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At Sat Jan 4 14:16:41 2003, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

I just wanted you guys to know that you all rock. (Spammers suck.) 2003 is looking a lot better than 2002. Later. :-)

At Sat Jan 11 14:13:53 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Jeremy Bryant? My sister's looking for a caterer for her wedding. Thanks!

At Sun Jan 12 21:47:16 2003, Norman Gettys () wrote:

Seems like not many people are visiting our site anymore. Tessa where did you go?? We all should get together at Kostas Restaurant sometime soon.

At Mon Jan 13 02:53:53 2003, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

I don't know of anyone that can get a hold of Jeremy. I do know someone wanting to get a gold of Adam Niemeyer, so if someone has been talking to him lately, tell him Kimberly "Venus" Cook wants to talk to him. :-)

At Thu Jan 16 18:03:20 2003, Tessa () wrote:

I'm here Norman. I've just been really busy. How's everybody doing? Charles, I can get the message to Adam. I've gotten in touch with him through I'll pass it on to him. And about Jeremy. I saw him on the news a couple months ago about him catering/cooking at Safeco Field. Not sure how to get a hold of him. I'll see if he's on though. He was at the reunion wasn't he? I would think his info would be in the directory on this site. Maybe not. Anyways, gotta get back to work. I'll try to get on more.

At Fri Jan 17 18:07:41 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

Thanks Charles and Tessa. I checked our site info to see if Jeremy was listed, but he's not.

At Sun Jan 26 20:57:30 2003, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

We should try and be on that show: 'High School Reunion'. Ha!

At Tue Jan 28 14:15:59 2003, Kirk Lawrence (Class of '63) ( wrote:

Hi, Class of '90. Strange as it seems (to me, anyway!), some of you could be the children of parents who graduated from Ingraham in 1963. If one of your parents was an Ingy grad from sometime around 1963, would you please let them know about the Ingy63 Web Page? The URL is: Thanks! You're welcome to cruise the site, too, if you'd like.

At Wed Jan 29 15:14:24 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

Charles, you crack me up! :) Tessa, have you been able to track down Jeremy? Thanks!

At Wed Jan 29 15:43:23 2003, Sandra () wrote:

hey there everyone! I have not been on this site for SO long! Nice to see some of you are still around! I think some folks have had difficulties finding the site since I occasionally get asked how to get to it! I went to Pualani's wedding and Jeremy did the food (YUM!) so i should be able to get some contact info for him. He is the chef for the Mariners and also has a caternig company. I think it's called Emerald... something. Just got his cell number so you can use that... 206-280-5932 I will be checking back in soon! Hope you are all well!

At Fri Jan 31 21:14:45 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

Thanks, Sandra. And what's with the freaks getting on this site? Anyway, hope everyone is well.

At Tue Feb 25 15:33:27 2003, Mark ( wrote:

this is a demonstration of forms!

At Thu Feb 27 22:55:17 2003, Tessa () wrote:

Well, doesn't look like the site's too popular lately, huh? I know I've been quite busy lately. I do have a favor to ask anyone who is still on here. I am trying to win a car on an online prize program for KISS 106.1. Not sure if any of you are familiar with it. But, I need to get a bunch more points. I get 750 for each person who signs up. When you sign up, you will only get 1 email a week, so if you don't want to participate, then you can just delete it. I will even try to post the passwords they give out everyday, for those who do decide to participate. If you're willing to help, please post your email and I'll send you the link. Thanks a bunch!!

At Fri Feb 28 16:46:33 2003, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

I'm in. Do I get a ride if you win? ;-) You can get my email from the Alumni Directory on this site. Take it easy.

