Maybe I will see you at Walter's sometime getting some coffee :)

At Tue Sep 14 20:25:09 2004, Amy-Jo Thurber ( wrote:

Hi, Jennifer!... both of you! It's great to know what's going on with both of you these days. Yeah, I definitely remember the diapers/teething. This year, my youngest is in preschool, so I actually have a couple of hours a day with no kids! It's so nice to have some time for schoolwork again. It's been eleven years since I've had any kind of regular time away from kids. It's good that it's only for a couple of hours a day... I think I'd go nuts if it was any longer. :) I miss having them home for summer. And I can't believe my oldest is going to be 12 in just a couple more months! I know that people say that as they get near the teen years they get harder and harder, but we have so much more fun the older they get. I know I don't have any that have reached that 'teen' mark yet, but I'm not too worried at this point. Anyway, school's started again and the same old routine has begun for us, except that it seems to get more and more complicated the more activities everyone signs up for. Sometimes I almost get dizzy trying to remember all the little things that everyone needs to do and trying to help them get done on time. Homework time is chaos at my house. I couldn't believe that my 8-year-old had homework yesterday that I had no idea how to do! I blame it all on that "new math" that they have now. ;) It made no sense whatsoever, and it was math, which I actually really enjoy doing even in my spare time now. Anyway, a little humbling never hurt anyone, right? And if any of you want to try it, send me your email address and I'll send you some and you can see if it makes any sense at all to you. (Actually, most of it does, but this one page was crazy). Over Labor Day weekend, the kids all worked really hard at delivering phone books to earn money to buy a dog. I told them a while ago that if they wanted a dog, they had to earn half the money for it. Whatever they earned, I would match. So they all wanted to deliver telephone books, and darn if they didn't deliver to 900 houses in the one weekend! I was totally impressed with how hard they worked, and they did all the work, too. We had to move the furniture in the living room around to accomodate all the phone books (one white pages and one yellow pages per house, so about 1800 books). They had assembly lines where my 5-year-old would give me a bag, I'd put the books in it, my 4-year-old would put the AOL CD in it and hand it to my 8-year-old, who would tie the bag closed and hand it to my 7-year-old, who brought it to the living room door where my 10-year-old would pick it up and take it to the car where my 11-year-old was waiting to stack them so they could fit more in the car. It was quite a sight, but really heartwarming to know that they were not only working together, but working so hard for something they all wanted. They earned about $200, and we're going to go buy a puppy tomorrow. Anyway, I guess that's my last couple of weeks in a nutshell, besides zoo trips with my six plus my three step-kids (they really wanted to go to the aquarium, but really, how great can the aquarium in Utah be?, so we brought our sidewalk chalk and drew fish and sea animals all over the zoo. By the time we were done, there wasn't a sidewalk, or fence for that matter, that didn't have some kind of underwater creature scribbled on it.), and being the "preschool mom" last week and multiple slumber parties last weekend... I don't think we'll do that again for a while... I think one child having a friend over per night is just about all we need right now. I've been staying pretty busy, but it's really a fun busy. I was talking to a friend of mine today and telling her that I was pretty much open if she ever needed me for anything, and she told me that I'm always so busy, though. I had to think about that. I do stay busy, but doing things that I choose to busy myself with. Next week, I'm going to have to "choose" to stay busy with my school. :( I've got to get it finished so I can start joining all my friends in their complaining about their jobs. That won't be a bad thing either, though. Well, I've sufficiently rambled for tonight. Jennifer, if you do hear from Angelique, will you let me know? I'd love to hear what she's up to these days. How is the new job and everything going for you, Jeaneen? I haven't had a chance to catch you up on "the latest" with you-know-what. Could you email me your number again? Well, you can wake up now, I'm done.

At Thu Sep 16 16:55:20 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Well, we just received word at work today that we were cleared by the FDA to sell our home defibrillator over-the-counter. This is absolutely huge. It's been crazy at work. Everyone is really giddy and we're scrambling to launch the AED as over-the-counter. All-in-all, not a bad day at the office. ;o)

At Fri Sep 17 23:20:53 2004, Tessa~ () wrote:

WEll, it's been a while since I was last here. I've been so busy this summer. Glad to see some long lost souls back to the board. Not that the regulars were boring or anything....: ) Well, I just got a part time job. Trying to make a little extra money to pay the bills faster. We're really wanting to buy a house soon and we're getting antsy. We'd like to be able to afford the house we want, not buy a house we can afford, you know? So, with paying down the bills, we can afford something nicer. I'm especially antsy, because my little bro and his wife JUST bought one this that gets me even more motivated to get one. So, with being as busy as I have been, doing I don't know what, it will be interesting adding a second job in the mix. It is only about 15 hours a week, so it's not too bad, but enough to bring in some extra moola! Let's see...what else? David & I had our 5 year anniversary this last August. Everyone was aksing if he was going to propose and I said no, which shocked them. But he's the kind of guy who wants things like that to be special and big. And since 3 of our friends have gotten engaged since Christmas, I knew he wouldn't, as it would seem like he was doing it because everyone else was doing it. Make sense? So, still no ring, but it's all good. I know he loves me and he wants to get married, he just hasn't figured out how and when to do the asking yet! : ) He also wants to get me the 'perfect' ring, which costs a pretty penny I guess. He doesn't want to go small and build later. He says he wants to do it right from the begining! Men! : ) My next adventure was.....I went to the Prince concert a few weeks ago! FANTASTIC!!! That man can perform! He's so shy when he's on TV, but you put him in his element, a stage, and he lights up. He can dance, sing and play pretty much any instrument there is. And he really works the crowd. He's got a funny side to him as well. Anyone else happen to go to it? I won tickets on the radio.......and since I've wanted to see him since Jr. High, it was a great treat!! Let's see.....what else is going on? I think that's it. Hope everyone else is doing well and we'll chat later! Bye!!

