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At Fri Sep 15 21:53:09 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

Welcome! This is designed to be a forum where Ingraham High School graduates from the class of 1990 can leave messages, ask questions, or add comments to one another. Enjoy! I'll see you all in Seattle on Saturday October 7th (I can't make it to the get-together on the 6th...)

At Sat Sep 16 00:46:13 2000, Brent Suzuki ( wrote:

This page was actually made for my friends and family since i have been in Japan for a while, and they had wondered what i have been doing with my time here. There are tons of pictures so take a look! Keep in touch all! (unfortunately I won't be able to make it back for our 10th reunion)

At Sat Sep 16 01:46:53 2000, Jennifer Kivioja formerly known Collier ( wrote:

Hi all, I live in Sweden now and have for alittle over 1 year. I love it. I am married to a Swede and have been married almost 3 years now.We met on the internet. :o) Now I can even speak Swedish. I won't be able to come to the reunion. But I will be thinking of you all having a good time. I would enjoy hearing from you all. If ya hear from or see Crystal Matthews (don't know her married name. or Angelque Mitalas Please tell them to email me. TTFN tah tah for now, Jennifer

At Sat Sep 16 23:03:25 2000, Tessa Spear ( wrote:

Hi everybody! WOW!!! Can you belive it had been 10 years already? Unbeleivable. Well, I'm still living in the area, kinda. I live down in the Puyallup/Tacoma area. Was married, not anymore! It's a good thing though. :) I've moved on to someone better and couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks at the reunion. I'm excited!!!! Hope most people can make it. I'm excited to get caught up on peoples lives. It really is true what they say: More that 75% of your class-mates you won't talk to after graduation. That's too bad. See you soon!! Bye

At Mon Sep 18 11:02:14 2000, Jessica "Schauberger" Seeger ( wrote:

I can't believe that it's been 10 YEARS!!! I can't wait to see all of you! Life is full of so many damn challenges!! And to think that I "thought" I knew it all when I was a senior. Yeah Right! ;-) I'm starting my 10 year journey by finally going to College. Yes, I'm the late bloomer of the bunch! Infact, today 9/18/00 was my first day at BCC. Lots of young people there. Gulp. I felt really "old". The world out there is what you make of it! My goal in life is to make it fun for me and those around me and to enjoy every moment! To those that cannot attend, I wish you well in your endeavors. To those that can, see ya there! Cheers!!

At Thu Sep 21 17:08:05 2000, Karise "Kris" Coffman ( or wrote:

Oh my gosh I can't beleive we've been out of school for 10yrs and we're all grown up now!! Who would hv thought! Anyone remember Mrs. Rosa Randsom or Mr.Walls!! Hey I got one what about Senior Skip Day and Senior Breakfast! I can't wait to see everyone and how well we're all doing! Class of 90 forever!!!!

At Fri Sep 22 09:31:46 2000, Dan Graham ( wrote:

Thanks for putting up this site, Mark. I don't have my calendar on me, but according to my calculations, you're not showing up in Seattle until Sunday (the 8th?). Um, I'm not sure what to post here. Some of you know about that whole "war hero" thing, but the truth of the matter is that the media just like to blow things out of proportion. Anyway, see you in a couple weeks.

At Fri Sep 22 11:24:34 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

Ooops. Can't figure out how to use a calendar, I guess. I'll be coming in SATURDAY the 7th, and missing the Friday night gig. See you all then!

At Fri Sep 22 17:20:21 2000, Robert C. Matencio ( wrote:

Hey what's going on?-It's crazy to believe that it's been ten years, I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone. I'm sure that alot has changed for all of us,hopefully for the best, I know it has for me. Doubt you'll recognize me, but hey that's the fun of these reunions, right? Hope everyone is in good health and spirits, see you in a couple of weeks. All My Best- Robert Matencio

At Sun Sep 24 17:51:47 2000, Thao Le ( wrote:

Wow, it's been ten years already. Time does fly when your having fun or at least you think you are. To all my friends I hope your lives have been happy, healthy, adventurous, and fulfilling. Unfortunately I will not be attending the reunion for I am basking in the hot sunny beaches of Miami Florida. I've experienced a wonderful 7 years in FLorida however I'm looking forward to returning to my beloved Seattle in the very near future. And looking forward to cathing up with my old friends when I get home. I'm signing off now and I hope to see you all soon at the 20 year reunion. I hope you all have a wonderful time at our ten year reunion. Take care all! See ya!!

