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At Tue Jan 3 17:09:21 2006, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Whoohoo! 2006! Happy New Year!

At Wed Jan 4 14:49:15 2006, Tessa () wrote:

2006 ....... Can you believe it? Our 20 Year Reunion is in 4 years. That blows me away. I don't feel old enough to have graduated that long ago. :) Hope everyone had a Happy & safe new Years. And here's wishing you all the best for this new year ahead.

At Fri Jan 6 14:38:40 2006, Kelly Jean Rudhe ( wrote:

Holy Hell, people!!! I just spent the last 30 minutes of work catching up on this post. WOW. Since you all seemed to cover everything, I'm leaving out my two-cents. Anonymous: I sure hope I wasn't mean to you! If it makes you feel better, these jokers made fun of my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A YEAR. I know it's certainly not the same as your experience, but hey, it still sucked. (assholes! :)) Happy New Year to all, especially Anonymous...I sure hope this year brings much love and happiness to you and your family, even if they are cats (and a hubby)! I really don't have much to report...Wish I did. Working on winning the lottery. Not really; I never buy a ticket. I did recently read Andrea Burton's blog; she and her husband Ben are expecting child number 2! And AJ Oishi just had another baby too. I sometimes get the catch-up from Ms. Engelke, and those other wacky girls that seem to be current on the status of some of the other Rams. I'm still in touch with Darrin and Matt Kuebler, saw Kleve this summer, as well as Eddie Kloth and Brian Doyle. Everyone seems to be doing well; some are married w/ kids, some just married, and some are neither. Also, for those of you interested in those from other years, I hung out with Leo Rivera a couple weeks ago. If you're ever in Portland, look him up! He's the proud proprietor of Bishops Barbershops, and it's always a good time to hang out with Leo...Paul Ito and I had dinner in Hawaii last fall! He's a director of gold at one of the nicer courses on Kauai. Oh, and last but certainly not least, my lovely sissy, Tracy, is onto her last year of grad school in Denver. She's busy, but great. Got to spend some quality time with her this winter. That's all I got, folks! Oh! Tessa! Again, I'm sorry I couldn't make your wedding, but I'm so glad it turned out just the way you wanted. The few pictures you sent were fabulous! xoxo PS. ADAM!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!

At Fri Jan 6 16:19:23 2006, kjr () wrote:

Ha ha, I said 'director of gold.' I bet he wishes! (it's golf, but i'm sure you smartypantses figured that out already)

At Thu Jan 12 11:46:29 2006, Norman ( wrote:

I hope everone had a happy New Year!!! Mine sucked. Due to a family emergency,my plans got cancelled,but everyone is better now.It's hard to believe that we have been out of school for 16 years,(now I feel old). I WILL make it to this reunion!!

At Thu Jan 19 15:14:28 2006, () wrote:

At Thu Jan 19 20:02:21 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

I really hope everyone had a better New Year than I did. I was in the hospital with emergency back surgery. I was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome on Dec. 29th after weeks of severe pain in my leg (which landed me in the ER on Dec. 26th). Once they finally diagnosed me, they rushed me to surgery. They weren't too optimistic about a full recovery, but I'm recovering so rapidly and so well that now they feel strongly that I will have a full recovery (which is what I believe). Cauda Equina Syndrome is a nasty piece of work. It happens when a disc slips and presses on a particular nerve root. Some people lose all sensation below the waste and have to relearn to walk and live the rest of their lives like that. I had a great deal of pain in my left leg, then the numbness set in and started progressing to the right. They caught it before it progressed into the right leg and every day I have more and more sensation and muscle control. It's actually very disorienting. I hadn't fully caught up to the fact that I had lost so much sensation so when it started to come back, my mind would get the signals mixed up. It can actually be pretty funny. Like when the sensation started to return to the numb spots on the bottom of my left foot, my brain read it as intense itching. Other times, it'll feel like I'm being tickled or stabbed. Very weird. Anyway, Shenan Compton spent several hours with me on New Years Eve, which really brightened my spirits. :) But now, I'm doing great. Can't wait to stop feeling so tired all the time though!

At Thu Jan 19 23:24:29 2006, Tessa () wrote:

Jeaneen, I'm so sorry you're having to go through that. It must have been scary....probably still is. I am hoping you have a full and speedy recovery. Sounds like you're doing better than they were expecting already, so that's good. Please keep us informed on how you're doing.....take care of yourself! ~Tessa

At Fri Jan 20 16:12:43 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

Thanks, Tessa! I really am doing remarkably well. It was the scariest thing I've gone through in my life and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but I can't describe my gratitude at how well and quickly I'm recovering.