At Tue Sep 28 15:06:12 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

:sniff: :tear: :sniff: Summer is over... :tear: (hehe) I don't think I know where that store is located, Jen. I'm always around, so I've probably rode or walked by it, but never noticed. If you can ever get to Golden Gardens just after sundown, you can hear the sea lions barking.

At Tue Sep 28 23:34:35 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Charles, I miss Golden Gardens /Shilshole Bay. That's were I grew up. It's a beautiful place. And I agree with you about summer. Where did it go? It rained 3 times more than normal in August and half of September. It was nice for the whole 1 1/2 months that it lasted, but it's normally much better and much longer. I'm quite bummed!! See ya~

At Fri Oct 8 09:53:54 2004, Tessa ( wrote:

Hey everybody....I just signed up to do Mary Kay through my sister. Mainly to save me money, since I buy so much from her. But in doing so, I can also sell it. I'm not really into the giving parties right now, but if anyone is interested in getting a catalog, please email me with your full name and address and I'll send one out. They've got make-up, skin care, foot and hand care, perfumes, colognes, and gift baskets. Great for people in your offices, etc. If any of you know the name of the person in charge of buying employees or clients gifts, would you mind passing that on to me? I'd love to send them a brochure of the gift baskets and see if they'd be interested. This will hopefully be a great way to make some money to get me closer to my house! Thanks in advance for your help. I hope to hear from you guys!! ~ Tessa

At Sat Oct 23 10:11:45 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

it'scoldit'scoldit'scold. I'm turning my heat on for the first time this year. New double-pane windows help a lot. Don't forget to vote.

At Tue Oct 26 20:22:26 2004, norman () wrote:

so how is everybody doing??

At Thu Oct 28 17:52:32 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

I've been running absolutely crazy at work, but it's really exciting. We're now on and put us up on their gateway page starting yesterday. Out of necessity, my life has revolved around work for the past 6 weeks and will continue that way probably until Christmas or the end of the year, but no complaints. On another note: isn't it the coolest that the Sox won the World Series?? Not only did they win, they swept it! Man that does my heart good! I just love it! Well, time to dive back in to the mounds of work on my desk...

At Fri Oct 29 16:20:51 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Have a Happy and safe Halloween everyone!

At Tue Nov 2 12:28:10 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Don't forget to vote!!!

At Wed Nov 3 16:18:48 2004, kelly (BOOOOOOO!!!) wrote:

I voted. It didn't work.

At Thu Nov 4 20:30:07 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

I voted and it worked for Washington State, but not the country as a whole. Has anyone seen 'The Grudge'?

At Mon Nov 8 09:19:20 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Kelly, I'm with you. Charles, I've seen the previews for The Grudge and I'm afraid to see it because that little boy who screams like a cat scares the sh*t out of me. I might see it because it looks good otherwise. Did you like it? Sarah Michelle Geller rocks, so that may be enough to outweigh the creep-factor of that kid.

At Tue Nov 9 19:20:57 2004, Charles Cooper () wrote:

I know of grown men who were in the Military that 'The Grudge' freaked-out. I am going to watch it this weekend.

At Thu Nov 18 09:32:32 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hey Charles, how was The Grudge? Has anyone seen the Incredibles or Polar Express yet?

At Tue Nov 23 09:48:59 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

The Incredibles rocks!

At Wed Nov 24 10:18:48 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

At Wed Nov 24 17:58:35 2004, norman ( wrote:

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!!! I haven't seen the Grudge yet,but am planning on it.

At Wed Nov 24 18:31:41 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, can't wait!!! : )

At Tue Nov 30 09:55:30 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Ahh, back to the daily grind... Is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to work after having 4 glorious days off?

At Thu Dec 23 15:44:55 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Merry Christmas!

At Fri Dec 24 17:23:27 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

At Sun Dec 26 22:34:16 2004, Tessa Spear () wrote:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christnmas. Mine was fantastic! I'm getting married!! Yippie!! : )

At Mon Dec 27 12:10:27 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

When's the big day, Tessa? Congratulations!

At Mon Dec 27 17:24:47 2004, Tessa () wrote:

Haven't set the date yet. Sometime next year. Summer or winter/Christmas probably. We have about 5 friends getting married next that kind of cuts down when we can have it. So the fun begins!! : )

At Fri Dec 31 09:04:19 2004, Jeaneen () wrote:

Am I the only one who has to work today? Oh well... Happy New Year!

At Sat Jan 1 03:25:48 2005, jessica schauberger ( wrote:

howdy folks! god i didn't even know this site was still going otherwise i would have posted on here a long time ago. so much is going on and now it's damn 2005!!!! just got back from a new years soiree at jay sakamoto's house and then was reminiscing about youth..... going to visit georgia (warren) laban tomorrow and check out my niece and nephew katie and jacob. well have a great 2005. talk to you all soon. can you believe that it's almost reunion 2010? damn times flies......

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