At Tue Sep 26 14:36:31 2000, Kelly Rudhe ( wrote:

What's up suckers?! Can't wait to see you all! Hope you're not disappointed by my lack of hairspray and black eyeliner...I know I got over it awhile ago, but you know how those trends ALWAYS find their way back... I hope everyone that can't make it is happy and healthy and learns to plan better for the next time around! xoxoxo Smelly PS Robert, I will SOOO recognize you!

At Wed Sep 27 13:29:53 2000, Sara Truscott Perez ( wrote:

I won't be able to make it because I just had my first baby. A baby girl, Taylor Jayne Perez. What an experience. They should have tought us more in that home ec class. :) I am bummed that I can't come (I live 4 hours away in Eastern Washington and am not yet up for a trip like that). I will keep my eye on this web site and hope to get in touch with some of you. :) Have fun!

At Sun Oct 1 21:28:26 2000, Dominic Inouye ( wrote:

Getting revved up for Friday, excited to see everyone. If you think Dan Graham has stories to tell about the war, then wait til you hear MINE. Dan's tourney during the Gulf War is nothing compared to the life of a war correspondent in Eastern Europe. Let's compare scars!

At Sun Oct 1 21:30:29 2000, Dominic Inouye ( wrote:

By the way, Mark, this is a pretty cool site. I had looked for one earlier in the year, but found nothing. Look forward to seeing you...

At Mon Oct 2 07:54:24 2000, Sandra Belanich Reed ( wrote:

Hey there! Mark , this is so cool that you put this together! I am sooo excited about the reunion... I have been looking forward to it since we graduated.. am i a total cheeseball or what??? We are going to have a great time! For those of you who don't know Valerie Buford is trying to get people to come to Harborside on Westlake for Happy Hour on Thurdsday at about 9:30-10... anther chance to catch up! Whoo-hoo! It will be great to see how people have changed... I am constantly told that i look like i am in high school (is that a compliment or am i just immature??) so as pathetic as it seems i have not changed. Looking forward to a great weekend... :)

At Mon Oct 2 09:43:49 2000, Sandra Belanich Reed ( wrote:

i swear that i already posted a message? am i losing my mind? it's not showing up!

At Mon Oct 2 10:58:00 2000, Cynthia Pang ( wrote:

Silly Sandra your message is there... your vision must be blurred from too much coffee :). Hi all - looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

At Wed Oct 4 13:01:13 2000, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

It's been ten years and all you guys are still cracking me up. Glad to see you've all kept your sense of humor! Mark, I have to say this site is groovy! I will not be able to make it to Thursday's little pre-funk, but I will see you all in Bellevue and Renton on Friday and Saturday, respectively. On behalf of the committee, we have worked hard to make this reunion fun for everyone. I am glad that many of you are enthusiastic about attending and are getting as excited about the weekend as we are! See you then!

At Wed Oct 4 23:43:07 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

Hey, hey, hey,... I won't be making it to the Reunion because of my work load. I hope everyone has fun. :-)

At Thu Oct 5 09:15:48 2000, Sandra Belanich Reed ( wrote:

Am i obsessed with this site?? Charlie i just had to respond to your email. I live over in the U Village area as well... You should try Varlamos Pizzeria.. It's over just past U Village on 45th.. Kosta Varlamos owns the place (remember him?).. YUMMY!!! Tully's coffee... i have to say.. you steal all your desiggns from us here at Starbucks! Copy Cats! :-) just kidding!

At Thu Oct 12 15:21:21 2000, Brent Suzuki ( wrote:

So how was it? I'm dying to hear some stories, or see some pictures! I'm sure it was all a success and lots of fun! I really wish i could have made it back for it all...keep in touch all!