At Sun Jan 29 12:15:53 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

Normally, I'm not a sports fan, but did anyone else see the NFC Championship game last week? For the first time in my life I'm excited for the Super Bowl. The Hawks' whole season has reminded me of Ingy's in '88: "State in '88" and "Don't Believe the Hype!" Heh heh heh... GO HAWKS!

At Mon Jan 30 15:21:12 2006, Tessa () wrote:

Yes, I watched it and I can't WAIT to watch the Super Bowl. This has been a GREAT season and yes, it does remind me alot of the '88 football season. We went to State that year if I'm not mistaken. That was alot fo fun....they hype and crowds at the game, etc. Those were the days. :) I'm keepig my fingers crossed for the Hawks. Those Pittsburg fans are brutal. I heard a guy on the radio that moved recently to Pittsburg (his wifes hometoen) from Seattle and because he has a Seahawk bumper sticker and window cling he's gotten his car egged once and his tires slashed twice. Imagine what will happen to the poor guy when the Seahawks win the Super Bowl!!! he better run for cover. :)

At Tue Jan 31 20:05:23 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

:-0 He got his car egged and tires slashed?? Sheesh! That just blows me away. Yes, in '88 we went to (and took) State. I remember it so vividly because I was in the band, so it was a big deal for us to trek all over the state for the games (a lot of fun, my favorite year in Ingy band). I start back to work tomorrow after nearly 6 weeks off. I'm excited to be getting back into the normal swing of things but I imagine it'll still be slower going than I want it to. I also start my outpatient physical therapy tomorrow.

At Fri Feb 3 12:36:55 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

What are everyone's plans for the Super Bowl (if you're watching)? If you're not watching, what are you going to be doing instead? I'm going to my sister's house. She and her hubby just got a new sweet 42" plasma TV (digital and HDTV). We watched the NFC Championship on it and it was amazing! It felt like we were right on the field! I never understood the fascination with gadgetry, but I swear, it's so hard to go back to a square analog TV after that! Was in QFC the other day and noticed that in the frozen foods section, Kosta has started to sell some of his restaraunt's dishes as frozen meals. I saw the "Varlamos Pizza" label and it didn't even register at first because I drive by his restaraunt all the time on my way to and from church. Then it hit me! LOL Anyway, thought that was pretty cool. Congrats to Kosta!

At Fri Feb 3 13:26:38 2006, Tessa () wrote:

That is VERY cool about Kosta's food being sold. Good for him. I've never been to his restaurant...with living in Tacoma, it'a not too close. But I might have to make a point of going up there. My plans for Super Bowl? Not sure yet. We got invited to a friends hose for a party, but he's got a 32" square screen TV, and I have a 52" Flat screen at my house...just not enough room for all the people. So I'm torn between that TV quality to watch the Super Bowl win of the century or the atmoshphere of all the friends as it's happening. Such dilemas. :) However or wherever we are watching it, it's history int he making!! Enjoy it everyone.

At Fri Feb 3 13:43:19 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

Tessa: Could you bring your TV to your friend's house so you can have the best of both worlds? I know that might not be an option depending on your set up. A while back, some people on this board were talking about getting together a Kosta's. Maybe a bunch of us in the area could all meet up? Anyone interested?

At Fri Feb 3 23:38:00 2006, Tessa () wrote:

It's funny you mention the TV, because I JUST walked in from talking to my husband about it. He was trying to find a way to get it to our friends house and suprise everyone. So we're working on it, because it would DEFINATELY be better to watch it on a 52" Flat Screen. Those 32" screens are so small!! LOL I might be interested in going to Kosta's and try it out. Where is his restaurant anyways? Isn't it on Queen Anne or something? I might have to find a QFC and check out his food. We dont' have one anywhere int he area where I live, so I'll have to look around. :)

At Sat Feb 4 10:59:00 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

I hope the TV thing works out. :) Varlamos Pizza is near U Village. If you're on 45th, you'll pass U Village and the UW driving range and it's on the south side right before the road curves into Sand Point Way.

At Mon Feb 6 23:19:45 2006, Tessa () wrote:

Anyone interested, here's a petiotion going around to send to the NFL.

At Tue Feb 7 11:14:45 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

It's joke games like SB XL that remind me of why I absolutely detest professional sports.

At Thu Feb 9 07:54:16 2006, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Thank you, for the petition. They are going to be talking about that game for a long time.