At Thu Mar 6 23:09:33 2003, Tessa () wrote:

Charles, if I win, I'll give you a ride. Give me your email address and I'll send you the link to sign up. Once you sign up, enter the password or bonus code I send with it, and I will then get points for you. From there, you don't have to participate if you don't want. Just delete the mails. But it will help me get closer. Thanks a bunch! Anybody else out there wanna help? If you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll up to my post at the end of February. Thanks!! Tessa

At Mon Apr 7 22:26:20 2003, Tessa () wrote:

Wow!! Where is everyone? I know it's been a while since I've been on here, but we gotta keep checking in so these putzes quit posting their crap on our site. How retarded. Don't they have anythng better to do than to put crap on a website they have nothing to do with. Grow up people!! Anyways, to all the alumni, I hope things are going well. They're pretty good for me. My boyfriend got a job after being unemployed for 16 months, my baby and her boyfriend just bought a $260,000 house (a little more than I'd spend for a 1st house, but oh well) ans my other sister is expecting her 2nd child in September. Things are looking up, which all I can say to that it......It's about frikin' time!!! See ya! Tessa

At Thu Apr 24 20:16:44 2003, Tessa () wrote:

HELLO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Is anybody out there? Did everyone lose the address to this place or something?

At Wed Apr 30 19:42:02 2003, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

Reality TV shows have taken over the minds of everyone, Tessa. We are the only two left. Ha! :-) Things have probably slowed down to the point that no one has anything they wish to share with everyone. Checkout my new site: ,compare it to my old one: and tell me what you think. Does anyone know if anyone from our class is in Iraq or Afghanistan?

At Thu May 8 13:45:51 2003, David Beeman ( wrote:

Life is like a fast moving ride. Sometimes I just forget to step off and take a look around. The only thing new in my life the last couple of months is our new cat. Beyond work most of my time is spent enjoying time with my wife and working around our house. Renting is a lot less work but owning a home is worth it. I guess I had to grow up some time. I hope all is well with everyone else. I got to get back on the ride. :)

At Sat Jun 7 15:52:13 2003, Lisa Kisner ( wrote:

Wow, this site kind of disintegrated into a forum of wacky foreign visitors. Foreign meaning, non-Ingrahamites. Is there some search engine out there recommending us or what? Has anyone noticed that there is complete strangers leaving us reviews of our web site? Doesn't that seem strange to anyone except Jeaneen and myself?? Oh well. I am still in Mexico. I have been on vacation since March and am waiting for a job with Warner Bros on the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt. Pretty exciting stuff. Other than that I have just been battling intestinal parasites and still learning the Baja life. Full of surprises, I tell ya. Well, I won't blather on unless I know someone is listening. Rudhe, Sandra, where the hell are you?

At Sat Jun 14 18:48:35 2003, norman () wrote:

So how the hell is everyone??? I just found this web site again.Thats what happens when you clean out the filing cabnet.So are there only a handfull of alumni leaving posts??Tessa how have you been?? Whats up Charles? Lisa I hope you feel better soon.

At Mon Jun 16 18:56:57 2003, Tessa () wrote:

Lisa, I hope you're feeling better. Intestinal bugs don't sound like too much fun. Hey, if yu go to the set of Troy, tell my husband (Brad) that I miss him!! :) Oh, did I say that outloud? Wishful thinking on my part. Yes, I've noticed all the strange, non alumni people on the site. Kinda crazy. We get them now insted of all the alumni. Not sure why. If strangers could fine it, then alumni should be able to. Norm, I'm doing alright. I've been busy doing 2 jobs at work fo the last 7 months, so I've been slacking on my 'touching base' with people. I'm sorry. We're also paying off bills in the hopes of having a house by the end of the year. Or in the next few months if it works out that way. How's it going with you? And any other alumni out there, I hope alls well. Drop a line so we know you're out there. See ya!

At Mon Jun 23 20:57:43 2003, Tessa () wrote:

You people need to get a life and stop leaving your stupid advertisements on a Reunion web board. Please, it's getting really old. So, how's everyone else doing? Anybody out there? We did you all go?

At Thu Jul 10 03:27:48 2003, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

Mark,... Our site is becoming one big ad for gambling, hair, and drugs. (Oh, my.)

At Thu Jul 17 14:31:24 2003, Mark Branom () wrote:

OK, let's see if this rudimentary protection scheme will help reduce the amount of spam on the site. Sorry about making people go through a hoop to post. If it doesn't work, I've got other ideas...this one's the least difficult to do. Hope everyone's doing well!