At Thu Oct 12 20:54:02 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

I for one had a great time! It was pretty darn cool seeing all my old friends from high school. As soon as I have time to scan them in, I plan on putting up the pictures I took and the booklet we all got at the reunion.

At Fri Oct 13 09:42:54 2000, Sara Truscott Perez ( wrote:

Yes, hurry up with the picts. And guys who went lets hear all about it. I want to see how it went. :)

At Tue Oct 17 10:25:11 2000, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Well, I think the reunion was a great success. Here's a little re-cap. The committee found about 200 alumni from the class of 1990. Out of that 200, we had a paid attendance of about 90 alumni with most attending both events. Friday we met at 8th Street Sportsbar in Bellevue. We had the entire bottom floor of the bar which included a bar, tables and chairs, a large outdoor area with chairs and tables and two pool tables. Nametags with black & white senior year pictures were provided. Mr. Stewart, Mr. Coan, and Mr. Hayden attended that night. The food was great...everyone was given a choice of dinner, the selection of which included a hamburger, chicken burger, caesar salad, wrap and a huge plate of nachos. Alumni arrived throughout the evening and were greeted at the door by other classmates, then we all mingled. We all gathered in the outdoor area (Imagine that- it was dry!) and opened the envelopes we sealed away ten years ago. Don't worry...if you weren't able to participate this time, Kristin will keep your envelope for the next reunion! I was one of the last to leave around 1:00am. Saturday we all met at Maplewood Golf Course in Renton. There was a variety of displays including a ton if IHS memorabilia that alumni had kept over the years, a couple of maps to show where the alumni we were able to locate currently live, newspaper articles and tidbits of alumni lives. We welcomed the class and introduced the committee, then remembered two classmates whose lives were ended too soon, Jim Yargus and Brandon Lucas. Then we ate AGAIN. Dinner was fabulous. It was a buffet catered by the golf club which included, among other things, a bread assortment, mixed green salad, fruit assortment, seafood stuffed mushrooms, salmon, pasta trio, ravioli, and a ton of other items which I can't remember right now. After we ate we presented prizes to alumni-- each attendee from Friday voted on things such as who had the best physique, who had changed the most and the least, and there was prizes for who had travelled the farthest, who had the most kids, etc. Then we gave away many raffle prizes that had been donated by alumni including, CDs, a bottle of pepper sage oil, dinners at assorted restaurants, baseball bats and a glove autographed by Seattle Mariners, Starbucks gift packs, Navy tool kits, Microsoft computer software, the list goes on! All of the alumni gathered for a group photo (or photos, rather. There was so many flash bulbs going off, no one knew where to look!) and after that everyone mingled and the dj turned up the old hits so we could all get our groove thing on. By the time the party came to an end at midnight I estimate there was still about 30 people there. All in all it was a lot of fun. I have received emails and phone calls from alumni expressing that they had a great time. That makes us committee members feel very satisfied because the goal was to bring together as many alumni as we could, make it as affordable as possible for everyone, and have a great time. It looks like we achieved that. However, many alumni did not make it, either because they could only attend one night and didn't want to pay the entire $65.00, they felt it was too far to travel, or they plain old didn't want to go. Then there was the remaining 80 or so alumni that we were unable to locate. I hope that those that didn't make it this time will choose to go next time around and that those that did attend this time will definitely want to go next time since it was so much fun. The current committee will discuss when the next reunion will be. But now, I would like to ask a few things of you: 1. We need to keep in touch with everyone. If you move, please notify me so I can update your mailing address and other information. Additionally, if you run into an old classmate, please get their phone number and pass it on to me, or give them my contact information: Phone (425) 673-1560 or email Hopefully next time we can bring even more alumni together. 2. The class now has approximately $1,000.00 left to plan our next event, whereas we started with nothing! Kristin and I have not finalized the books, but we will soon. However, we can always use more money to make our event even better and less expensive for those who can't afford to attend for financial reasons. And who knows, maybe sometime we will evolve to be able to help other alumni from other classes! If you would like to contribute to the class account, please contact me. Also, for those of you who don't know, the Ingraham High School Class of 1990 is now a LLC. Kristin and I are currently the "members" of the LLC. We plan to invest the remaining money over the next ten years to be used only for events that will benefit our class. You, as part of the IHS class of 1990, have a right to know how your money is being spent. And it is our responsibility to keep accurate records on your behalf. If you are curious about the standing of our finances, please contact myself or Kristin and we will share the information with you. But give us some time as we are still squaring all of this away! 3. If you would like to be part of the next committee, keep in contact with me and/or Kristin. After all, the committee can keep changing over the years. As a committe, we will collectively decide whether we will plan the next event ourselves or hire a reunion planner. It's a lot of work, that's for sure! Alternatively, if you have ideas or input for the next event, please contact me. It may seem early, but five or ten years sneaks up on you! For example, would you prefer to wait another ten years or have a fifteen year reunion? Please let us know! Thanks, everyone, for keeping in touch, for being excited about the reunion, and for having a great attitude toward the event and toward all your other alumni! It was great to see EVERYONE mingle and be so accepting of others regardless of what others look like or who others are with. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon! P.S. Brent Suzuki, you better start saving your yen! a ride in a police car,