At Sun Mar 5 21:26:06 2006, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

This posting is dedicated to the anonymous jackass who likes to read what everyone has to say then proceeds to put them down. You don't have the balls to say who you are, do you? I wonder what you're doing with your life right now that's so constructive that instead of sharing whatever you may be proud of in your life you have to sneer with envy while you read all of the good things that others have to say about themselves and then think up whatever pathetic things you have to say to try to make us all feel bad about ourselves. What a miserable existence you must be living. You can say whatever you want about me and you will never make me feel as miserable as you are. It really is a pity that you perceive that I am bragging when I talk about what I am doing or where I am living. We have all had tough things happen in our lives that you probably were never interested in knowing about us, not to mention you are too narrow-minded to understand. We all have the right to be proud of what we have now, whether it is a family of nine children, a job that we enjoy, or overcoming whatever obstacles have come our way. I am sure we have all earned some respect to have come as far as we have. The fact that we choose to share it with others on this posting, whether people choose to read it or not or respond or not, is a testament to the kind of open, considerate people we are. It shows maturity, which you have obviously not gained since highschool. I have read what you have to say through past postings, and it's mean. You have a shitty attitude and I am sorry for you. I expect a seething response from you now. But before you waste anymore of your own time writing more nasty, inconsiderate, thoughtless crap, why don't you show at least a fraction of backbone and put your name on your posting? Otherwise, we'll just call you the ghost and go on posting whatever the hell we want without paying attention to your insults. Oh, and get a life.

At Sun Mar 5 21:53:10 2006, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Wooh! Glad to get that out. It's been pissing me off to log on here and have to waste my time reading that junk. Anyway, on a lighter note, Charles is right. Although traumatic times can certainly mess one up, it has been nearly 16 years since highschool graduation. Time enough to either get over your issues, or face them. And facing them means facing them the proper way, like through therapy, not by saying mean things to people for revenge. The truth is kids are mean. I don't recall ever being mean to anyone in school. I had my own insecurities to deal with. But I turned out to be confident and comfortable in my own skin. That's the important thing for all of us. Jeaneen doesn't need to be concerned about how others perceive her. And Amy doesn't need to save the world. With all due respect to everyone, Jeaneen only need worry about how she feels about herself and about her health, as do all of us. And Amy only needs to be concerned with caring for the children that she has brought into the world, because the fact is she can't send them back now. And you, Anonymous, need to worry about getting over the issues that you have clearly not resolved from childhood. Maybe Everyone apologizing is part of the recouperative process. Now that I have cooled down, I too, am sorry that you were tormented in highschool. I myself would never do it over again if given the opportunity. But my best (unsolicited) advice is to deal with it now and quit alienating people before it destroys you and you become a bitter old person. If it comes to that, you will then be angry about the fact that Amy, a loving mother of nine (I forget the actual number of kids...) has a whole bunch of doting children to take care of her in her old age, while you have nobody.

At Mon Mar 6 15:47:36 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

Hey Lisa, how's the movie business? Fun, I hope. :)

At Tue Mar 14 09:52:54 2006, Tessa () wrote:

I have some news......I found out last Monday and got it confirmed yesturday by the Dr......I'm gonna be a Mommy!!! I'm 6 weeks tomorrow. I get an ultrasound next Wednesday and they'll determine closer how far along I really am.....but it's looking like a November baby. It only took me 11 days or so to get pregnant! How crazy is that? Anyhow, life is going good. I hope it's just as well for everyone else. Have a great day!!! Tessa

At Wed Mar 15 12:26:16 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

Tessa!!! Congratulations! I am so very happy for you and your husband. :)

At Sun Apr 2 22:45:04 2006, Jessica Schauberger ( wrote:

DAMN I just read all that stuff from 2005 and I about passed out! HOLY smokes. Yeah highschool was definately tough but life at ANY age is what you make of it. You can roll with the punches and jump up and fight with every ounce of your body or you can sit and mope or be like me and actually wind up doing both. LOL =0) I think I am a late bloomer. Was married in 1998, got a really good job in the computer industry and made damn good money, lost my mom to cancer in 2001, got divorced in 2003, lost the job 2004, cashed out the retirement fundage 2005, filed bankruptsy 2006 and now I am working in an ER part time living with my Aunt and Uncle since last Sept (I basically raised myself from the time I was 6 so THAT was an interesting experience moving in with grownups after living alone for 15+ years--god I miss the dishwasher)and finally going to college to do what???? I dunno. (5 qtrs ago till last qtr it was to be a nurse - only you have to make the 4.0 GRADES to be a nurse so I am at another crossroads --I suck at math--tomorrow I will be taking Math 99 for the THIRD fricking time) All of us have different paths so we can't really judge or compare each other's lives. You just do what you need to do. I am looking forward to our reunion and at the same time I am terrified because EVERYTHING that I thought I'd be doing at this time/age DEFINATELY isn't what is happening right now. We've all grown up - some of us have children that are 16ish - some of us have none. I'm watching my uncles and aunts get older and think about the future when my ass is going to be wiping THEIR ASSES or watching them deteriorate (sp). In a way, I am glad my ma passed so I can remember her in her 60's not 90, bedridden, and demented. I see my cousins who are younger than me starting their lives with marriage and kids and great careers and moving to different states and pray they won't become a statistic like me. I am even having deep conversation with them about college life and getting great suggestions from them. Shit one of them is even a VICE PREZ!! God I pray that they have good fulfilled lives. Where has time flown? I wish happiness, health, and peace for all of us. Was on and am being contacted by people from my past this past month. What do you say when they ask you about your life? Do you say God it's been a good ride but at the moment it truly sucks ASS? Oh and there is question of do you want to make good money which possibly means that you will be working 50 million hours or do you want to do something which you love which may pay shit? Retirement: watching my aunts and uncles realizing that they haven't saved enough. ahhhh all these questions. take care.....

