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At Fri Jan 19 15:54:41 2007, Mark Branom ( wrote:

We're Back! Happy New Year! I just realized that somehow my server settings were changed so nobody could post. Oh, well. That's been fixed, so feel free to post away!


At Wed Feb 28 16:26:18 2007, Tessa () wrote:

Hey everyone....where are you?!?!?


At Tue Mar 6 18:52:29 2007, Charles Cooper () wrote:

Well, it has been a while since the last time I was here. I hope everyone is doing well. I've been concentrating on work, studying for my Information Technology certifications, and traveling a little. I known someone who works at Princess Cruise Lines, so I have been able to get discounts on cruises. I have been going to New York City for St. Patrick's Day for a couple of years. Having a buddy with his own place in New York City and using Jet Blue for the trip, only costs $248 for four days, without having to rent a hotel room. (Starting in May, it will jump to $500+.) Has anyone else noticed the amount of condos that are becoming built in Seattle? In Ballard, it is insane.

At Mon Mar 12 22:10:07 2007, Tessa () wrote:

I haven't been to Ballard since last summer, but I was VERY bummed to see the house I grew up in, in Ballard, which was a very nice hand built by the husband house, was torn down for a condo building that's about 5 feet from the neighbors houses on both sides. Of all the houses on the block, they had to buy & tear that one down. I was SOOOO sad. I HATE condo's. How many do we need, you know? Otherwise, things are going good. I'm 5 1/2 months pregnatn with a little boy (my 1st successfull pregnancy) and we just bought a house that we move into in 2 weeks. So this year is a very big one for us. It's very exciting. Hope all is just as well with everyone else!


At Sat May 19 01:10:33 2007, Michaela (Hegamin) () wrote:

Charles, who do you know at Princess? I used to work there -- many people in my family are bummed that I didn't go back after my son was born! Tessa, I hope all is going well for you. I know what a big, scary shock it is when you discover that miscarriages are really common. The great thing, though, is that you eventually end up with a little person who you wouldn't trade for the world. Good luck!

JulyAt Fri Jul 6 15:51:56 2007, Tessa () wrote:

Thanks. I am doing good and things are going well. I'm due next we're getting a little anxious and excited. It's been a pretty easy pregnancy...if you don't count the swollen feet for the last 3 months. I've only been able to wear flip flops and slippers. But all things considered, I can deal with that. : ) I'll let you know when the big day arrives! Hope everyone (all 3 or 4 of us) are enjoying the weather!!

At Wed Jul 25 19:20:24 2007, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

Michaela! Long time, no hear. My Brother is Carrie Tuttle's boyfriend, so she has been giving us discounts for the cruises. She recognized your name immediately. It seems there should be congratulations all around; marriages, births, etc. Now, if only I can win the Lottery... ;-) I would be happy with sunshine for more than a week straight.


At Tue Aug 28 19:28:53 2007, Tessa () wrote:

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know I had the baby. July 18, 2007 at 4:33am after 23 hours of labor. : ) His name is Dominic and he's getting big. It's been 6 weeks and he's gained 5 lbs and grown 3 inches!!! He's the size of a 2 month old. Anyways, things are going great...hope everyone is well.


At Mon Oct 29 13:45:58 2007, Jessica Schauberger ( wrote:

Just wanted to drop by and say hi! Congrats Tessa on baby Dominic and thanks for posting all those cute pix on myspace. He truly is a gem.... Hi Charles... Hi Michaela!


At Wed Nov 7 18:50:24 2007, Norman () wrote:

How is everybody doing?? Doesn't anyone post here anymore, or do we all stay on myspace????

At Sun Nov 18 20:47:24 2007, Christian Santiago ( wrote:

I recognize many names from this class even though I had only attended Ingraham during the first two years of high school. Recently, I walked into the office to see if Mr. Cygan was still teaching history so that I could tell him how much I appreciated someone like him teaching our classes. Unfortunately, the secretary said that he had retired a few years ago but probably teaches at a community college. Afterwards, I walked through the halls which almost 20 years ago seemed so daunting and large. Had I stayed at Ingraham I would have been part of the class of 1990 reunion. However, I do not think anyone remembers me at all. From 1986-1988, my personal situation was in complete turmoil. Because of the turmoil coupled with my inexperience in interacting with others I was for all intents and purposes a basket case internally. In my final two years I returned to living in West Seattle which required a transfer to Chief Seatlh which, in my opinion, was worlds away from the scene at Ingraham. I have to admit that many of my classmates at Ingraham were interesting individuals; I wish I had the interaction skills that I have developed over the years back then to uncover these people in the class of 1990. This class was a watershed class because it was probably the final class that drew most of its students from the local area instead of across town. I recall it being a freshman class of 500 which was also a watershed figure. Presently, Seattle is a transient place full of overpriced housing and transplants from all over the country. In the 15 years that I have been independent as an adult, I have encountered fewer than a dozen Seattlelites. Of course, whenever a person claims that they are from Seattle all one has to do is ask about the schools that they attended. When I was at Ingraham with this class, Seattle was just a respectable regional city. The Mr. Smiths and Mr. Cygans at Ingraham could actually afford to buy a house near the school with their own salary. Minimum wage was $3.35/hour for many years. Students actually looked original and would meet up with each other face to face because there were no cell phones or internet. I suppose I am one of those late bloomers. At the UW, I had a prerequisite with a girl from Ingraham but she didn't even recognize me even though we sat next to each other in a math class freshman year. Ultimately, I spent a few years out of state completing law school but when I returned in 2001 I noticed a marked change in Seattle. Hopefully, I can attend the next reunion for this class so that I can reconnect with my nostalgic past. It is good to know that there are people in this class that are still active in keeping touch with each other.


At Mon Dec 17 06:54:16 2007, Amy Thurber (Jackson) ( wrote:

Christian, I totally remember your name, but I can't put a face to it. But I'm really bad at that anyway. I've been so busy lately. I got a job working for a 'behavioral' preschool class. I work for the school district here, and my class is the one where they send all the kids who are unable to function in a regular class because of behavioral or developmental disorders. We currently have eight children in it. I hopefully will be going to U of U soon to get my degree in preschool special ed. It's so funny because in all those questionaires we used to fill out in school, they always predicted that my ideal job was a Kindergarten teacher - lol. But I really enjoy my job. It's very challenging at times, but every day is different from the last and I really love the kids I work with. Anyway, that's what's been happening with me lately. Not much different from what always is happening with me. The kids are almost all in school full-time now, making it much easier for me to focus a little bit on my own schooling and future. Generally, it's really a nice time of life for me. I really enjoy the ages of the kids right now. They are fun, but a handful, when they are really young. But now that they are a little older, we have so much fun together. We can appreciate the same jokes and play the same games (I mean actual games - not candyland and go-fish... ugh!). So far, raising teenagers really isn't as bad as everyone says it would be. Granted, I only have a 15yo and a 13yo that qualify as teens. I'm sure it will get a little more challenging when I have 4 teenagers and a 12yo. Not too worried yet, though.

At Sun Dec 23 13:40:54 2007, norman gettys ( wrote:

I hope everybody has a great Christmas,and a happy New Year!!!!

January 2008

At Wed Jan 2 17:13:21 2008, D. J. (Adolfo) Rosete ( wrote:

early JANUARY 2008: D. J. (formerly Adolfo) Rosete Some of you may know me, though some of you do not, as my sole connection to your high school is through Asa Mercer Middle School, a place where many graduates of Ingraham High School pass through by way of the track given them by the Seattle Public Schools. Anyway, I just wanted to state that I’m still around, still alive as it were: the march of time goes on, and it seems the effects and ardors of life (and death) will catch up with us inevitably, whether we like it or not: looking about this Web site, I’m actually a bit surprised as to what has happened to several of you. I remember a good number of you who went to Mercer, from Tae, to April, Tali, Georgia, Troy, Billie, Richard Davies, Jessica, Elise, (Joby—who went somewhere else), Jason Wong and so on; I fondly reminisce about those years, 1984-86, when there was a large November blizzard in ’85—the worst snow storm in forty years!—with large flakes of the powdery stuff sticking to the ground, and we had snow days in the district, and some of you might recall that in the Eighth Grade we stayed in school until the Third of July because of it. I was thinking—dreaming is probably the more precise word—that we could have an Asa Mercer 25-year Reunion: No, really, I was thinking we could have a get-together, just to see each other again, with merely light refreshments and dessert; it doesn’t have to be a full-blown reunion, but we could reminisce by playing in the background music from those times, songs like “Nasty,” “19,” “Cool It Now,” “Mr. Telephone Man,” “West End Girls,” “The Conga,” “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” “Shout,” “Freeway of Love” and listen further to the then-new and faddish material by INXS (“Listen Like Thieves”) and Prince (“Take Me With You,” “Erotic City” and even the now seemingly passé “Kiss”), as played on K-PLUS and KRIZ; we could watch “The Terminator” or some other trendy movie, as we did in Mrs. Bodoia’s Spanish class; we might then take out a telescope, like the 6-inch Celestron Newtonian reflector Mr. Newton brought out, and see something in the night sky, like the planets and the moon, which one can easily spot (or Halley’s Comet, which last appeared in this part of the solar system around 1985-86, as some of you might recall; it won’t be back until 2061-62); we could rent out Mercer’s auditorium or lunchroom from the School District on a weekend afternoon, maybe a sunny one, where maybe we could recall the bake sales and candy grams and once again have the vast majority of the students boo at President Reagan. I suppose the only difficulty in having such a reunion would be the logistics to it, as to how it would be set up and to see if anyone would like to contribute their time or donate to the event. It was just a thought, Mercerites. You might remember some other Mercer alumni who went elsewhere, other than Ingraham, like myself: Ron Brown went to Franklin, where he became ASB President, and then on to Stanford, and last I’ve heard is currently doing something in the financial world, conceivably still aspiring to be a politician; Rosanna Dolan went to West Seattle, where she was Senior Class Vice-President, and right after graduating high school got married: presently, I believe she has two children and is in the Far East with her husband, who is in the military; Josie Weisbach went to Rainier Beach, where she was class valedictorian, and today is almost certainly a person of some consequence. As the years have gone by, I seem to have lost touch with all these people, including April Lau, whom I saw in college, when I called her up just to see what was going on, it seems not too long ago; if someone could tell her I’m looking for her and Tae (John) and these other individuals who I’ve just mentioned in this last paragraph, I’d appreciate it, feeling their friendships welcome ones. By the way, I personally attempted to transfer to Ingraham three times, but wound up stuck at West Seattle High School, to my general dismay. I almost got to go to Ingy the first time around, but alas, it was ultimately no go; it seems my life would have changed, perhaps profoundly, if I had. I went on to the University of Washington, where I received my Bachelor’s degree, in History, and was also briefly at the University of Wisconsin. So, as for the rest of you, those of you who may remember me and wish to contact me for some reason or other, feel free to do so however much time it may take out of your busy lives. Whatever may become of this message, at any rate many thanks Ingraham alumni, from an old friend who still maintains a certain camaraderie with you even though he went to a different high school, as if he came from some distant, forlorn tribe in search of its long, lost relatives, Ciao! D. J. (formerly Adolfo) Rosete

At Mon Jan 7 00:47:56 2008, Christian Santiago ( wrote:

Some of the names that were mentioned on the previous posts are vaguely familiar to me. I agree with this person about the differences between West Seattle and Ingraham. Years later, I learned that the student bodies at both West Seattle and Chief Sealth represented an entirely different socioeconomic demographic than at Ingraham. The students at Ingraham tended to be lower middle to middle class whereas the students at the other two schools were mostly blue collar. I noticed a general sense of apathy at Chief Sealth amongst the student body there. In those years, the dropout rate at both schools was above 15%. The final two years of high school meant a dramatic shift from an upbeat white collar environment at Ingraham with generally intelligent individuals to a downtrodden 'let's get married and have children' blue collar attitude at Sealth. I only recall about a dozen students at Sealth in my graduating class entering the UW even though at the time it was easier to be admitted than today. Sealth attracted low income families spanning the entire ethnic spectrum of Seattle even though West Seattle the neighborhood was mostly caucasian. Obviously, none of my observations apply today since most of these blue collar families have been pushed out by skyrocketing prices and of course forced bussing no longer exists. People and places can be affected by change. One minute a teenager can be reeling from the fact that his father the lawyer was caught by the FBI arranging phony marriages and then the next minute be a law school graduate himself with the added confidence of 20 years of experience dealing skillfully with all types of individuals. I was too intimidated to call people on their egotistical nonsense in high school. Still, I miss the people at Ingraham and believe that the previouis post has a valid idea about a middle school reunion. However, it is important to note that at all levels of schooling people are just haphazardly thrown together which means that ultimately all end up going their separate ways in the long run. Otherwise, why would reunions be held in the first place if everyone always kept in touch?