At Wed Oct 18 09:47:12 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

Sounds like everyone had fun. You guys did a great job. :-)

At Fri Oct 20 09:41:40 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

Geez Lisa, a LITTLE re-cap!!! Well people, I have some funny photos! I will try to figure out how to get them to Mark so he can post them, as I am not so technologically inclined. (did I even spell that right?) Also, some of us (Shata and his lovely wife Sara, Lisa, Elise Rosenblum, Cindy Yoshihara, Darrin Kuebler, and I) were in attendance for Matt Jorgenson's FANTASTIC show on Wednesday. He promises to come back this summer, and I strongly urge you to check out his kick-ass jazz band. (that's a big shout out to you, Matt...) that boy is one fine drummer. So GO!!! okay - hope you're all still good and having fun. Smelly How about a 15 year reunion? I don't want to wait another 10 years...any opinions?

At Fri Oct 20 09:46:32 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

okay, it looks like I was asking myself about the 15 year, due to the lack of punctuation after my name. sorry. what's the deal with that? I guess I will learn to punctuate after I sign my name, or not sign it at all. it that right? does anyone really care?

At Fri Oct 20 16:19:50 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

shit. i spelled Matt's name wrong. sorry....

At Wed Oct 25 07:59:14 2000, Brent Suzuki ( wrote:

Still waiting to see some pictures! didn't anyone have a digital camera or something? sorry...guess i live in an age of technology here in Japan. Save my yen? I had plenty, just i had to a school/work festival i had to be at otherwise, i would have loved to have been back for all the fun! (did you open the time capsule?)

At Wed Oct 25 10:55:45 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

I'm almost finished with shooting up the roll of film that has my pictures from the reunion. I plan to have that booklet scanned in sometime either later on this week or next - been swamped with teaching recently...

If anyone has pictures that they want to send me to scan in and upload, send 'em my way...

Mark Branom
Stanford University
Birch 113
Stanford, CA 94305-4128

At Thu Oct 26 13:32:46 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

yes Brent, and you and Craig's Schmit cans are still intact! It was pretty damn funny to see what everyone put in there... BAAAD photos of people in compromising positions, as well as everyone's opinion of what fashion trends and favorite songs were the happening in 1990... Lisa has your beer. I took it at first to give to Darrin Kuebler (he never met a beer he didn't like) but we decided to put it back in for the next time around. So you better go!

At Sun Oct 29 08:57:55 2000, Jill Wilkinson (Washington) ( wrote:

The festivities were fabulous darlings! Chaney's date caught a few good pics before the beer set in....I will definitely post them :) What can I say: Good friends, food & drink...I had a blast!