At Mon Jul 17 12:57:46 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

Well, since no one has posted for so long, I thought I'd try to get this party started again! :) Unfortunately, the thing that is demanding all of my attention is very sad: My father died last Monday. He'd been in congestive heart failure for a few years. We knew this could come at any time, but we also knew that he might live another few years. Besides, no matter how much you try to prepare, you never can be prepared for this kind of loss. It's still not quite real because he lived in Wisconsin, close to my older brother and his family. I still feel like I could pick up the phone and call Dad. It will probably feel more real after his service on the 29th. I hope everyone is well, healthy and happy. Best~Jeaneen

At Mon Jul 17 22:01:06 2006, norman () wrote:

Jeaneen,i'm sorry to hear about your dad.My prayers are with you. It has been a long time since ive been here.

At Tue Jul 18 16:39:09 2006, Tessa () wrote:

I'm sorry too, about your dad! I have bad news as well. I lost the baby. I heard the heartbeat at my April 19th appointment, but at my May 17th appointment we didn't hear it and the baby hadn't grown. They sent me to a specialist in Ultra sounds and they confirmed it. I was at 15 weeks and the baby was only at 12 weeks. The baby died about a week after my April appointment which is very sad, becasue david couldn't make it, so he never heard the heart beat. I went in for surgery on the 22nd of May, since I was further along. So, it was very sad. But, we were given the OK to start trying again and I'm HOPING that next week or so I'll get more good news. I'll keep you informed! But I hope everyone else is doing well. And if any of you use Mary Kay Cosmetics or know someone who does and is looking for a consultant, send them my way. I'm trying to bulid my customer base bigger than my family and friends, so I need all the help I can get! : ) So let me know!

At Thu Jul 20 12:03:03 2006, Jeaneen () wrote:

Thanks, Norman and Tessa. Your kind words bring comfort. Tessa, I am SO sorry about the baby. Wishing you all the best. ~Jeaneen

At Wed Aug 2 20:30:23 2006, jen engelke () wrote:

hi all...thought I would lend a post to say hello! sorry to hear about some your losses...hang in there. jess...i was excited to see your name and to hear what you have been up to...some ups and downs...only makes you stronger! not much has changed with me. my girls are 3 and 5 now...still married and living and working in the same place...though got a new job as a trainer...just turned 34 and the most exciting thing right now is we just waterproofed our basement and are planning a retaining wall in front of the exciting... :) saw some of the girls..heidi koch is pregnant...having a girl soon. andrea burton just had another little boy named brody...ultra sound eluded to a girl but she was surprised when the baby came out and was a boy...on top of that it was born the exact same day as her first little boy 3 years later..what are the odds! saw angie harshaw and sandra b...both are doing great! hope all alum are doing well and are healthy! if others visit be sure to leave a post to give some updates!!! enjoy the rest of your summer!

At Mon Aug 28 15:58:29 2006, Tessa () wrote:

**Open House**

Comfort Inn 31622 Pacific Hwy. S. Federal Way, WA. 98003

Saturday, September 30th 2006 11am 3pm

Come join us to meet local Home Party businesses. They offer great products for you and great parties just in time for the holiday season!! There will be refreshments, raffles, show discounts & booking incentives! So get some of your girlfriends together to come shopping!! All you guys out there, tell your wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and friends!! : )

Participating companies are - Mary Kay, Lia Sophia Jewelry, Sensaria, Two Sisters Gourmet, Pure Romance, Taste of Home, Creative Memories, Big Yellow Box, Tupperware, Everything in Order, Chic Pursenality, Gold Canyon Candles, Simply Fun, Home Interiors, Uppercase Living and more!!