At Tue Aug 19 18:23:15 2003, kelly ( wrote:

hey hey hey! I just Googled myself and found this again! How's it going all? I'm a recent grad of Brenneke School of Massage! I can't believe I actually finished something (other than high school)...Very exciting. Don't know yet where that will lead me, but it was a great experience. I hope to maybe have a private practice, but we'll see...Just went to the 6th annual Kuebler Family Meat-Off. You may remember me mentioning it a year or so ago. This year's alumni sightings: Wayne Johnson and wife Sarah, and they're two beautiful daughters Kate and Claire, Brian Doyle and his wife Brandy and their cutie-pie son Carson, me, Matt and Darrin Kuebler of course, Charles "Chuck" Turner, Dave Waterworth, Shellie Wilhelm, Baydra Rutledge - lots of 87 grads...No shows: Lorrie Campbell and Angie Harshaw, who promised to be in attendance. WHERE WERE YOU GIRLS?! Oh, and Barney Fitts, Ron Bacquian, Steve Gimmestad and his wife Jessica, her three girls and their baby-on-the-way. I think that may be it for the Ram sightings. Everything else is all good in my life. Just moved to West Seattle, hopefully not for too long, but I like it okay. My boyfriend and I are shacked up in his condo, so it's small but it's FREEEEEE!!!! Can't really complain. On the Jeremy tip: I heard a rumor that he had a heart attack but is fine and that the Mariner's paid all expenses. Did you all see him on TV a few months ago? They were doing a little fluff piece on the news and interviewed him regarding his M's catering. He looked great. If anyone else has updated info, I'd love to hear it. Hope you all are well, and I'm looking forward to maybe seeing everyone at the talked about but not yet planned 15 year...? xo

At Wed Aug 27 22:31:23 2003, Tessa () wrote:

Mark, I'm not really sure how well this extra step will be, as there are pictures all over the website. We'll see though. Kelly, it was good to hear from you again. I'm glad things are going well for you. It's so strange to hear you talk about Darrin and Steve. I've know Steve since Elementary and Darrin since Jr. High. I'm glad they're doing well for themselves. Yes, I did see the clip on Jeremy. It was pretty cool. I hope he's doing alright. I was sad to read what happened. Please keep us (whoever is still here) informed if you hear anything else. And, for those that might still be visiting the site...........make sure to check out the Hobby Hall at the Puyallup Fair this year. My Elvis Presley collection is there this year. I'm SO excited. Anyways, hope all is going well for all the classmates that still get on the site. All the spammers need to get a life!! Ta Ta everyone!!

At Wed Sep 3 14:30:41 2003, Layne Benofsky ( wrote:

wait a second, what year is it now???? I'll try to make the 20 year reunion! :)

At Mon Sep 8 21:49:25 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

Well, Mark, I think extra protection is great and all, but since our logo of a Ram is right under the question "What is our school mascot" I think it kinda might be a little *too* easy, you know? ;) Anyway, I lost this site address for a while. I know how you feel Tessa. I was checking in for a while and no one else seemed to be posting so I quit, then I forgot, then I got really involved in my sister's wedding (will be Oct 4 so I'm pretty much her slave until then). Oh, and I also had emergency gall bladder surgery where none other than Lori Campbell herself was my nurse in the emergency room! It was weird catching up with her that way, but it took my mind off things, so it was good. She seems to be doing really well. She told me the only reason she missed our 10 was because she was working (yeah, likely story). BTW, if you have to end up in the emergency room in the middle of the night, go to Overlake because Lori is a kick-ass nurse. :) Man, that sucks about Jeremy. I hope he's doing well. Layne!!!! It's about time you showed up! If you don't hear from me between now and Oct. 4, call Amnesty International and ACLU as it means my sister has infringed upon my basic rights of freedom... :) It means I'm probably locked in her basement tying bows and making seating charts and calling people to remind them to go to the rehearsal dinner....Somebody help me! Please!