At Tue Oct 31 07:43:39 2000, Susi Barnes aka Susan Haymond ( wrote:

WOW!!! I searched for a while to find any info about our reunion and by the time I found it...sadly it was too late. I am very happily married with a beautiful 4 yr old daughter ( Lakota ). My husband has been and Army RANGER for the past 10 yrs and we finally had to relocate to Ft. Benning, Ga. Home of the heat and humidity. I miss everything because nothing is the same. The people in this surrounding area don't much like military folk. oops. I hope the reunion was a total blast. I so wish that I could have been there. Hopefully the next one. I try not too think about that just yet 'cause I still feel pretty old now. I miss Seattle ( never thought I would say a thing like that ) I don't miss the rain. :) When it rains here it only lasts about 20 minutes but you'd better have your butt inside or you'll float away. Sorry I gotto go my daughter is calling ( again) :) Hope to talk to you guys soon. Susi Barnes ( Haymond )

At Tue Oct 31 13:36:18 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

okay, Mark...where are the photos??????? This reunion business should be your first priorty, don't you think? HA

At Tue Oct 31 13:37:38 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

alright, and another thing: I REALLY DO KNOW HOW TO SPELL!! (it's the proofreading I'm having trouble with)

At Tue Oct 31 17:35:14 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

OK, I've uploaded the 3 pictures that Kristin sent me. I expect to get my pictures back from the developer sometime later on this week and will be posting them then. Again, if you have pictures you'd like posted, mail them to me & I'll put them up when I have the time...

At Tue Oct 31 18:23:49 2000, Tessa ( wrote:

Hey, Kelly?!?! Why didn't Darrin show his face at the reunion? Is he too good for us now? :) It was good to see you again. I'm with you on the 15 year thing. I think another 10 would be too long to wait.

At Wed Nov 1 23:02:02 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

Are the pictures going to have captions? It would be helpful. :-)

At Thu Nov 2 16:49:13 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

More pictures have been added - and, yes, I've added captions. Sorry 'bout the quality of my pictures. I guess that's what happens when you use a cheap throw-away camera...

Click here to view the pictures

At Thu Nov 2 22:42:38 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

Kristen looks just like she did in 7th grade.

At Thu Nov 2 23:06:19 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

I've scanned in the booklet that was handed out at the reunion.

Click here to see the booklet

At Fri Nov 3 18:14:09 2000, Tessa ( wrote:

Mark......You're doing a great job on the website. And, if you'd like, I'll send you some of my pictures from the reunion. Get some more faces on here for everybody to see. Hope everybody is doing well!! :)

At Mon Nov 6 08:58:14 2000, Jennifer Kivioja (Collier) ( wrote:

So does anyone know what happened to Jim Yargus??? I noticed that where is pic is it says In memory of.... How cool that you put the Alum¨ni booklet up on this page. Otherwise I would have had no idea who came. I wish i could been there. See ya,

At Mon Nov 6 08:58:51 2000, Jennifer Kivioja (Collier) ( wrote:

So does anyone know what happened to Jim Yargus??? I noticed that where is pic is it says In memory of.... How cool that you put the Alumni booklet up on this page. Otherwise I would have had no idea who came. I wish i could been there. See ya,

At Mon Nov 6 18:22:07 2000, tessa ( wrote:

Well, from what I heard, Jim Yargus died in a car accident not too long after his wife gave birth to his twin daughters! It happened a few years back. 3 or 4, I THINK! This is word of mouth, so, I might be off on it a little bit, but.......that's the only version I've heard. Pretty sad!!! :(

At Mon Nov 6 20:52:52 2000, Chaney Bateham(Varelas) ( wrote:

I am responding about the time frame for the next reunion. I am not for the 15 year and even the 10 year seems like a long time. I had a great time at the reunion and don't want to wait a long time to see these crazy people again. Hopefully at the next one even more people can and will show. As for my date I hang my head in disbelief. To bad so sad so I put him back on a plane and off he went into the sunset. Kelly, you looked great despite your lack of black eyeliner.

At Tue Nov 7 15:03:42 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

Is anyone else confused by Chaney's response? So you AREN'T for a 15 year? Even though you thought 10 years was too long? HELP! (you looked great yourself, Chaney! - and go get that boy!)

At Tue Nov 7 15:07:21 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

also, everybody get on Lisa's case - she has the negatives from my reunion photos...LISA! YOU GET THOSE PICTURES TO MARK BRANOM RIGHT NOW!!! xoxo

At Wed Nov 8 10:41:40 2000, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Poor Mark is going to have to edit this thing regularly due to some chatty Cathys...KELLY! Have you ever heard of email? It is true, Jim Yargus did pass away. His car hit a telephone pole or something on his way to work. I believe the road conditions were bad. He did have a wife and twin duaghters who were about five months old at the time. Brandon Lucas also passed away, but we did not have time to add him to the book. As for Darrin Kuebler...he is alive and well. Unfortunately he couldn't make it to the reunion due to opening day of hunting season. Priorities, priorities... He promises that he will be at the 15.

At Thu Nov 9 00:02:48 2000, Mark Branom ( wrote:

I think that Chaney meant she wishes there could be a reunion every year, maybe even more often than that.

At any rate, some more pictures have been added (from Jill Wilkinson and Emmanuel Athans)

At Thu Nov 9 10:50:19 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

great photos, Jill and Tough Stuff Athens...In case anyone is confused, Chaney does NOT have a black bob hair-do...and yes, Lisa, I have certainly heard of email, but then what would be the point of this guestbook deal if we only talked to eachother individually...personally, Mark, I think you should turn this into a CHAT ROOM!!! just kidding. I'd never get any work done.

At Thu Nov 9 23:29:50 2000, Emmanuel Athans ( wrote:

Hey gang! Just popped into this guestbook-turned-alumni-forum and wanted to say how much fun I had at the reunion seeing everyone. If anyone's still got pictures they haven't been able to scan in, just schlepp'em along my way and I'll take care of it. "Tough Stuff", Kelly? I prefer "Beefy Spice"... sort of my fantasy to be the next Brit-Pop singer, I guess. It's just not the same since Ginger left...

At Sat Nov 11 16:27:06 2000, Chaney Bateham (Varelas) ( wrote:

Let me clarify myself. It have to claim tiredness as to why I responded the way I did about the reunion time frame. I meant that I am for a 15 year reunion and I don't want to have to wait for a 20. I don't know how realistic is to have a 15 year (money wise), but it would be nice. I know that at a couple of my mother's reunions everyone would meet at a park for a big BBQ for one of the reunion days, this way people can bring their families. I don't know if that could be a possibility, but it might make things a little cheaper.

At Mon Nov 13 13:30:11 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

okay, Beefy Spice, or should that be Spicy Beef? I'll try to remember next this 15 year stuff: Lisa and I were talking about how to do it really inexpensively, also. The BBQ idea is great, or we could even have it at a restaurant/bar that wouldn't cost anything to rent. That way, everyone could just spend what they wanted on food/drinks. OR, depending on how much $$ was left over for the 10 year, provide an appetizer, or even a few drink tickets. whatever, anyway, keep suggestions coming so the big cheeses in charge have some feedback as to what everyone's thinking about..

At Mon Nov 13 14:18:42 2000, Brent Suzuki ( wrote:

Our boy Darrin...his excuse is almost as good as mine. Except i'm 5,000 miles away. And yes, Kelly, do you have too much time? or just love this site? I thought of perhaps having a mailing list involved....anyone want to be in charge of that? (not me...otherwise you'd probably get all sorts of 'baka-moji' strange letters in your emails) Perhaps you Kelly? (hehe...) As for the pictures, great! except everyone looks as big as my pinky nail..and kind of blurry. I don't know who is who! (sandra, i could make your face out though..and yes, you didn't change) It was good to see some pictures though...i hope there are more to put up! i would like to see more faces! Anyway, thanks for not drinking my beer..however if we were smart, we would have put in a nice bottle of red, but hey, we were only high school students. (that day, Craig and i were at his house and the time capsule was there, so we put in all sorts of junk...including the beer.) I hope to be around for the next one!

At Tue Nov 14 10:50:36 2000, Sandra Belanich Reed ( wrote:

Hey Brent, is that a compliemnt or should I be offended? :) I know I have not changed.. many people STILL ask me what high school I attentd! Whoo-hoo! I have photos to send in as well... one of these days.. The reunion was great and I am all for another in 5 years although I am sure we would not get as many people from out of town.. that was so great hat people showed up from all over! Anyone who wants to help organize soemthing in the future should speak up as well... a family event would probably work as well since so many people have kids....but somethign like Friday night works well also! It's so great that people are paying attention to this site.. thanks again Mark! Shata.. great weding photos! Someone mentioned you had a site.. i still need to hit the others... see ya!