At Sun Sep 14 23:25:31 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

Ack! These spammers suck! Okay, so I survived Wedding Hell Week No. 1. Just 3 more to go! But next weekend is the FUN stuff (Bachelorette Party), so that helps keep me going. Would help if my sis didn't want EVERYTHING HANDMADE!!! :) I complain, but things really are turning out nicely. We just finished assembling her programs and they are incredibly beautiful. *SO* worth the work we've put into them. And I completed the worst of the worst jobs (packing up and listing all her decorations). Well, I don't intend to turn this into my on-line journal about my sister's wedding, but maybe it doesn't matter? No one's here anyway, so I can't be bugging anyone too much. Maybe I'm giving the spammers a good laugh? Or maybe, better yet, my wedding stories will be so dumb and boring that they'll finally leave us alone!! (yeah, right) Oh well.

At Tue Sep 23 23:06:44 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

So, all you spammers out there, what *exactly* are you finding helpful about our site? Yeah, yeah, I know it's a form letter. My sister's bachelorette party was pretty cool. Not as many people as I was expecting, but she had fun, so that's what counts, right? I can't wait until this thing is over. She's losing it fast! Now I understand why Branom always said, "Weddings suck." Anyway, I guess I'll be going now, since I'm all alone out here...Hope everyone is well.

At Mon Sep 29 00:16:48 2003, Tessa () wrote:

I think there's only 2 of us plus all the annoying spammers. I hope the wedding goes well for your sister and for yourself as well. I know it can be nerve wracking sometimes. I'm really curious where everyone that used to be on here went. They just seemed to disappear. Anyways, we'll talk later, between all the spammers crap. : )~ Later, Tessa

At Mon Sep 29 09:17:08 2003, Mark Branom ( wrote:

OK, that's IT! I can't stand the stupid spammers anymore, so I've instituted a user id system. The username is the shortened version of our high school's name and the password is the mascot. All lowercase. If this doesn't work, then I'll make people have to register in order to post. Sheesh.

At Sat Oct 11 14:36:25 2003, Jeaneen () wrote:

Okay, so I'm a doofus. Branom, ignore the email I sent you about how to sign on. I was using the singular version of our mascot, not the plural. Duh! :) The wedding went really well. It was absolutely beautiful. My sister was able to really enjoy her day, which makes me happy. Even though I was there for 16 hours, the day went so fast. It was a trip. Now she's off playing in Hawaii for a week and a half. Funny story: you know how the old cliche used to be that everyone always got a lot of toasters at their weddings? Well my sister and her husband got four "Cranium" games. Not only that, they were all the same version of the game. It was hillarious! Guess it's the new toaster...that or Target's gift registry doesn't work all that well at marking gifts off once they've been bought. :)

At Sat Oct 18 13:34:56 2003, Rosemary Craig Barnes ( wrote:

I logged onto the web looking for information about the class of 63. Our 40th reunion is November 1st. Did any of you have parents in that class? I spent the morning looking at the Glacier, edition 1963, wondering what my classmates will look like with 40 years of life on those fresh senior class photo faces. Rosemary Craig Barnes

At Sat Oct 25 08:43:00 2003, Amy Jackson ( wrote:

My word, it's been a really long time! Like you, Jeaneen, I got tired of reading all the spam and took a big break. LAYNE!!! How is everything going with you?!? Jeaneen, I just got done helping my best friend with her wedding... it was fun and really beautiful, but I'm glad it's over! Give your sister my best. I'm sure Lynn would want me to say the same for her. Lots has happened since I've been on last. I've moved to West Valley, UT. Believe it or not, this last summer I was able to buy a house for me and the children. We're all doing really well, except dating again is a real headache. It's a lot more complicated than it used to be... a whole different game when you have kids and half the men I date have kids, too. Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi' again and see how everyone was doing.

At Thu Nov 27 15:39:47 2003, Charles J. Cooper () wrote:

Wow! No more spammers. Have a great Thanksgiving, Everyone.

At Tue Dec 30 11:10:39 2003, Tessa () wrote:

Well, it's been a while since anyone has posted anything I see. Hope everyone is alright. The Christmas holiday was very nice. Got to see my Dad for the holidays, since he flew up here from Southern Cali. Hope the holiday were as nice for you all and hopefully the new year will be prosperous for everyone.
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