At Tue Nov 14 11:14:25 2000, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Beefy spice...Emannuel, would your band have any relation to the Meaty Cheesy Boys? Brent, as far as a mailing list goes, I am going to try to keep the list I have updated. It is nearly at 200, but that means around 80 alumni are still missing. So if anyone moves, PLEASE email me and let me know or you may get lost someday. And if you run into anyone, get their phone number and send it to me so I can add them or update their info. Thanks, everyone!

At Wed Nov 15 16:18:00 2000, Brent Suzuki ( wrote:

Sandra, you work for Starbucks? tell them to put a shop in Fujisawa...the closest shop for me is 15 minutes! (i think that was a compliment...that you haven't changed. perhaps i haven't either though.) Be home for Christmas, i hope it isn't cold.

At Thu Nov 16 06:55:47 2000, Sandra Belanich Reed ( wrote:

Brent... guess we have to all get together at Xmas then..we can hang out at Lorrie's house... it's only 4 doors from IHS!! It would be like old days! whoo-hoo! I promise I will send my photos in.... as for Starbucks.... we are taking over the world.. just give it time... you'll have one sooner or later! :)

At Thu Nov 16 08:08:54 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

Tully's will stop you in your quest for world domination. I wonder if Seattle's Best Coffee will remain neutral.

At Mon Nov 20 19:07:15 2000, Jill Wilkinson (Washington) ( wrote:

I love the idea of a BBQ Chaney! If I get to vote...a 15yr reunion is cool with me. I would love to help! Has anyone checked out Dennis Mascarenas's nightclub? I am dying to go! I think it is called the Aristocrats or something like that. I would call him but I lost his number...I am just sooooo organized these "daze"...

At Fri Nov 24 21:45:41 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

I've been to the Aristocrat on Saturdays. The amount of people fluxuates drasticly. One Saturday it will be very busy; next week, it was like a ghost town. I had no idea that Dennis was ever there. His number in the phone book is disconnected.

At Tue Nov 28 16:45:41 2000, Susi Barnes ( Haymond ) ( wrote:

A 15 year reunion sounds great! I was moving just before the last one and didn't hear anything until the last minute. I will be visiting home for the new year, home is still 5 blocks from IHS. Hope everyone had a wonderful T-Day.

At Wed Nov 29 15:47:46 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

i figured it was time i resumed my idle, here's the deal: Lisa Kisner has more photos. if i were y'all, i'd BUG the hell out of her until they are posted. (hopefully they aren't already because i didn't look) and yes, LET'S HAVE A 15-er!

At Wed Nov 29 20:24:09 2000, Jennifer Engelke (Jennifer.Engelke@Nordstrom.Com) wrote: are online chat queen...

At Thu Nov 30 13:38:34 2000, Kelly ( wrote:

don't even want to diginfy that with a response, but i can't help it. IT'S NOT TRUE!!! i don't even OWN a computer!!

DecemberAt Fri Dec 1 12:43:21 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

If anyone would like to see my latest work, a Tully's is opening on 12/01 @ 45th and Brooklyn. Another one I did is supposed to open on 12/14 @ 47th and University. A 15-year is a great idea. :-)

At Sun Dec 10 08:33:39 2000, Jill Wilkinson (Washington) ( wrote:

Hey Jennifer Engelke! I noticed your e-mail addy said Nordstrom. Oh My Gosh...that is so cool! I remember when we were both working there in Junior or was it senior year? That was eons ago! Which store or part of the company are you at now?

At Wed Dec 27 16:19:57 2000, kelly ( wrote:

Hey all...Hope everyone had splendid holidays! Anyone have any exciting news? me neither.

At Sun Dec 31 13:43:02 2000, Charles Cooper ( wrote:

Happy New Year, Everyone. :-)

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